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Isamar vs FeFe

Sometimes in life you really need the tried and true. article, femcompetitor, photo Competitive female submission wrestling is no different. Yes, sometimes surprises are nice but a little predictability is nice too. When the gorgeous FeFe with the shapely strong legs from bicycling around the San Francisco East Bay was to go up …

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Christie Ricci Huge Star

  The professional female wrestling world loves Christie Ricci for her long list of championships, ring accomplishments and the ability to supremely entertain. The women’s submission wrestling world greatly admires her courage to put her reputation on the line and participate in fully competitive competition and perform exceptionally well.   Whatever endeavors Ms. Ricci embarks …

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Hotels Love Women

Female Wrestlers Travel Constantly To Connect For Wrestling Sessions and More.   The number of women who travel for business has increased dramatically around the globe. The important travel site is the homepage of the travel industry, focused on daily news, global trends & digital innovation. Skift is the most visited industry news and …