Vaso The Huge, A Session Girl From Athens

It’s easy to fall in love with Athens, Greece.

Classical Athens was a powerful city-state that emerged in conjunction with the seagoing development of the port of Piraeus.

It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire.

The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple. The Acropolis Museum, along with the National Archaeological Museum, preserves sculptures, vases, jewelry and more from Ancient Greece.

The city also has a fair number of gorgeous female Session Girls.

Let’s meet one of them. She’s very creative.

Her name is Vaso the Huge. article, wb270 photo credit

She smiles at her WB270 profile, “I have always liked the bodybuilder-type female body.”

Hey, when a girl looks like that, so do we.

She continues, “I started training very young and I got bulked-up quite easily. My best part is my arms and shoulders. They are really thick. I can out-muscle even male Bodybuilders. I have participated in many competitions, however I did not place high, due to my size and muscle.

I am also very strong. I have participated in strength contests with success.  My highlight is when I ended up second in a strength competition while being the only woman to participate.

Although I don’t do competitive wrestling, I’m so strong that’s usually not an issue – most men aren’t strong enough to compete with me. However you will be really shocked with my upper body size and strength.”

Okay. We believe her.

We sense that you like her. If you want to visit the great global city of Athens and have a session with the strong, beautiful woman, her email is:

Let’s also look at Athens through the recent story telling of a visiting writer.

Athens Travel Guide for Beginners article, Taken-by-the-uploader-wes-Usuario-Barcex-CC-BY-SA-3.0.jpg
September 16, 2017

By Rajni Devi     Submitted On August 11, 2017

The fascinating subject of history as well as among the most popular getaway options of the Europe, the Greek capital Athens is truly among the most fabulous cities in the continent, prominently known as the birthplace of western civilization. With its superlative range of UNESCO World Heritage sites and incredible variety of ancient ruins, Athens have been successful to derive thousands of tourists to its doorstep and gave everyone a spellbinding experience of discovering many told and untold stories about the Greek mythology and history. Recently encountered a huge crisis of economy, Athens has rapidly recovered from the loss and is again establishing itself as one of the most spectacular getaway destinations in the Europe. People who have been thinking to plan a visit to Athens shall consider the following travel guide for beginners planning Athens holidays:

  1. Transportation

Despite being affected from the economic crisis, Athens has a wonderful transport system that is not only good in quality, but also pocket-friendly as well as efficient to cover almost every major and minor attraction in and around the city. The basic public transportation such as buses, trams, subways and trains are easy to get and have stops to the major access points of every city, district and town of Athens. People who enjoy riding taxis with their custom routes shall get ready to pay a good fortune as the prices of taxis are quite expensive as compared to the public transport. So, unless you don’t wish to put a dent in your savings, then you should probably consider using public transport, until you have to access the outskirts where there is a limit of public transport.

  1. Prominent Attractions

Athens is like an ocean of information and everything available here has its concrete proof which can be accessed by visiting the most prominent landmarks including Acropolis of Athens, Parthenon, Syntagma Square, National Observatory of Athens, Hadrian’s Library, Tower of the Winds, Propylaea, Athena Parthenos, Jewish Museum of Greece, Temple of Athena Nike, Tzistarakis Mosque, Agios Eleftherios Church, Presidential Palace, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments, Church of the Holy Apostles and ample of other places that are really charming and connected with the heritage, culture, tradition, religion and lifestyle of Athens as well as the rest of the Greece.

  1. Best Things to Do in Athens

As much as Athens is connected to its history, this Greek capital is boasted with a marvelous diversity of culture and traditions which have been the reason why most of the tours available in Athens remain majorly sold-out. The city has this amazing range of theaters and art galleries that offer not just massive amount of information to its visitors, but also is capable to entertain with an interactive and zealous way. The theaters and performing art centers across the Athens are the prominent reason why people often adore the culture and artistic diversity of Athens a lot and enjoy being a part of it by going through some crash-courses or small classes during their voyage in Athens.

  1. Festivals

Athens is a religiously rich and diverse city and people who enjoy living here get delighted by the superlative celebration of both religious and cultural events throughout the year. With festivals like the Festival of Epiphany, The Greek Revolution Day, Apokries, Panigiri, Feast of the Flowers, Music Day, Epidaurus Festival, Jazz Festival, Rockwave Festival, Ochi Day and many more are a few of the festivals that will surely give you the glimpse of rich cultural values, artistic treasure, magnificent religious beliefs and unity among all religions living together in harmony and celebrating every big day with more zeal than before.

  1. Money Saving Tips

Athens is among the most pocket-friendly getaway destinations, but only if you know how to behave, live and enjoy on a budget. There are a massive number of options available for every activity you do and the more you research about these options, the better results you will get. Although, the revival of Athens’ economy was majorly played by the tourism, but if you still need to save a fortune on your voyage, you can try living in the local hostels, use the public transport and get 24-hour ticket available in less than EUR 5. Eating in Athens is really diverse and if you can live with eating at the food joints rather than those fancy restaurants, you can save a good fortune. The bargaining is as common in Athens as in any other part of the world. There are ample of free walking tours available in the city as well as plenty of attractions in Athens are free of cost to visit.

The charming conurbation of Athens is a perfect combination of past, present and future and people who have been thinking to spend a vacation in the Greek capital should consider the basic tips mentioned above in order to have a vacation for not just pleasant experiences, but also to save a good fortune on their voyage. So, if you have booked your flights to Athens already and thinking too much on how will you explore this fascinating city, you all you need is to keep in mind these points as well as follow the basic style of traveling to any destination across the world.

Rajni Devi is a travel writer and loves to share her travel stories.

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO article, UConn Education Abroad – University of Connecticut photo

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Women And Muscles Go Together Perfectly

There are certain Session Girls that remind us that muscles and women go together like cake and ice cream.

Hmm. Let’s change that to fresh vegetables and salad dressing.

There’s a new girl on the scene who is well built and well, built very well.

Let’s meet her. Her name is Kayla Woods in the Chicago area. article, wb270 photo credit

“Hello. I’m happy to be here WB270.  When I was a little girl, I was faster, stronger , bigger , and more powerful than all the boys. I was superior and I enjoyed outperforming them all. As I grew up, I was still a tomboy — always wanting to climb trees, wrestle (play Power Rangers),  and rough up the boys. Fast forward about 25 years, and here I am a superior being — but this time well-aware of her power.

Well-aware that I am a fit, powerful, gorgeous woman whom men and women alike both admire and desire. I enjoy showing off, making others laugh and blush, and talking about my hard, athletic body.  A am an easy-going woman who loves to laugh, be happy, and be super sexy. Throughout my athletic journey, I have played multiple sports.

After having played collegiate volleyball, I competed in CrossFit for 4 years. For the last two years, my energy and focus has been on Olympic Style lifting.  Along with Oly lifting, I do accessory work to build my hard biceps, and thick back. I have also sought out wrestling / BJJ/boxing coaches so that I can not only take you with my strength, but my skill and technique as well.”

Sounds beautiful. article, wb270 photo credit

You can email her for a session at

We love muscles on women, especially grapplers. Let’s keep talking about it.

Muscles Are Sexy on Women Too!

By Megan Bullington

There seems to be a common thought among most women – muscle isn’t for me! Women are afraid that muscles will make them look like a body builder, but that is not the case! Muscle can actually help you lean down.

Many women work very hard. They eat a healthy diet, run and do cardiovascular exercises. Then, they plateau. The weight loss just stops. They’re missing one important component. Muscle.

These are some of the benefits of building muscle as a woman:

  1. When you build muscle, you burn more calories throughout the day. This is not just when you workout, but when you are resting as well!
  2. You become less prone to injury. Do you have a weak lower back? Many women do. Weight lifting will strengthen your body.
  3. Improved mood. When you exercise, your mood improves. Your body releases endorphins which are your bodies’ natural feel good chemical. When your body starts to take a healthier shape, this also improves your self-esteem and outlook on life.
  4. Building muscle boosts your immune system. If you are someone who catches every cold that comes your way, this may be a good thing to add to your lifestyle!
  5. Strengthens your bones. As women, we are warned about the effects of osteoporosis. Lifting weights not only strengthens your muscles, but builds bone mass!

Now that I’ve provided you with this information, where do you begin? While weight lifting has its many benefits, you do have to learn proper form. If you are just getting started on your weight lifting journey, you may want to check into a couple of different options.

If you want to work out at home, there are many different “at home” workout programs. If you chose to use one of these, make sure they show proper form and breathing techniques in strength exercises. It may be wise to research results online. People are always talking about what has and has not worked for them.

If you chose to work out in the gym, all of the machines can be intimidating. Don’t let your pride get in the way! It’s not worth it! Ask a trainer how to use the machines. That is what they are there for. If you know someone who is experienced in weight training, ask them if you can follow them around the gym.

Start out small. Adding strength training just a couple of days a week can make a big difference over a few months.

To your health!

Megan Bullington is the owner of Megan Bullington Fitness.

Megan is not a doctor, but someone who has experienced depression and anxiety firsthand. Her goal is to use her experiences to help others move past their lives of stress, exhaustion, and depression.

For a free copy of her “7 Mood Lifting Meals”, go to [] and follow the blue arrow to sign up!

Megan Bullington is a Health and Fitness Coach that loves to help take people from where they are… to what they can BECOME! As someone who has personally struggled with depression and anxiety, at times not even being able to get out of bed, she believes that we can change where we are, who we are, by the foods we put into our bodies and the activities we do to strengthen ourselves inside and out!

She has learned firsthand the foods that we need to eat to help us deal with the stress we encounter in life and to lose the stubborn fat once and for all!

Her step by step systems provide accountability, fitness and nutrition to take us from where we are, to where we want to be!

~ ~ ~!&id=6672166

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In Female Sports – How To Confront Without Conflict

Enthralling moments, intense endings and having fans on the edge of their seats describes the best rivalries in the world of female sports.

One such rivalry that comes to mind is that of Chris Evert vs Martina Navratilova.

As Bleacher Report summarizes, “This was the Federer-Nadal of women’s tennis. These two met an astounding 80 times in their careers, and their rivalry lasted a full 15 years. They are both tied for fourth with 18 Grand Slam singles titles each.”

The most fascinating aspect of it, at least to this fan, is that it was a formidable rivalry virtually without any conflict or confrontations.

Not easy to do.

From school to the work and business environment, friendships and marital relationships, sometimes it is really important to confront someone in the circle about important issues.

Most of us prefer not to.

An article in the April 2014 issue of Psychology Today describes the situation well. “We cannot avoid conflict: it’s just a natural component of our human condition, but what is in our power, is to decide to experience it as an opportunity for growth and for change.”

So how can we confront without offending and initiating conflict? article, photo

The group at has a suggestion about our mindset when we do. “Confronting is about resolving issues: respectfully, quickly and directly—and will differentiate you and enhance your development, regardless of your role or scope of authority. No need to square off to do battle, our models are conflict-free, simple and very effective.”

Others suggest that when you confront, always explain to the other party what is in it for them? How is it in their best interest to at least reflect upon a resolution?

You might think that the female submission wrestling world would be filled with conflict.

Not so.

Our female grappling industry is filled with engagement without conflict and one of the keys that we found as producers is to clearly explain the ground rules before the match starts and allow each party to express what they are and are not comfortable with.

For further suggestions we have a visiting female writer with some brilliant ideas.

By Roberta Matuson

How to Confront Without Conflict article, photo credit

Most people are reluctant to address problems they are having with an employee, co-worker or even their boss. Yet, pretending everything is fine certainly won’t improve the situation. Here is just one example of why this isn’t in the best interest of the employee or yourself.

Just today, I spoke with a client who was describing an employee who wasn’t quite working out like he had hoped. He shared with me how this employee was refusing to take on projects that were well within the scope of her job description and how unpleasant she was making life for everyone. Yet, instead of confronting this employee, he is going to wait for her to find another position within the company so he can be rid of her.

I suggested a different approach. Why not simply tell this employee that she has gone as far as she is going to go in his workgroup and that it is time for her to move on? This is certainly in her best interest as well as his, and more than likely will take less time than waiting for her to bid adieu. He thought my idea was brilliant!

Whenever we think about conflict, we tend to think of it in a negative connotation. Yet conflict can be good. Here’s why. Conflict fuels innovation. It helps take good ideas and make them great. Here is an example of what I mean by this. Have you ever noticed that the best ideas seem to come from other ideas? Think about what would happen if everyone went along with whatever was suggested and stopped there? Do you think such innovative products like smart phones would exist if no one in the room challenged the idea that a phone could be used for more than just making and receiving calls? You can close your eyes and imagine the sparks flying in the room as each participant defended his position.

I got to experience this first hand in the early days of mobile phones when I worked closely with an executive at NYNEX, which is now owned by Verizon. I could see this executive’s counterparts didn’t quite know what to make of her. She was bold and forward thinking, uncommon in companies like that back in the early nineties. She had a way of confronting the naysayers, and turning them into her advocates. I noticed that when she was in situations that appeared to be contentious, she would win the other people over by telling them what was in it for them. Worked like a charm.

The executive that I spoke with today could have learned a lot from this woman. He knows his problem employee is very interested in being promoted. He also knows this certainly isn’t going to happen on his dime. He needs to be honest with her and let her know that she has gone as far as she is going to go within his workgroup. Most likely this conversation will not come as a shock to this employee. In fact, more than likely she will be relieved, as deep down inside she knows this as well.

This is a conversation that may feel uncomfortable to him, but in the end if he plays his cards right, she’ll walk out the door thanking him for giving her permission to seek a workplace where she will be an asset. And he will be a much stronger manager as a result of this experience. Now that’s what I call a win-win situation.

Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the President of Human Resource Solutions ( ) and author of the highly acclaimed book Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around (Nicholas Brealey, January 2011). Sign up to receive a complimentary subscription to Roberta’s monthly newsletter, HR Matters at

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Roberta Chinsky Matuson is the President of Human Resource Solutions and author of the international best seller, Suddenly in Charge: Managing Up, Managing Down, Succeeding All Around (Nicholas Brealey, January 2011), and a Washington Post Top 5 Book for Leaders. Sign up to receive a complimentary subscription to Roberta’s monthly newsletter, HR Matters.




A Successful Session Girl Exudes Charisma

In a field crowded with beautiful girls something has to make one stand out among the others.

There can be many factors when it comes to gorgeous Session Girls.

They often seem to offer similar services so location, price (which typically is not quoted) and references could be determining factors.

Ultimately what seems to sell a girl the most is her personality or stated another way, her charisma.

Hannah Perez is such a Session Girl. article, photo via

This beauty is so accommodating that she is willing to travel the United States to please her customers.

Let’s meet her.

At her WB270 profile she smiles, “I am a full time fetish content producer who also dabbles in modeling and sessioning.

I’m petite but in good shape and consider my body type athletic. I enjoy a little back and forth/resistance in my sessions but also love to dominate, so beat downs and one sided scissoring and face sitting sessions also welcome.

I travel full time and will generally be available at some point in the year just about anywhere in the U.S. Stay tuned for travel to a city near you. I have wrestling mats and always rent a safe private location for my sessions.”

Sounds like a wonderful plan.

Isn’t she lovely? As you can guess there is more to her than what meets the eye, which is saying a lot.

At her website she adds some modeling color. “I guess I could tell you I was a lifelong aspiring model who worked hard to realize her dreams…and the rest is history, blah blah.

In truth, it was nothing I ever gave any thought to. I was basically your typical underachiever who was chronically overqualified or otherwise ill-suited for any “normal” job I ever had, disillusioned by the lack of moral fiber in corporate America. One day, along came modeling — an orphan golden egg that got laid on my doorstep. In the wake of my then circumstances, I decided to trade in the glorified retail-working pseudo-business professional image for a birthday suit and heels. Great decision, and I’ve been doing it since 2008.”

Quite a sense of humor too.

You can contact her at 

We’re enthralled with the idea of Session Girls who possess baskets of charisma.

Charisma – Your Personal Power Weapon article, pexels-photo-324030 Chevanon Photography

By Tamara Baruhovich  

The word itself sounds attractive… but what exactly is charisma? The word itself comes from the Greek word “charis” that means “grace”; however, by definition, charisma is actually not an easy trait to describe as it encompasses a variety of elements that are found in some people who have magnetic personalities and extreme charm.

These individuals have a superb ability to dissuade or persuade others. They are excellent negotiators and usually get what they want with relative ease. Often times, charismatic people are leaders and masters of their trade. This enables them to inspire, charm and influence or persuade people that come in contact with them, either on a professional or a personal level.

Among some of the traits of charismatic people are: charming smiles, assertiveness, self confidence and high self esteem, focus, unusual calmness, authenticity, and have the gift of public speaking. These people are either loved, or envied by most.

Several historical leaders have been considered charismatic personalities. Amongst them are Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and, Bill Clinton. Many actors and actresses are also considered charismatic. Stars such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Meryl Streep and Bruce Willis are often considered to have this type of personality because they seem to know how to influence others. After all, they all have raving fans left and right to back this assertion.

So how is it that these people got charisma? And more importantly, how can you and I develop this wonderful trait called charisma? According to some scholars and researchers, charisma cannot be learned that easily. Some say these personality traits are innate, an individual characteristic that just a few lucky ones are born with. Apparently, people who are born charismatic become aware of their trait as they notice they are likeable, and develop their magnetism further as the years pass.

That would be bad news for most of us; however, Professor Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, says that charismatic people have three attributes that enhances their likeability and that can be learned by anyone who wants to acquire this personality trait.

The three attributes are:

~ A sophisticated sense that allows them to feel emotions strongly
~ The ability to generate emotions in others
~ They are not easily influenced by others

Professor Wiseman says that charisma is so powerful, that people will naturally mimic body language and facial expressions from those they feel drawn to. Based on this, here are some tips by Professor Wiseman on how to become a charismatic person:

The first thing is to assume a relaxed, straight and tall posture with your hands away from the body as you talk to the other person. Then, appear genuinely interested in what the person is saying. Nod, smile and of course, maintain eye contact throughout the conversation. Intercept by expressing interest in what they say without interrupting abruptly.

Offer compliments freely but make sure you are being honest. Pay close attention to the tone of voice and emotions of your interlocutor. Show empathy. Ask questions related to their life interests. Listen attentively. People like to be listened to.

If you are a public speaker, move around and walk on stage with enthusiasm. This will convey genuine interest in delivering your speech, and the underlying message is that you care about them learning whatever you are presenting.

Watch your tone of voice and place emphasis where needed to prevent monotonous and boring tones. Be clear and concise, and always be prepared to answer questions caringly and politely. Ask for opinions, and comments, and if appropriate, make them laugh. People will always remember somebody that made them laugh or enjoy themselves.

Learn more about charisma and how to become charismatic yourself at…

~ ~ ~—Your-Personal-Power-Weapon&id=3594131

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Lory Bryan, A Session Girl Who Is Fit, Beautiful And Energetic

Similar to the straw that stirs the delicious drink, reading that a beautiful girl that engages in sessions who has a competitive wrestling background is wonderful.

Please meet Lory Bryan who is new to our session industry. article, wb270 photo credit

When you view her pictures at her wb270 profile, you can appreciate that she loves to work out and takes her fitness seriously.

No doubt she takes her wrestling seriously as well.

Look at some of her skillsets.

  1. Semi-competitive wrestling
  2. Physical overpowering.
  3. Domination wrestling.
  4. Competitive wrestling and grappling.
  5. Trained in BJJ judo and Aikido.

If you want to have a session with this beautiful girl, her email is

Lory sessions out of El Paso so if you decided to meet with her, please make a day of it. El Paso is a great town.

We have a visiting female writer who explains just a few of the reasons why.

Visit El Paso For a Great Vacation article, Vikipediya photo credit

By Marjorie Bill 

If you’re a tourist in the United States, one of the cities that should be on your must-see list is the beautiful city of El Paso, Texas! One of the largest cities in Texas, it boasts not only a rich history, but also a beautiful landscape, agreeable climate and a dynamic culture of sports, entertainment and literature.

El Paso was named the safest city in the United States in 2011, claiming the lowest city crime rates. This is great news for both tourists and residents alike, who can breathe easily whilst enjoying the sights and sounds of this amazing city. article, photo credit

History buffs will really get a charge in learning about the city considering it was an epicenter for the state’s industrial growth and development. A lot of businesses sprang up in the area, including oil and copper mining, with boosted community expansion and local economy. If you want to take in a lot of the town in a short time, you might want to opt for a ride on the Wyler Aerial Tramway. A trip to the region won’t really be complete with it, and the sunset view while in the trams is breathtaking.

On the other hand, if you’re a nature lover at heart, the city will surely hold a lot of appeal for you. Locals affectionately nickname El Paso as the “Sun City” because, on average, the sun shines for more than 300 days a year, perfect to enjoy the outdoor life. Natural tourist attractions such as North Franklin Mountain (for the adventurous and bold) and the Franklin Mountains State park and El Paso Zoo (for those who want the thrills of nature just a little bit closer to home) will make your inner outdoorsman giddy with delight.

In El Paso, it’s not only the natural wonders that hold a lot of beauty and appeal to tourists, but the urban attractions as well. Kids and adults alike are sure to love family-style tourist attractions such as the Wet n’ Wild Waterworld (to beat the El Paso summer heat), the Western Playland Amusement Park (because at one point or another, everyone wanted to be a cowboy or a cowgirl) and the Painted Dunes Golf Course.

If you like unique settings, you can opt for other offerings, such as a visit to the Concordia Cemetery, where you can enjoy the peaceful scenery of the final resting place of hundreds of soldiers. For a more off-beat experience, book a place on the famed El Paso ghost tours, where you can see many famous haunted buildings and areas up close and personal.

Winding down your day in El Paso doesn’t necessarily mean going back to your hotel! There are many options you can choose from where you can end a hectic day of work or travel. Catch a show at the Plaza Theatre and treat yourself to a night of classical music to soothe your senses. Visit the Speaking Rock Casino and Entertainment Centre if you’re looking for a way to end your night with a bang!

Being a tourist in El Paso, Texas, you’re sure to always have something that will make your heart pitter-patter with anticipation from sunrise to sunset!

Ms. Bill has travelled extensively throughout the State of Texas and writes about the many offerings of the state. El Paso is a unique and fun place to visit and she enjoys visiting the region often.

~ ~ ~

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A Bikini A Day Is Wonderful Therapy

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away then no doubt a bikini a day, keeps the therapist away.

When you are so busy watching women do anything in a bikini, it absolutely makes for great mental and emotional health. article, photo credit

Can you really stay in a bad mood while watching girls do their thing in a bikini?

We in the competitive female grappling industry know that all too well.

Beautiful girls fiercely competing in bikinis is engagement to remember. article, photo credit

That’s why it’s been hard for the world to take their eyes off of best friends Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman have created one of the world’s largest swimwear marketing platforms.

It’s time for a holiday. Let’s go visit them for a great health day.

Are you ready to look at and listen to some gorgeous Aussie girls in bikinis?

We have a tour guide who would like to introduce us. article, photo credit

As we wear flip flops and cut offs, smiles, “A Bikini A Day was launched in 2012 when Oakley and Brugman traveled to exotic locations with a suitcase of bikinis and posted daily photos on Instagram of themselves in different swimsuits. Collectively the duo, known to their followers as Tash and Dev, have amassed a social media audience of over 4 million people across all of their platforms. They have collaborated with over a thousand brands on their page, including well-known brands Tory Burch and Vix Swimwear, but also smaller brands from Australia and Brazil.”

Luv those tan lines. That’s impressive.

The two beauties are happy to share at their site, “Devin and Natasha set out to share their passion by creating a web page that every girl could visit in order to view the latest and cutest bikinis from all around the world. In Natasha’s words, “We wanted to create a place where all the bikini lovers of the world could come together to obsess over bikinis every single day. We feel as though a bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear at the beach, the bikini embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel, expressionism and relaxation.”  The name A Bikini A Day literally describes what the page is all about: each day the girls upload a photo of a new bikini.

The page soon attracted a large following of over 500,000 fans, was featured in publications around the world like Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar, and collaborated not only with well-known brands such as Tory Burch, Billabong, and Vix Swimwear but many smaller brands from all around the world. Devin explains, “Natasha and I love to know that our followers can go on our page and see their favorite bikinis from well-known brands, but also find their new favorite bikini from, let’s say, Australia or Brazil, that they would have never discovered before following A Bikini A Day.” The girls are continually searching the world for new brands and cute bikinis to share on their page.”

As they sway their beautiful hips from side to side, dare they say more? Sure. article, photo credit

“Natasha and Devin also take interest in the construction and design of bikinis. They appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a bikini, from the design stage, to manufacturing the material, and photo shoots to promote the product. Everyone in the industry is talented and they can hardly wait to check out a new design once it’s released to the market. The girls’ passion for swimwear lead to the creation of their personal brand Monday Swimwear, a line based off the two most important things to the girls who are in bikinis 365 days of the year: comfortability and a flattering fit.

The girls express that they are adamant about promoting the idea of every woman embracing her figure and natural beauty. “Devin and I are curvaceous women, so I think it’s very important for women of all shapes and sizes to be able to feel sexy and confident in a bikini,” says Natasha. Many of their followers have been inspired by their positive message, relieved that they don’t have to look up to an impossible standard of beauty.”

Luv the curvaceous angle. Our curvy model girls would love them. They too also look great in bikinis.

“Half the time on vacation, if I’m in a bikini, I allow myself – I eat, like, waffles and pancakes for breakfast, so that’s me after, like, a big meal. I’m not the one that’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to be on the beach.’…”… Ashley Tisdale

“Natasha and Devin are responsible for instigating a bikini craze that will continue to resonate with bikini lovers all over the world. “We have so many exciting things planned for A Bikini A Day!” says Natasha. In the meantime, whenever you are searching for your next bikini, or just need your daily bikini dose, you will know to look no further than A BIKINI A DAY!”

Here is where you can find their creative juices in motion.

“Drum roll please!! The Monday Swimwear Resort Collection has officially launched and we couldn’t be happier. The collection features beautiful and classic deep colors like Forest Green, Merlot and Navy; a true representation of our individual simplistic style. Like always, our focus when designing swimwear is to flatter and compliment the female form while never jeopardizing comfort. We’ve perfected our classic silhouettes to bring you guys the perfect resort collection with truly something for everyone.”

Here is the link.

As you can guess, though not claiming to be experts in fitness, staying in good shape and wearing a bikini go hand in hand.

They have passion about that industry too.

At their web home they share, “Our general motto when it comes to fitness is that exercise can be done anytime, anywhere, with no fancy gym required. You can buy a pair of light dumbbells for home, but otherwise, we enjoy exercising outside, doing mostly body weight exercises. We typically workout four times a week. If you are able to fit in some more workouts that’s great, but realistically with a busy schedule, four times a week is manageable for us. An important addition to staying fit and healthy is not only exercising, but also getting a good night’s sleep to maintain overall health.”

They know the right combination. A fantastic workout, some creativity and a beautiful bikini.

The girls express that they are passionate and adamant about promoting the idea of every woman embracing her figure and natural beauty. article, photo credit


So much to go for.

~ ~ ~ photo credits








Session Girls Provide Huge Deposits In Our Memory Banks

If you look back on your memories as money in a cash register, revolving with no interest rates, then it’s a good idea to keep spending them and then depositing them back.

They become so valuable to keep re-living over and over.

At the informative site they enlighten, “Actually, life goes by so quickly that sometimes you don’t even notice all the changes that have been happening. Every minute of your life has an expiration date which is “Now!” Once a moment has passed, it is gone forever except in our memories. Cherishing moments as they happen will not only help you feel thankful for life, but also help you to have a more positive and happy outlook.”

Session Girls have given many of us fans the most enjoyable memories of our lives.

We all have our favorites.

One of this writer’s great memories was sitting next to the former WWE super star Jennifer Thomas while we had dinner with a female submission wrestling group in Las Vegas. article, wb270 photo credit

She is a fantastic conversationalist is very down to earth and would make for an ideal session.

We wrote about her before but its time to re-visit her valuable memory.

Jennifer Thomas – A Submission Wrestler Ready To Soar!

Let’s peek on her WB270 profile again. article, photo

She speaks to us in a very warm, friendly and candid style. “I have participated in a wide range of athletic sports and activities. They are Track and Field, Sprints, hurdles, triple jump,. water ski, snow ski, wrestling, and dance. I have participated in a couple bodybuilding shows and Figure competitions. Please check out my website to see photos. I am available for submissions and lift and carrys. I am “clean” and professional, feminine yet extremely strong with great power “.

Sounds like the makings for some great memories.

Here fans agree. Here are two reviews.

“First of all Jennifer looks Amazing! She’s got a fitness look with Big Strong Thighs! She trains as a pro wrestler and knows all the holds. Her head scissors had me tapping quickly and her Figure-Four is Legendary – It’s like hair gel. Once applied it’s a strong hold that can last all day! Generous with her time and very interesting to talk to. I was enchanted by her beauty and sore from her strength! Highly recommended in Phoenix!”

And another.

“Jennifer is stunning! She is a beautiful woman who is also tremendously strong and skilled. Her headlocks are devastating as are her scissors.  Jennifer handled me easily and was able to lift my 195lbs. with ease. On top of all of this, she is an extremely nice person.”

Well said.

“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.”… Helen Keller

You can email Jennifer at

Memories are the foundation that keep our emotional house afloat.

We have a visiting female writer who sails in with an added perspective. Please enjoy.

Remember When – Creating Memories to Inspire Others article, femcompetitor, photo

By Simone Martin

There’s a wonderful old saying about why friends are so important – they bear witness to our life…

But even without friends we have our memories, which is why it is so important to cultivate positive ones.

, I hear you ask? Isn’t that a bit manufactured?

But selective memory is an important part of staying positive.

This doesn’t mean only thinking about all of the past successes of our lives. Instead, we should be selective about the way in which we recall our failures.

Past romances should not draw a heart-wrenching sob when we think of them. Business ventures that wound down like an old clock should not make us hang our head in shame.

What we should focus on are the positive aspects – what a great example that was of how prepared I am to commit to something!

The memory then becomes something we can draw strength from. To me this is the essence of being a mistress, rather than a slave, to our memories.

Deposits in in Your Memory Bank

I like the concept of the memory bank. Not the computer storage kind, but the sort where you think of your body as a cash register and your memories as currency.

Memories give us shape and form and value.

Why accumulate memories of little value? Why hoard the moments that are tarnished?

Equally, we should not let valuable memories slip through our fingers. A positive memory that’s left deep in the vault is worthless. But by taking it out and admiring it and sharing it with others, we can leverage off its inspiration again and again.

Take a moment to focus on a favourite memory and feel the change in yourself – I challenge anyone to hold back a smile when they think of a wonderful moment from the past.

So why not invest in good memories?

The Power of Shared Memory

One of the most wonderful ways to start a conversation with a friend is by asking, “Remember when?”

Being alone without memories can be inspiring, but recalling them with someone who also shared the experience can bring the memories into sharp focus.

While we witness an event one way, a friend might recall different scents, different images. Together, by drawing a memory from the past into the present, we give it multiple dimensions.

The next time you are out with your girlfriends and there is a lull in the conversation, try indulging in the Memory Circle.

No chants or candles required, this is simply a group expression of shared memory.

My sister instigated this on the weekend, as we walked around the lake at the bottom of my street. It was a fresh spring morning and clouds were scudding about like dodgems. It made her think of a wonderful memory, which in turn provoked me to share one of mine.

But then she began describing a special time we had shared together and I closed the circle by concluding the memory.

Before we had circled the lake we were laughing hard enough to shame the kookaburras out of the trees.

The Value of the Memory Book

Many inspirational organisations around the world are pursuing memory work.

By creating a safe space in which the past can be brought into the present, memory work recognises the amazing capacity people have to survive and celebrate life.

Memory books, which are often constructed when a child has lost a parent, allow family and friends to contribute thoughts and feelings about the deceased to a communal book, so that the child has a wonderful, many-dimensional reference to take into the future.

Henning Mankell, the highly successful Swedish crime writer, works with AIDS charities in Africa to actively promote and encourage the writing of memory books.

The project encourages HIV-infected parents to write portraits of their lives for their children, as a tangible testament to their love that can be looked at many times in the future. A lock of hair, a photograph or an illustration of a shared moment can speak to a lonely child when their parent’s voice is lost.

But memory books can also be created in less troubled times.

A child struggling with a new school can be inspired by a memory book that evokes positive memories of the past. A marriage that has become distant and quiet can speak again through symbols of happier days. Even the passing of a pet can be made less final through the construction and sharing of a simple memory book.

Where Memory and Dream Meet

Someone once said to me that memory is a bit of the past projected into the present and a dream is a bit of the present projected into the future.

I like the correlation between memories and dreams.

When my sister was very little and she was afraid to go to sleep, she would ask me to tell her what she should dream about. I told her elaborate stories about fairies and horses and angels, but what gave her the most peaceful sleep was when I plucked an image from our shared memories and spun it to life in the darkness.

A picnic on the beach, with sandy sandwiches or reaching down in the dark dawn of Christmas and feeling the pillowcase of presents on the end of our bed…

The next time you’re feeling that you are drifting free of your dreams, consult your memory bank.

Look for the big, shiny golden memories. They’re the ones that will help you invest in an inspirational future.

I am a teacher, trainer, writer and management consultant with a passion for inspiring women. My sister and I run a company devoted to providing women with the tools and support to make changes in their lives. Our business is called Outfit because we believe in delivering outcomes that fit the needs of our clients.

~ ~ ~—Creating-Memories-to-Inspire-Others&id=750030

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Female Grapplers: 10 Stretching Tips To Start Using Today

Almost as much as we enjoy a solid competitive female submission grappling match, we absolutely enjoy watching the beautiful women stretch and warmup ahead of time.


Given the grueling amount of effort and sometimes pain that goes into a match, pre-engagement stretching is vital.

If you are a competitive female submission wrestler who looks to improve her stretching techniques, we have a visiting female writer with some suggestions.

10 Stretching Tips To Start Using Today article, photo via wikimedia

By DeeDee Coleman  

Stretching is an important part of any fitness plan. Proper stretching helps you maintain and improve your flexibility, improve balance, ease muscle tension, relieve stress and help you to recover quickly from your workouts.

Many people fall into the trap of thinking they don’t need to stretch and that their time would be better spent on the higher calorie burn phase of their routine.

If this falls in line with your thinking, then you need to add a few minutes to your workout for stretching or you need to improve the quality of the ‘work’ portion of your routine so that you get more calorie burn for less time and put the saved time into your flexibility training.

Another debate that has raged for years is whether to stretch before or after your routine.

I highly suggest stretching before and after your workout. This is where many people get confused. During your warm up, you don’t want to do static or flexibility stretches, instead you want to do dynamic or active stretches.

When you contract a group of muscles while another group of muscles stretch this is known as active stretching.

A good example of active stretching is a straight leg kick before karate. You don’t kick as high as you can you just kick high enough to feel a stretch in the hamstring muscles while your hip flexors and quadriceps contract to lift the leg.

A rule of thumb always is to stretch after your workout but the type of workout you do will have a direct effect on the type of stretching you should do.

The best time to stretch for flexibility is after at least 10 minutes of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. Ten minutes of rhythmic movements allows your muscles to get warm to the core and better prepares them for the stretches to come.

You never ever want to try to stretch for flexibility after weight work. Your post weight work routine should involve stretches to return muscles to their resting length.

Here are 10 tips on stretching that you should apply to your workouts: article, wikimedia photo

  1. To improve flexibility, mobility, balance and to avoid injuries it is best to stretch before and after your workouts. The trick to be aware of what type of stretching is best for the warm ups and the cool down phases of your fitness routine.
  2. When stretching for flexibility, easy into your stretch and hold it at the point of gentle tension in the muscle. After 15 seconds, if the tension has eased up, go a little deeper into the stretch. If the tension has not eased up, back out of the stretch, relax the muscle and go back into the stretch.

If muscle tension doesn’t ease after holding a stretch for 15 seconds, chances are you went too deep into the stretch to begin with.

  1. Unless you are undergoing specialized training with a professional trainer stay away from ballistic stretches. Ballistic stretches involves bouncing into and out of your stretch which puts the muscle in a very dangerous position that can cause muscle cramping or worse, muscle strain or sprain.
  2. Work slowly and carefully. When stretching for flexibility you want to hold each stretch for about 60 seconds going a little deeper into the stretch every 15 seconds or so. You need to be very aware of how your muscles are responding to your stretches. If you feel pain, discomfort or pulling in the muscle, ease out of the stretch.
  3. Stretch all muscle groups to avoid muscle imbalance. Muscle imbalance is one of the major causes of back pain today. Strong, flexible quadriceps and tight, weak hamstrings can wreak havoc with your pelvic tilt causing lower back pain and discomfort.

When you are doing your flexibility routine, make sure to hit all major muscle groups of the body.

  1. Make stretching a regular part of your fitness regime. If you engage in physical activity on a regular basis, try to dedicate one workout a week to flexibility training and joint mobility.
  2. Don’t try to force your body to do something it isn’t ready to do. Trying to force flexibility will only lead to injury.
  3. Learn to listen to your body and rest when you need to.
  4. Do not stretch cold muscles unless you understand the dynamics of doing this type of stretching. It can be done, lots of people who have suffered injuries have no choice but to stretch cold muscles but it must be done in a certain way. You never want to try to stretch for flexibility when you muscles are cold.
  5. Every stretching routine doesn’t need to be about flexibility. Sometimes you may need to just loosen up tight tired muscles or you may just want to relax.

For more fitness, nutrition and motivation tips visit me at Exercises For Fat Loss At Home a no nonsense approach to getting you healthy. More Home Workouts

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San Francisco Wrestler Daisy’s Matches Are Classics

Finding something that is a rare collector’s gem and a lifetime prize is always special for the enthusiast.

In our San Francisco grappling industry, Daisy of San Francisco has evolved into one of the best submission wrestlers in the world. article, photo credit

They have many of her matches at San Francisco Grappling Stars.

What we have seen with so many great stars from say twenty years ago is their matches are virtually gone. VHS tapes fade, DVDs erode.

In the Grappling Stars Store there is a triple play set of Daisy’s matches at a discounted price. article, photo

Here is the match description.

“We all love Daisy Ducati so much and can’t get enough of her so we combined three of her matches from our store into a special package at a discounted price. Now if you have already purchased Daisy vs Penny, Bella or FeFe from our store under the title produced, these will be duplicates.

The idea here is to package Daisy vs Penny, Bell Rossi and FeFe with the big strong sexy legs in one video at a discounted price. Make sense? So here we have it, Daisy Triple Play, copyrighted by If you love watching San Francisco star Daisy Ducati dominant one beautiful feminine opponent after another, you will love this.”

One of the aspects of watching Daisy’s matches that we have enjoyed is her different create attire.

In terms of attire, the women’s MMA world is anything but boring.

Creative and sexy attire is emanating from many places.

The grappling stars of San Francisco have sure figured that out.

The global MMA girls have figured that out too.

By Todd N Erwin

Women’s MMA Gear is Anything But Boring article, mma debi photo credit

With all the guts and glory involved in mixed martial arts competition, men sometimes forget the women in the audience and behind the scenes, cheering them on to victory and supporting their tireless efforts in becoming the champions they so desire to be. Where would these athletes be, without the support of these beautiful creatures who wear the women’s MMA clothing that keep them looking good at the main event?

This is why many of the major brands involved with the sport put together a selection of women’s MMA gear that appeals to the ladies and the men who end up by their side. The people at Fight Chix, Silver Star, TapouT, Ecko Unltd., Bad Boy and others understand how important it is to have the support of the women we love in the ring, and they want them to look their best. With those goals in mind, you will find a healthy selection of t-shirts, thermals, bikinis, and hats to suit the sexy styles that demand attention.

A few good examples are found in TapouT’s Juniors Blossom Scoop Neck. This great-looking shirt comes in black or white, has ¾ sleeves, and a deep scoop neck that adds lots of sexy detail to the “healthier” girls in the crowd. The solid color shirt is broken up only by an intricate logo design running down the right side, creating just enough detail to be interesting without being distractive. Something like this would look great with jeans or a similar casual outfit.

There is also the Fight Chix Angel Wings Burnout Tee. This cotton poly-blended shirt creatively utilizes the familiar Fight Chix logo by putting a pink foiled design on front and back. This piece of women’s MMA clothing then adds a special touch by “burning out” the interior of a set of wings shown on the back, revealing just a little of what’s underneath, if anything. The playful concept takes an otherwise boring shirt and adds interest to keep the guys guessing all night long.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about the bikinis for a moment. Tapout’s Shattered Bones Juniors Bikini Bottom is a “barely-there” bottom that has side ties and a “skrunchie butt” backside for maximum visual appeal. The design accentuates a women’s curves and the youthful design is right in line with the common themes of women’s MMA gear.

When the weather turns chilly, look to Fight Chix to keep the girls covered with stylish thermals like the Vegas 2fer, which combines a 100% cotton t-shirt with sewn in long sleeves for added warmth and comfort. The Vegas theme puts a stylish graphic across the chest and an attractive pair of dice and wings at the bottom right on the back of the garment. The shirt comes in a full size range and is designed extra-long to be worn as a casual accessory with many different outfits.

With so many styles and colors of women’s MMA clothing to choose from, it’s easy to keep your favorite girls dressed and looking their best when supporting their favorite fighters in the ring. Vendors don’t rely only on the darker colors and basic black design elements found in much of the men’s clothing available. The modern styles used in women’s clothing are anything but traditional, allowing girls a chance to strut their stuff and yet feel comfortable in their own skin, so to speak.

Todd N Erwin is an avid mixed martial artist and a huge fan of the sport. He is also the owner and operator of which is an online MMA store and blog which is a great resource for anyone looking to purchase quality and affordable Womens MMA Clothing, MMA Training Gear and Womens MMA Gear.

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Penelope Ford Excites

Vaulting across the ring in a world where there are numerous young beautiful blonde acrobatic wrestlers can make you stand out.

Doing back flips with the precision of a cheerleader can make you really stand out.

That is what makes the gorgeous Indie Wrestler Penelope Ford outstanding.

She used to be a cheerleader and it shows.

In watching her videos we love watching her do her forward flips as she crashes into her opponents.

Entertaining in the ring since 2014, Penelope has the fans eating out of her hands. article, Pro Wrestling Wiki photo credit

Here is one review found at the industry great, “I would agree it would be refreshing to see Ford gain more wins than losses. Because of her willingness to endure the string of losses in her rookie years at this point it may go a long ways towards her improving her standing in future bookings where she may start receiving a winning push in her matches. Good size and degree of athleticism. Impressed with efforts shown in technical wrestling. Can only improve as time goes on.”

Yes we agree.

In Penelope’s video matches that we have viewed, while we wouldn’t describe her as a Jobber, she does seem to end up on the losing end quite often.

At least for now.

Still she perseveres.

It’s a cheerleader thing.

She has wrestled some of the best including Jordynne Grace where their match is described at

“Two WSU newcomers with vastly different styles go head-to-head when Jordynne Grace and Penelope Ford face off. Jordynne, who is hot off her victorious WSU debut, has a strength and stature that make her the obvious favorite to win. However, the power of the underdog is always at play in WSU, and few have been better primed for an upset win than Penelope is here. Can she beat the odds?”

Okay, we want to examine Penelope’s cheerleading background a little more.

Cheerleading Has Come a Long Way article, wiki cheer dance By Cpl. Michelle M. Dickson

By Jennifer R Scott

Since its origination at the University of Minnesota in 1889 cheerleading has drastically evolved. Where once cheerleading was considered only a hobby, it is now considered a sport and many people choose to dedicate their lives to it. With cheerleading’s history cheerleaders have many expectations to live up to. Cheerleading is a sport that must stay in tune with the changes in trends and style. From changing the music of their routine to the most popular song of the time, and even changing their cheer wear to fit popular trends; cheerleading changes a lot on a regular basis.

Currently appropriate cheer wear can be separated into three categories; uniforms, shoes, and accessories. While the style of all of these things can change from squad to squad, the same basic design and purpose applies to all squads. Cheerleading uniforms are essential for expressing team spirit and providing an overall consistency throughout the entire squad. Shoes assist cheerleaders in executing the perfect moves while providing them support and comfort. Lastly cheerleading accessories can make or break a uniform and a performance; they are key components to creating the perfect uniform.

Cheerleading uniforms have two different components; the top and the bottom. For each there are many different styles that are popular and in style. Cheer tops are commonly called shells; there is an array of different shells available to cheer squads of any age. Shells can have no sleeves or even sleeves that extend to the wrist. In addition shells can show the midriff of the cheerleader or they can be designed to cover the midriff. Often times older cheerleaders choose to wear midriff shells while younger cheerleaders choose to wear longer shells. The other component of cheerleading uniforms is the bottoms. The most popular form of cheerleading bottoms are skirts, however there are many other options as well. Many male cheerleaders choose to wear cheer pants or cheer shorts. Additionally many female cheerleaders choose to wear cheer pants or shorts in appropriate situations. Regardless of the type of cheer wear that is chosen for the cheer squad, colors and designs can be chosen to represent the school or area the squad is from. It is common for squads to include the initials of their school or even their schools mascot on their uniform with the colors of their school.

Cheer shoes are not commonly thought of as important items of cheer wear, however they are essential to cheerleaders safety and performance. All cheerleaders perform extensive routines that often times require complex movements and precise accuracy. Because they are doing all of this on their feet it is important that they have the best support possible. Cheer shoes are designed to provide support and comfort for the cheerleaders during their performance. Often times they have special insertions or features that are designed specifically for cheerleading. High arches, padded heels, and insole supports are just a few examples of common features in cheer shoes. Additionally many types of cheer shoes are designed to enhance performance. Cheerleaders are often doing flips and jumps that require them to land safely and securely on their feet. Cheer shoes often times have enhanced grip and traction on their soles to enable cheerleaders to perform advanced moves.

The last components of a perfect set of cheer wear are cheer accessories. Accessories complete every cheer uniform and can even bring excitement to a performance. There are two types of cheerleading accessories; mandatory and non-mandatory accessories. Mandatory accessories are used routinely by all cheerleaders for performances. The most common mandatory accessory is a pom-pom. It is unlikely that you will ever come across a cheerleading squad that does not have pom-poms. Other mandatory accessories include spankies, tights, and even shoes. Many cheerleading squads also choose to utilize non mandatory items to create a complete uniformity to their attire. Hair ties and bows, megaphones and even cheer props are great examples of commonly used non mandatory cheer accessories.

Jennifer R. Scott has been writing for over ten years on a broad range of topics. She has a background that includes such diverse areas as environmentalism, cooking, animal care, and technology. If you would like more information on cheering, please visit dance wear [], a site that is all about cheerleading.

~ ~ ~

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Jade Session Perfection

With so many beautiful girls to choose from, in our female session industry, greed is still a good thing.

Our lust for them is insatiable.

“The more the heart is sated with joy, the more it becomes insatiable.”… Gabrielle Roy

There is another beauty to add to the growing session list and she currently emanates from the Big Apple with a gorgeous pear shape form.

Please meet super sexy Jade. article, wb270 photo credit

She poses at a wonderfully delicious 5 ft. 4 inches and 180 pounds. Yummy!

At her wb270 profile she smiles, “Welcome to my profile I hope that you enjoy the photos but most importantly you get a feel of who I am and what I offer and enjoy.

All of my photos are recent and new, showing off my murves (muscle curves) I will update and change them quite frequently so if you’re just a fan and never book I’m glad you too can enjoy me on line! Gifts from you are always kindly appreciated.  I do not have Instagram or twitter but I am genuine, I run my own business and have other commitments this is for fun and not work for me. Due to my schedule and personal life I suggest you book in advance, especially when on tour due to being in popular demand.

My muscles are soft and feminine but I’m still extremely strong this is from all the sport I have competed throughout my life, since 3 years old, I have competed in figure class, and happy to show you my photos and videos of me lifting when we meet post session is always nice after we have become more than friends lol also I was getting into bjj but slipped a disc but still possess some of the technical things I done in videos also happy to show.

All of my sessions are only fantasy, I can put on the pressure with my awesome reverse scissors and enjoy this too, due to my acting background role play is second nature but dominating is first. I’m dominating in my personal life to, so again this is not a facade I really enjoy this!

I love role play, smothering, face sitting domination, scissors, fantasy wrestling, I can also personal train you in a body building manner unlike most sessionettes I really enjoy the sensual side, we do not need to incorporate everything in one session I’m happy to focus just on one at a time i.e. Just smothering etc.

Ps I’m British and you will love my native English accent telling you what to do, and what I like to do whilst you worship my body.

I’m extremely friendly, and educated i look to give the sessioning a world a touch of class, always hosting in upscale locations, I want to create a romantic and clean environment for you with something to drink on offer.

Thank you for your time in reading this I’m looking forward to demonstrating my skills!”

You’re welcome.

No make that you are super welcome. What a super sexy babe.

“My own curiosity and interest are insatiable.”…Emma Lazarus

She entices us a little more at because she absolutely has impressed her customers.

Here is a loving review. “I had an amazing session with Jade. Communication was great and she was on time and provided an excellent service. I requested a fantasy wrestling session and she did not disappoint. We exchanged emails for a week prior to the session, and she seemed genuinely interested in trying to find out about my fantasy prior to the session.

When she opened the hotel door on session day, I was amazed to see how beautiful she was. She is the girl in the pictures and she looks amazing in person. She has the greatest English accent as she dominates you physically and psychologically. I recommend you act quickly if you plan on sessioning with her, because I got the impression she may be heading back to England soon.”

We certainly hopes that she stays in the Big Apple.

Greed is not a desirable word to many but you can understand that when we see a magnificent girl like Jade, we just can’t get enough of the wonderful Session Girls.

~ ~ ~

Read more at:







Submission Grappling Intro

Fortunately our competitive female submission wrestling industry has introduced us to many forms of grappling.

Given we are part of a global industry, there are myriads of forms and blends of female combat to entertain us.

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the beauty and variety while losing sight of the foundation of what submission grappling actually really entails.

Some of it may surprise you.

Grappling: An Introduction to Submission Grappling photo and article

By Tharin Schwinefus

Grappling, in martial arts, refers to any method of fighting that involves gripping your opponent as opposed to striking your opponent. For instance, wrestling involves grappling techniques while Muay Thai typically does not (unless you consider the clinch used in that sport).

Submission grappling focuses mainly on ground fighting. Submission grappling involves not only grappling but the use of submission holds including joint locks and chokes. Joint locks may include various arm locks and leg locks. For instance, an arm bar submission involves hyperextending the elbow joint. Chokes are usually “blood chokes” involving the constricting of the carotid arteries in the neck restricting blood flow to the brain and leading to unconsciousness. Submission grappling can be gi or no-gi. In gi grappling, competitors may grab their own and their opponent’s gi to gain an advantage. In no-gi grappling, a shirt and shorts are the common uniform.

FILA (The International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles) now sponsors submission grappling as one of its wrestling styles. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is probably the most popular form of submission grappling. The International Federation of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sponsors many contests including the World Jiu-Jitsu Championships. NAGA (The North American Grappling Association) sponsors many grappling and BJJ tournaments as well. The ADCC (The Abu Dhabi Combat Club) sponsors The World Submission Fighting Championships allowing grapplers from any grappling discipline to compete against one another in one the most celebrated grappling competitions in the world.

I come from a high school wrestling background. When I began to learn about submission grappling I found it very interesting. One the first forms of submission grappling I learned about was Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I found some similarities between wrestling and BJJ and many differences. Wrestling and BJJ both involve grappling, proper positioning and leverage.

In wrestling, the ultimate goal is to “pin” your opponent by pressing his shoulders to the mat. However, in BJJ it can actually be advantageous to be on your back and there is no penalty for it. Both sports have a hold referred to as an arm bar. In wrestling, an arm bar involves using your opponent’s arm as a lever to force him to his back. But, an arm bar in BJJ is something entirely different. In BJJ, an arm bar hyperextends the arm at the elbow joint.

In wrestling, one has takedowns, escapes, reversals, and pinning combinations. In BJJ, one has takedowns, sweeps, passes, and submissions. Thus, the terminology is somewhat different. The goal in submission grappling (e.g. BJJ) is to get your opponent to “tap” (i.e. give up).

Many forms of grappling and submission grappling exist.

Some forms of grappling include:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)
  • Judo
  • Wrestling
  • Sambo (a.k.a. Sombo)
  • Catch-as-catch-can wrestling (i.e. Catch wrestling)
  • Aikido
  • Japanese Jujutsu

BJJ, Sambo, and catch wrestling all involve the use of submissions. BJJ seems to employ more arm locks and chokes. On the other hand, Sambo and catch wrestling appear to employ more leg locks. Sambo and catch wrestling practitioners seem to have a penchant for manipulating their opponent’s ankle joints via Achilles locks, toe holds, and heel hooks.

Professional wrestling actually descended from catch wrestling. Professional wrestling actually used to be “real” and not just scripted entertainment. Grapplers like Martin “Farmer” Burns, Frank Gotch, Karl Gotch, Ed “The Strangler” Lewis, Billy Robinson, Lou Thesz, and Judo Gene LeBell were the real deal and experts at submissions. On a humorous note, in a Bugs Bunny Cartoon called Bunny Hugged, Bugs defeats a wrestler called The Crusher.

Some modern day grapplers that carry on the catch wrestling tradition:

  • Erik Paulson
  • Josh Barnett
  • Kazushi Sakuraba
  • Tony Cecchine
  • Matt Furey

Wrestling and judo both involve gripping and clinching to throw or take down an opponent. In addition, wrestling involves much grappling on the ground.

Aikido and Japanese jujutsu seem to employ a variety of wrist locks and arm locks.

Mixed martial arts competitions (e.g. UFC, PRIDE, Shooto, Pancrase) employ many submission grappling techniques. For instance, former UFC Lightweight Champion B.J. Penn has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You can see grappling techniques employed in various movies and television shows including Air Force One, Under Siege 2, Fist of Legend, The Protector, The Rebel, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man 2, Boondock Saints 2, Bobby Z and Walker Texas Ranger to name a few.

Grappling is mentioned in two ancient works of literature: The Epic of Gilgamesh and Beowulf.

Some people argue that grappling arts are good for self-defense.

Many grappling and submission grappling techniques can be found in videos and articles online.

Tharin Schwinefus is a former high school conference wrestling champion and state qualifier. He maintains a passion and interest in all things related to the sport of wrestling. He is also passionate about the grappling arts and submission grappling. If you would like to read more information regarding grappling and wrestling then please visit and

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Anna Michigan Wrestler

Finding balance in life is often hard to do.

It is often easier to be extreme.

In our Female Wrestling and Session industry it is nice to find a beautiful woman who is both toned and feminine.

Providing a nice session as well is a real plus.

Beautiful Anna from Grand Rapids, Michigan is a perfect example of gorgeous feminine toned balance. article, wb270 photo credit

Here is her message to us. “New to the mixed wrestling scene, Anna is not new to beating up on boys and men. She has practiced martial arts and extreme sports on and off since childhood and can’t wait to beat you up or lock you between her incredibly strong thighs. Willing to travel, you supply the location.  No nudity or prostitution.”

The reviews are nice too.

“Anna is fairly new, only having done about two dozen sessions.  She is naturally very strong and claims she can press a 250-pound man.  While I am nowhere near that, the ease with which she lifted me makes her comment believable.  She is also very feminine and beautiful – particularly her huge light blue eyes.  The prior reviewers are accurate in that she loves scissoring and sitting on men, and the face sit is her favorite hold.  Within a very short amount of time you will lie motionless under her unable to speak, hear or see unless she lets you.  When you can see, you will be looking at her beaming smile (and those eyes).  She is unable to hide her true enjoyment of the session.  And her skills will only get better.” article, wb270 photo credit

It’s good to know there is a new Fitness beauty on the scene ready to compete.

Her email is 

Now, about that beauty and tone.

5 Tips For Women To Develop Lean Muscle Tone

By Jon Allo    Submitted On June 21, 2016

Many women want to improve their fitness levels, partially for health reasons and partially for their overall look. For women who want to look more toned you can do it by building muscle tone and making those muscles much leaner.

Here are the top 5 ways that women can achieve good muscle tone and improve their over-all appearance.

How Build Lean Muscle Tone

Muscle tone improves when the muscle fibers become larger. This is achieved with regular training with weights. Women are often concerned about building muscles mainly because they think that they will develop a bulky male body-builder shape. But men’s bodies only develop that way due to the testosterone hormone that has very minimal amounts in women.

  1. More Repetitions When Weight Training

When you are training with weights you need to increase the number of repetitions that you are doing to stretch your muscles even more. A good workout routine would be to lift a reasonable weight for six to twelve repetition sessions.

  1. Eat More Protein

Women can also get good body tone by eating a healthy and balanced diet. This includes eating a good amount of protein regardless of whether you are exercising or not. Protein is basically the building blocks for muscles. The more you have the more you can build your muscles. Protein is also fills you up so you’ll feel fuller for longer and help you snack less between meals.

  1. Reduce Carbohydrates

Even though carbohydrates are a necessary part of a healthy diet, you want to cut down the amount you eat if you are trying to build lean muscle tone. This is not saying to cut them out completely as they help your body release insulin, which is needed for energy and to help with muscle repair.

  1. Eat More Vegetables

Eating vegetables are part of a healthy diet. Vegetables are typically low in calories and take a lot of energy to eat and digest. This helps with building muscle tone, particularly if they are eaten raw or just slightly cooked.

  1. Limit Your Cardio Exercises

If you’re concentrating on building a lean body tone then you need to limit the amount of cardio exercise you do. For example, long distance running actually encourages muscle wastage. Instead of stopping all cardio workouts, you can still build muscle tone by including very short bursts of high intensity runs or cycle workouts.

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