Female Competition International’s mission is to increase and improve the paid options for women of all ages and sports to wrestle competitively in a dignified safe environment. FCI’s small staff is comprised of dedicated professionals with proven achievements in Journalism, Business and Sports Marketing.

Our goals constantly evolve and currently we are writing about Classic Lady Pro Wrestlers, current European female submission wrestlers, mixed wrestling providers and articles that focus on ideas that enhance the spiritual and physical health for women.

In our archives you can also find many articles that express appreciation for women with unique accomplishments that have affected the world.

We cooperate with http://www.fciwomenswrestling2.com/ which speaks to a primarily 14-22 year old market and http://femcompetitor.com/, an innovative magazine that hopes to unite the indoor female sports community which includes grappling, gymnastics, dance, Fitness and modeling at one event.

Thank you for visiting our site and we are very excited about the future of female sports uniting and growing by harnessing the power of the Social Media.

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