Pursue Your Passion?

There is an eternal debate as to whether the dedication to your life’s passion is the only way to find a truly happy and meaningful life. This relentlessness could come at the expense of other valuable responsibilities which may include being at home for your children.

Is the pursuit of our passion the epitome of selfishness or is following through and leaping into our passionate pursuit the only true way to a happy, meaningful and satisfying life?

Most often it’s one or the other and you cannot have it both ways.

Today’s Female Submission Wrestlers generally has a varied life style that consists of modeling, fitness, wrestling and a heavy focus on sessions. Fortunately they can do all without sacrificing the quality of any. Still, to be exceptional at any of these endeavors, passion can be a powerful quality that separates the average from the magical.

What is passion exactly and how is it different from enthusiasm?

The latter question is easy. Passion tends to be long-term or life-long while enthusiasm can wane at the first road block.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.……..Donovan Bailey

One of our favorite bloggers and Life Coach if we can call him that is Mr. Robert Chen. At his very educational and enlightening website, embracepossibility.com he speaks about the real meaning of passion. Here are some of his thoughts in story form.

Here is the preface from nymag.com. “A 37-year-old woman died on Tuesday evening when a piece of plywood blew off a security fence at a construction site for luxury condos, smacking her against the wall of a parking garage. Winds on Tuesday night in New York reached as high as 38 mph.

The incident happened at 175 West 12th Street, and the woman was pronounced dead at 9:12 p.m. at Bellevue Hospital. Authorities, who have not released the woman’s name since they have yet to contact her family, said the board was four feet by eight feet. They were not sure how far it fell before hitting the woman.

The construction is happening at the site of a former hospital.”

Now Mr. Chen speaks.

“My wife just shared with me a sad story about a woman getting killed in a freak accident while walking down the street in NYC.

Uncontrollable events like this happen all the time and they remind me of the fragile and fleeting nature of life and the importance of living it to the fullest now. If you’re still putting up with a mediocre life in hopes of getting something out of it at the end, please reconsider.

One way to live a fulfilling life is to …

… follow your PASSION.

Passion is one of those words that people use often without really understanding the original meaning of the word. When most people refer to “passion”, they use it to mean strong emotions reflecting an intense desire or boundless enthusiasm (At least, that’s how I’ve always heard it used).

It was only after reading Aspire by Kevin Hall and confirming with the dictionary, did I realize that “passion” originally meant:

A Willingness to Suffer for What You Love

The most famous example being the passion of Jesus Christ. This definition has changed my perspective about passion. I no longer use it to describe something that I feel strongly about or that excites me. I use it to describe an activity, goal or cause that I care about so much that I am willing to suffer for it. This new standard makes it easier to discern whether something is truly my passion or simply a strong interest.

People who make a difference in their own lives and the world do so by following their passion. This means making the conscious decision to give up other enjoyable activities to focus your energy on the most important activities. Great parents naturally do this when they have children and like raising kids, doing what you love is very hard work yet rewarding at the same time. The good news is when you pursue your passion; you’ll not only like where you end up but enjoy the journey along the way.

Look at your life and highlight the things you love that you’re willing to suffer for. This self-reflection will give you insight into what you’re passionate about. If you’re not sure, just pick something you enjoy and see if you’re willing to give up other activities to spend more time on it. Remember that in life you can choose and change your actions – just also keep in mind that you’re responsible for the consequences.

Don’t settle for a life that is only so-so.

Start living your best life today.”

article fciwomenswrestling.com

Great advice. Fciwomenswrestling loves to obtain the views from a variety of respected sources and here is another.

Her enjoyable site gretchenrubin.com explains, “Gretchen Rubin is one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on habits and happiness. Her next book, Better than Before, is about how we change our habits. Her books The Happiness Project and Happier at Home were both instant New York Times bestsellers, and The Happiness Project spent more than two years on the bestseller list, including at #1. Her books have sold more than two million copies, in 30 languages. Here, she writes about her adventures as she test-drives ideas from contemporary science and ancient wisdom about building good habits and a happier life.”

She warmly shares, “Because of the Happiness Project, I spend a lot of time wondering, “What elements are necessary for a happy life?”

I’ve become convinced that one of the greatest supports to a person’s happiness is passion – whether for musical theater, video games, constitutional history, camping, stamps, shoe-shopping, teaching English as a second language, or whatever.

Now, it might seem that some passions are “better” than others – they help other people, or they’re of a “higher” nature, or they’re more healthy or wholesome. Maybe. But any passion is a great boon to happiness.

A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It can often give you a reason to travel, and therefore to have the new experiences so key to happiness. It gives you something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds. It gives you purpose. It often has a satisfying physical aspect—rock-climbing, fly-fishing, knitting. It gives meaningful structure to your time. It makes the world a richer place. When you’re in pain, it can be a refuge, a distraction, a solace.”

Female Submission Wrestlers are often energetic and driven. With the addition of Passion, in terms of their goals, anything is attainable.

article fciwomenswrestling.com

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Sources: Female Competition International, Thank you Wikimedia photos.