Pursue Your Passion?

There is an eternal debate as to whether the dedication to your life’s passion is the only way to find a truly happy and meaningful life. This relentlessness could come at the expense of other valuable responsibilities which may include being at home for your children.

Is the pursuit of our passion the epitome of selfishness or is following through and leaping into our passionate pursuit the only true way to a happy, meaningful and satisfying life?

Most often it’s one or the other and you cannot have it both ways.

Today’s Female Submission Wrestlers generally has a varied life style that consists of modeling, fitness, wrestling and a heavy focus on sessions. Fortunately they can do all without sacrificing the quality of any. Still, to be exceptional at any of these endeavors, passion can be a powerful quality that separates the average from the magical.

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What is passion exactly and how is it different from enthusiasm?

The latter question is easy. Passion tends to be long-term or life-long while enthusiasm can wane at the first road block.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.……..Donovan Bailey

One of our favorite bloggers and Life Coach if we can call him that is Mr. Robert Chen. At his very educational and enlightening website, embracepossibility.com he speaks about the real meaning of passion. Here are some of his thoughts in story form.

Here is the preface from nymag.com. “A 37-year-old woman died on Tuesday evening when a piece of plywood blew off a security fence at a construction site for luxury condos, smacking her against the wall of a parking garage. Winds on Tuesday night in New York reached as high as 38 mph.

The incident happened at 175 West 12th Street, and the woman was pronounced dead at 9:12 p.m. at Bellevue Hospital. Authorities, who have not released the woman’s name since they have yet to contact her family, said the board was four feet by eight feet. They were not sure how far it fell before hitting the woman.

The construction is happening at the site of a former hospital.”

Now Mr. Chen speaks.

“My wife just shared with me a sad story about a woman getting killed in a freak accident while walking down the street in NYC.

Uncontrollable events like this happen all the time and they remind me of the fragile and fleeting nature of life and the importance of living it to the fullest now. If you’re still putting up with a mediocre life in hopes of getting something out of it at the end, please reconsider.

One way to live a fulfilling life is to …

… follow your PASSION.

Passion is one of those words that people use often without really understanding the original meaning of the word. When most people refer to “passion”, they use it to mean strong emotions reflecting an intense desire or boundless enthusiasm (At least, that’s how I’ve always heard it used).

It was only after reading Aspire by Kevin Hall and confirming with the dictionary, did I realize that “passion” originally meant:

A Willingness to Suffer for What You Love

The most famous example being the passion of Jesus Christ. This definition has changed my perspective about passion. I no longer use it to describe something that I feel strongly about or that excites me. I use it to describe an activity, goal or cause that I care about so much that I am willing to suffer for it. This new standard makes it easier to discern whether something is truly my passion or simply a strong interest.

People who make a difference in their own lives and the world do so by following their passion. This means making the conscious decision to give up other enjoyable activities to focus your energy on the most important activities. Great parents naturally do this when they have children and like raising kids, doing what you love is very hard work yet rewarding at the same time. The good news is when you pursue your passion; you’ll not only like where you end up but enjoy the journey along the way.

Look at your life and highlight the things you love that you’re willing to suffer for. This self-reflection will give you insight into what you’re passionate about. If you’re not sure, just pick something you enjoy and see if you’re willing to give up other activities to spend more time on it. Remember that in life you can choose and change your actions – just also keep in mind that you’re responsible for the consequences.

Don’t settle for a life that is only so-so.

Start living your best life today.”

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Great advice. Fciwomenswrestling loves to obtain the views from a variety of respected sources and here is another.

Her enjoyable site gretchenrubin.com explains, “Gretchen Rubin is one of the most thought-provoking and influential writers on habits and happiness. Her next book, Better than Before, is about how we change our habits. Her books The Happiness Project and Happier at Home were both instant New York Times bestsellers, and The Happiness Project spent more than two years on the bestseller list, including at #1. Her books have sold more than two million copies, in 30 languages. Here, she writes about her adventures as she test-drives ideas from contemporary science and ancient wisdom about building good habits and a happier life.”

She warmly shares, “Because of the Happiness Project, I spend a lot of time wondering, “What elements are necessary for a happy life?”

I’ve become convinced that one of the greatest supports to a person’s happiness is passion – whether for musical theater, video games, constitutional history, camping, stamps, shoe-shopping, teaching English as a second language, or whatever.

Now, it might seem that some passions are “better” than others – they help other people, or they’re of a “higher” nature, or they’re more healthy or wholesome. Maybe. But any passion is a great boon to happiness.

A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It can often give you a reason to travel, and therefore to have the new experiences so key to happiness. It gives you something in common with other people, and so fosters social bonds. It gives you purpose. It often has a satisfying physical aspect—rock-climbing, fly-fishing, knitting. It gives meaningful structure to your time. It makes the world a richer place. When you’re in pain, it can be a refuge, a distraction, a solace.”

Female Submission Wrestlers are often energetic and driven. With the addition of Passion, in terms of their goals, anything is attainable.

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Revlon Empowers Women

A comfortable beautiful soft wool quilt that has been in the family for years can be a source of comfort and warmth by the fireplace during the winter season.

The beauty of Revlon is that this great beauty and skin care company has been a warm part of the American fabric for decades.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Revlon photo

The widely respected educational source Wikimedia relates, “Revlon was founded in the midst of the Great Depression, 1931, by Charles Revson and his brothers Joseph and Joel Roberts, along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the “L” in the Revlon name.

Starting with a single product — a new type of nail enamel — the three founders pooled their resources and developed a unique manufacturing process. Using pigments instead of dyes, Revlon developed a variety of new shades of opaque nail enamel. In 1937, Revlon started selling the polishes in department stores and drug stores. In six years, the company became a multimillion dollar organization.

By the end of the war, Revlon was listed as one of America’s top five cosmetic houses.”

That was a great historical foundation. So what’s new with Revlon?

fciwomenswrestling.com article - wikimedia  photo

During the age of the Millennials, Revlon has evolved and enhanced its products while still keeping an eye on their social responsibilities. Before we speak to how they have been giving back to society, let’s remind ourselves who they have evolved in to during the millennial age.

Their exciting website paints a colorful and glowing picture. “Revlon is a global color cosmetics, hair color, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, anti-perspirant deodorants and beauty care products company whose vision is Glamour, Excitement and Innovation through high-quality products at affordable prices.

Revlon® is one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world.

Revlon’s global brand portfolio includes Revlon® color cosmetics, Almay® color cosmetics, SinfulColors® color cosmetics, Pure Ice® color cosmetics, Revlon ColorSilk® hair color, Revlon® beauty tools, Charlie® fragrances, Mitchum® anti-perspirant deodorants, and Ultima II® and Gatineau® skincare.

As a result of its acquisition of The Colomer Group in October 2013, Revlon’s global portfolio also includes: Revlon Professional®, Intercosmo®, Orofluido® and UniqOne™ hair care; CND®, CND Shellac® and CND Vinylux™ nail polishes; and American Crew® men’s hair care. Websites featuring current product and promotional information can be reached at www.revlon.com, www.almay.com, www.mitchum.com, and www.thecolomergroup.com.”

Wow! This group has been really busy.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

Another nice touch is added as we listen in on their marketing strategy at Revlon.com. “The millennium brought a bold new influence to Revlon when world-renowned makeup artist Gucci Westman joined as Global Artistic Director, pushing the brand on the forefront of trends and fashion.

In 2011, talented and style savvy movie stars Emma Stone and Olivia Wilde joined the long list of inspiring, beautiful women who call themselves Revlon Brand Ambassadors.”

We’ve seen their expanded and enhanced product lines. So, how are they getting this message out to a youthful audience? In what ways are they honoring their commitment to give back to the community?

Let’s be polite and allow them to speak for themselves at http://www.revloncares.com/Events.aspx

“Over the past two decades, the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women has become one of the leading national fundraising events which unites thousands of women in the fight against cancer. The New York and Los Angeles Run/Walk events together have raised and distributed over $65 million for women’s cancer research, treatment, counseling and outreach programs nationwide.

Some of the beneficiaries include the Actors’ Fund of America, Albert Einstein Cancer Center, CancerCare, Gilda’s Club New York City, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, EIF Women’s Cancer Programs, and Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, among others. Revlon and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) created the event in 1993, with the combined efforts of Revlon Chairman Ronald O. Perelman and co-founder Lilly Tartikoff.”

Their charitable work has come to the attention of others as well. On May 12, 2014 the entertainment site looktothestars.org/news exudes, “Created by the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), Revlon, and Lilly Tartikoff, the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women has become one of the largest single-day fundraisers for women’s cancers in the United States. More than 30,000 participants joined together to help raise critical funds to support women’s cancer research, counseling and outreach programs.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Revlon photo

It was hosted by Revlon Global Brand Ambassador Halle Berry, Golden Globe and double Emmy-winning actor Bruce Willis, and Emmy Award-winning actress Christina Applegate with special guest Entertainment Tonight’s Brooke Anderson.”

Some of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring women have been Revlon Brand Ambassadors. According to their site, their current Brand Ambassadors are Olivia Wilde, Halle Berry, and Emma Stone.

Here is what else Revlon has been up to.

The company has gone to great expense to support to try and eliminate any carcinogens in their products. The widely respected news source time.com reported that Revlon announced that two long-chain parabens and a formaldehyde-releasing chemical would no longer be used as ingredients in its products, in a move that was applauded by environmental and health advocates.

Long-chain parabens have been linked to endocrine disruption, while formaldehyde may cause cancer.

Clearly Revlon has gone to great lengths to be innovative, relevant and a fun choice for a young dynamic female market that reads our family of websites.

If you were thinking about a career at Revlon, you might be surprised at the variety of career options available. Here is their link so you can check it out.


At Female Competition International we deeply appreciate our readers and in terms of sharing news with you regarding fantastic female friendly companies who empower women, we know that you are busy so we try and save you some time and do the leg work for you.

We’re really happy to update you regarding a long time female friendly company like Revlon. This global giant has developed a long-standing reputation as a trendsetter in the world of cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care.

In this new age, they deserve a fresh look.

~ ~ ~

Sources: Revlon.com, time.com, brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor, femcompetitor.com, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.




Femvertising Is Huge!

Here is another real life experience that Female Competition International (FCI) would like to share with you.

We wrote an article on a beautiful submission wrestler who previously had been used to promoting her powerful sexuality to sell her products and sessions. After interviewing her, once it was time to write the article we asked for pictures of her fully clothed.

fciwomenswrestling article, Wikimedia photo

She was shocked and a little offended.

It took some time but we finally won her over by explaining that we feel that her male customers will actually begin to identify with her more emotionally if she protects her privacy but sell her interests and personality. If her and other female wrestler’s futures are based strictly upon their sex appeal then the aging process and the next youngest beauty will replace them.

FCI has been preaching this since we first began publishing in January of 2013. Apparently Madison Avenue is finally in agreement and there is a new movement towards Femvertising.

What is Femvertising?

Femvertising are ads that celebrate women and girls rather than objectify them.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, basqueteam.com photo

In an October 3, 2014 article written by the talented writer Nina Bahadur for the Huffington Post, she explained ads that inspire and empower women may actually be making a difference, both to the way women feel about themselves and companies’ bottom lines.

The overall feel of the article is that women have a very positive response to articles featuring them in a positive and human light.

A women’s lifestyle website, SheKnows polled 628 women about their thoughts on femvertising and how it impacted their purchasing. They found that 91 percent of respondents believe how women are portrayed in advertising has a direct impact on girls’ self-esteem, and 94 percent agree that portraying women as sex symbols in advertisements is harmful.

The summary of their study showed “femvertising” ads are well-received: 51 percent of women polled like pro-female ads because they believe they break down gender-equality barriers, and 71 percent of respondents think brands should be responsible for using advertising to promote positive messages to women and girls. The survey also showed that femvertising pays off for brands — 52 percent of women polled had purchased a product because they liked the way the ads portrayed women.

article fciwomenswrestling.com

According to AdWeek, in speaking to other supporting facts that reaffirm the effectiveness of Femvertising the magazine cited:

  • 51 percent of women liked pro-female ads because they felt it broke gender barriers. “Portray women as intelligent,” said a Baby Boomer working mom with a child over 18. “Truly think about the message of the commercial—so many commercials today have the message ‘our customers are idiots.’ Why would I go out of my way to buy from a company that doesn’t respect me? Don’t take cheap shots at anyone—men, women or children.”
  • 4 out of 5 women thought it was important for younger generations to see a positive portrayal of women. An overwhelming majority felt that how women are seen in campaigns has a direct effect on girls’ self-esteem. “I’d like to see less Photo shopping of images so that young women and girls know what real women look like and have a realistic sense of beauty,” said one millennial mom.
  • 71 percent said brands should be held responsible for how they use their advertising to promote positive messages about women—and 3 out of 5 women believed that any brand can be pro-women.
  • 94 percent said that using women as sex symbols was harmful to the gender. “So much advertising that is targeted to women [has] the underlying message that being ‘sexually’ attractive is the ultimate benchmark of beauty and self-worth. … We need to expand ‘sexy’ to include more cerebral/emotional qualities: sense of humor, creativity, compassion, care etc.,” a Gen X woman said.
  • 75 percent said they liked ads that featured everyday women, 19 percent said they don’t notice them and 6 percent said they didn’t like them at all. Said a millennial college student: “Be realistic when showing a woman in an ad, be conscientious about language and the dialogue between women and men, and women and women. Break gender barriers! Avoid social construction of gender. Don’t treat women as objects or portray them in any way that makes them less human.”
  • Only half of the women who took the survey consider themselves feminists, but 89 percent felt that gender equality is a human rights issue.

Sincerity is very important. An innovative media site www.marketingpilgrim.com makes a very good point. “Now it’s time for a word of warning. The only thing worse than ignoring your female audience is pandering to them. If you marketing efforts come off as phony, you’re doomed. Authenticity is the watchword. Find a way to tell a real, young woman’s story as it relates to your product and you’ve got the makings of a viral, winner.”

Another media giant, Time Magazine has been reading and evaluating the Femvertising revolution and weighs with their two cents. “While some critics oppose using half-hearted tales of “empowerment” or pseudo-feminism to get women to buy more soap and beauty products, SheKnows found that most women it surveyed praised the strategy. But other than Dove, what brands do women remember as being “pro-female?” (92% were aware of at least one pro-female ad campaign.) When SheKnows asked what brands women think are “doing it right,” the top ten included: Nike, Hanes, Olay, Dove, Always, Pantene, Playtex, Covergirl, Underarmour, and Sears.”

At FCI, we feel that our female wrestling community is on the right track if there is recognition that messages that humanize and empower women will bring us closer to a larger mainstream audience to support our products.

We realize this is a cultural shift but as President John F. Kennedy was quoted as saying, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

~ ~ ~

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Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor, femcompetitor.com, huffingtonpost.com, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.







Christie Ricci Huge Star


The professional female wrestling world loves Christie Ricci for her long list of championships, ring accomplishments and the ability to supremely entertain. The women’s submission wrestling world greatly admires her courage to put her reputation on the line and participate in fully competitive competition and perform exceptionally well.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wrestle wiki photo

Whatever endeavors Ms. Ricci embarks upon she gives it her best and her great results speak for themselves. As we travel life’s pathways, based upon our changing situation we may opt for another pursuit. Christie did that as well when she decided to pursue a career in healthcare.

At her blog which makes for very interesting reading Christie explains, “My entire life changed when I became a mommy, and one of the things that changed was my career path. While I loved traveling the World and entertaining the masses as a professional wrestler, I felt that having a more professional career that allowed me to stay at home and not travel as much, would be more appropriate for my child and I. I have definitely been working hard!! Nashville is the health care capital of the World, and I have found my place in the corporate finance world of health care. I love my career, and all of my achievements.”

Nashville is well known for being the mecca of Country Music but few probably realized their position as a global leader in the healthcare industry.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

Consider these statistics found at www.healthcarecouncil.com

  • The Nashville health care industry contributes an overall economic benefit of nearly $30 billion and more than 200,000 jobs to the local economy annually.
  • Globally, Nashville’s health care industry generates more than $70 billion in revenue and more than 400,000 jobs.
  • More than 250 health care companies have operations in Nashville and work on a multistate, national or international basis. Nashville is also home to more than 300 professional service firms (e.g., accounting, architecture, finance, legal) that provide expertise in the health care industry.
  • Fifteen publicly traded health care companies are located in Nashville. HCA’s 2011 return to Wall Street marked the largest-ever U.S. private equity-backed public offering.
  • The health care industry is Nashville’s largest and fastest growing employer, directly employing 110,000, an increase of more than 20 percent from 90,000 jobs in 2004.
  • With a 50 percent increase from 1995 to 2008, clinical provider job growth in Nashville has outpaced the nation (35 percent) and Tennessee (40 percent).
  • A survey of Nashville Health Care Council member CEOs shows great confidence in the Nashville market; 95 percent indicated that a Nashville headquarters location is important to their company’s positive performance.
  • Nearly $1 billion in venture capital was invested in Nashville health care companies from 2001-2011.

As you can see, Christie is an exceptional decision maker. Along with being a joyful mother, she possesses an MBA as well.

Let’s briefly peek into her well chronicled history.

After being trained by Leilani Kai, Christie made her debut in June 2002, and began competing on the independent circuit. She won both the LLF Championship and the XWF Women’s Championship, before being sidelined with a knee injury in 2004. After her return, Christie continued to wrestle on the independent circuit, competing in All Pro Wrestling‘s first ChickFight tournament, and on October 8, 2005, she won the NWA World Women’s Championship, which she held until January 2007. She also appeared at Shimmer‘s first shows in November 2005. She later for the Wrestlicious promotion as Glory, and was the inaugural Wrestlicious Champion.

Her storied career soared after that. If you want to see a list of Christie’s ring titles please go to http://www.onlineworldofwrestling.com/bios/c/christie-ricci/

Female Competition International loves to focus on the fully competitive women’s submission wrestling world. This writer had the privilege of sitting at ring side and watching Christie stretch herself, take risks and take on some very tough competitors in Neko and Frankie, both from Canada at Jackpin’s premiere 2008 Women’s Wrestling Convention at the Marriott Hotel in sunny San Diego.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Wikimedia photo

After winning both matches at a large public venue, she cemented her reputation in the fully competitive industry and went to wrestle Racquel and former WWE star Jennifer Thomas.

Here is what the female wrestling industry leader Femwin had to say about her, “A well-known pro-wrestler, incredibly from the beauty pageant world, and now Christie Ricci’s forcing “real” submissions, and lots of them! She’s a very good wrestler, FOR REAL, and looks incredible doing it!

Christie once said: “I believe that people appreciate you more if you have the whole package”. Well, she certainly does have the “whole package” and has very few peers when you consider her size, power, ability, attitude and beauty! She’s in great shape with long strong legs and toned arms and she knows numerous holds. Her arm bars, strangles and scissors are particularly effective, but she has a lot of others in her arsenal!”

You can purchases her fully competitive matches including one against her buddy, ring star Amber O’Neal by going to femwin.com.

Ever ambitious Christie is also involved with http://cherrybombwrestling.com/christie-ricci/

Here is how her product is described. “Cherry Bomb Wrestling is the brainchild of independent professional wrestler, Christie Ricci.  Christie began her professional wrestling career in 2002, after being trained by her childhood idol, Lei Lani Kai.  Christie wanted to create another home for the Wrestlers, and create a company that brought professional wrestling back its “old school” roots.  There are many wrestling production companies in today’s current market, but Christie “wants to find her niche a producer of “real” wrestling matches, that have no scripts, a heel and a baby face, and just good old school action.”

It’s life affirming to see a star like Christie make it to the top with so many positive attributes. Keep an eye out in the future. In terms of pursing the Total Package, this super star is traveling at warp speed.

~ ~ ~

Some may find other women’s wrestling sites erotic in nature. If you are offended by depictions of women wrestling in erotic situations, please exercise caution in visiting women’s wrestling sites.

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Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling.com, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor, femcompetitor.com, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.



Sapphire Atlanta Wrestler

Sapphire has the right mental outlook to continue her ascent.

When a Northern California female high school tennis player finished her sophomore and junior varsity campaigns, she possessed won, loss records of 4-10 and 3-11. When one of our associates agreed to coach her before her senior season, they worked together for 10 months, sometimes practicing twice a day for hours at a time in 100 degree weather during the summer.

Once her senior season began she was 1-0, then 3-0, then 5-0, then 8-0 and then 13-0 before she finally lost a match. The most telling statistic was that all matches were won two sets to none. No three set fire fights. She would eventually finish the season with a 16-4 record, lead her high school female varsity team to the playoffs for the first time in school history, battled her way in to the league’s final four championships and was named team MVP.

When asked what plan he used to turn her around, her coach stated, “I used football principles. Double sessions, study film, running and perseverance. You see, no matter what the sport, the principles of life never change.”


When this writer first saw FWA (Female Wrestlers of Atlanta) leader Sapphire wrestle, since she was new, I was certain she was going to lose.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, FWA commons

The setting was beautiful sunny San Diego at the Marriott Hotel which hosted Jackpin’s masterpiece 2008 Women’s Wrestling convention. It didn’t help that she was going up against the ring veteran and dynamic super star named Krissy; the Pennsylvania Princess from Ring Master Girl.

As the two ladies stared at each other in the middle of the ring, I was a little surprised by Sapphire’s confidence as she didn’t blink once. When the match started, I soon began to see why.

Given the styles of both fighters, it turned into a ground war that went back and forth over and over. When it was completed, both hands were raised as it ended in a tie.

I would eventually catch up with Sapphire wondering if she knew what she had just accomplished. She was very young, shapely and down to earth. As we walked, her long dark hair flowed in the soft San Diego breeze like fine silk. Many times she could have tapped out and I asked her why she didn’t and she signed, “I just told myself not to give up.”

Many of the newer girls at that memorable convention no longer wrestle but given Sapphire’s personality, it’s no surprise that she didn’t quit this great sport.

Currently Sapphire is one of the leaders of FWA based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Along with the fem competitor Devon and Jackson they produce a variety of wrestling matches including fully competitive female vs female.

Atlanta is truly one of the great American cities that I’ve always loved to visit, so let’s do that now.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia commons

The official site of the city, atlantaga.gov, gushes with enthusiasm, “It’s an exciting time in the City of Atlanta. Every year, companies are voting with their feet and choosing Atlanta as the destination to expand their campuses and build their headquarters. Over the past four years, companies have discovered what makes Atlanta a thriving, vibrant, and international city. Atlanta remains home to the world’s busiest passenger airport, and we are the leader in global and domestic air transportation.”

The sound information source Wikipedia explains, “Atlanta is the capital of and the most populous city in the U.S. state of Georgia, with an estimated 2013 population of 447,841. Atlanta is the cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitan area, home to 5,522,942 people and the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Atlanta is the county seat of Fulton County, and a small portion of the city extends eastward into DeKalb County.

Atlanta is the primary transportation hub of the Southeastern United States, via highway, railroad, and air, with Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport being the world’s busiest airport since 1998.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia commons

Atlanta is considered an “alpha-” or “world city”, ranking 15th among world cities and sixth in the nation with a gross domestic product of $270 billion. Although Atlanta’s economy is considered diverse, dominant sectors include logistics, professional and business services, media operations, and information technology. Topographically, Atlanta is marked by rolling hills and dense tree coverage. Revitalization of Atlanta’s neighborhoods, initially spurred by the 1996 Olympics, has intensified in the 21st century, altering the city’s demographics, politics, and culture.

Encompassing $304 billion, the Atlanta metropolitan area is the eighth-largest economy in the country and 17th-largest in the world.

Corporate operations comprise a large portion of the Atlanta’s economy, with the city serving as the regional, national, or global headquarters for many corporations. Atlanta contains the country’s third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, and the city is the global headquarters of corporations such as The Coca-Cola Company, The Home Depot, Delta Air Lines, AT&T Mobility, UPS, and Newell-Rubbermaid. Over 75 percent of Fortune 1000 companies conduct business operations in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and the region hosts offices of about 1,250 multinational corporations.

Many corporations are drawn to Atlanta on account of the city’s educated workforce; as of 2010, nearly 43% of adults in the city of Atlanta have college degrees, compared to 27% in the nation as a whole.”

Thank you Wikipedia. Atlanta is powerful, beautiful and smart too.

Hey, that describes Sapphire as well!

I’ve watch a few of Sapphires matches and she is definitely fond of the ground struggles. Having said that, she is very competent at mixing it up in the boxing ring as she did with Krissy in San Diego.

Female Competition International (FCI) is very happy that Sapphire made a decision to stay in the game and turn wrestling into a long term project.

One of the great football coaches Vince Lombardi was quoted as saying, “Football is like life – it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.

This principle applied to female tennis and certainly applies to women’s wrestling too. The principles of life are universal.

If Sapphire continues to take on all competitors, partner with a team of dynamic female wrestlers and persevere, like her experience in San Diego, many more exciting women’s wrestling events will have her on the marquee and her wrestling future will continue to be as bright and prosperous as a busy Atlanta summer sun.

~ ~ ~

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Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, WB270.com, .fwagrappling.com, atlantaga.gov, fciwomenswrestling.com, photos thanks to Sapphire’s Facebook, WB270 and Wikimedia Commons.


BofA Female Friendly

Bank of America continues to look for ways to empower women and advance leadership roles.

If you have been in the work force for years at the present time are you prospering or struggling financially? It may come as a surprise but much of your happiness or satisfaction with your present economic station depends upon whether you had good mentors to guide you in the early stages of your financial development.

A mentor is a wise, trusted and experienced teacher that provides effective guidance. For a mentor to truly be effective, they must possess all three of those key characteristics.

fciwomenswrestling.com article - Wikimedia photo

In terms of social responsibility, one of the goals of Bank of America is a continued commitment to advancing women leaders and for those of you women reading this article in our competitive wrestling community, that could mean you.

So that Female Competition International (FCI) communicates their ideas as accurately as possible, we have visited their websites at newsroom.bankofamerica.co and about.bankofamerica.com.

One of their goals is explained very simply and clearly. “Through strategic partnerships, investments, and programs, we’re connecting women to the human, social, and financial capital resources they need to maximize their potential. Our efforts are empowering women to enrich their lives, as well as those of their families and communities, and helping create stronger economies worldwide.”

By investing in and empowering women inside and outside the company, Bank of America is creating strong leaders who are contributing to the growth of local economies.

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“Our signature initiative, the Global Ambassadors Program, developed in conjunction with Vital Voices Global Partnership and launched in 2012, connects women leaders from emerging countries with senior executives from a range of business sectors, including Bank of America, for one-on-one mentoring,” says Candace Browning, head of Global Research at BofA Merrill Lynch. The program helps women overcome personal, business, civic and other barriers to economic empowerment. “Through mentoring forums held in Haiti, South Africa, India, Singapore, and Brazil, we’ve convened hundreds of women to discuss how women’s leadership can help address economic issues facing their countries,” Browning adds.

“These efforts expand upon our numerous programs aimed at connecting women — both our women clients and women within Bank of America to the tools needed for economic success,” Browning notes.

These include:

  • Philanthropic investments and leadership development programs.
  • Socially Innovative Investing, which includes the recently launched (proprietary) investment strategies for clients focused on women’s and girls’ equality.
  • The Women and Wealth program, which is focused on delivering solutions that meet the unique wealth management needs of women.
  • Socially responsible private equity investments for clients, focused on women business owners.
  • The bank’s Supplier Diversity and Development Program, which ensures that the bank seeks products and services from diverse businesses across the organization, including women-owned businesses.
  • Line of business councils, engagement forums, and an enterprise group focused on women’s professional development: Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Development (LEAD) for Women, provide women at the company with leadership opportunities and skills development.

For more information, go to Bank of America’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) website or U.S. Trust’s women’s website.

An example to follow can be gleaned from the December 10, 2012 article by Julie Fasone Holder written for the Huffington Post.

According to Ms. Holder at her linkedin.com site, she is the CEO and Founder of JFH Insights, Management Advising and a Board Member of Directors at Eastman Chemical Co.

In the article she explains, “In my position as founder and principle of my consulting firm, JFH Insights, and previously as Senior Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Corporate Reputation at the Dow Chemical Company, I understand firsthand the sacrifices women must often make to accomplish what we set out to do.

However, what stands at the center of ensuring that more women reach the highest echelons of leadership in the workplace is one simple act: mentorship. Having strong leaders who helped guide and shape my career has been integral in getting me to where I am today, and it made me realize early on that women can and should strive for the top. While at Dow, I was a founder of the Women’s Innovation Network (WIN), a group of men and women focused on maximizing the professional contributions women make at the company. As a successful business leader, I consider it a top priority and responsibility to mentor the next generation of female leaders.”

Bank of America’s Global Ambassadors Program is founded on the importance and effectiveness of mentorship for businesswomen in the developing world. Approximately one billion women have the potential to enter the global workforce in the next decade, but only if given the opportunity to do so.

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Bank of America is committed to mentoring emerging women business leaders because mentoring has been proven to produce significant results for both the mentor and the mentee. Businesswomen often face exclusion from networks and conversations that can open the door to career development and promotions. By connecting regularly with women in leadership positions, emerging women leaders can further their careers and contribute to their local communities and economies.

Finally a perfect example of this plan in motion can be seen here. According to The World Bank, more than 70 million women have joined the workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean region in the last 20 years, and female income has helped alleviate extreme poverty in the region by 30 percent, demonstrating that gender equality is crucial to economic growth. However, there is still substantial room for improvement.

At FCI our hope is to continue to provide our readers in the international female wrestling community with ideas from corporations and female leaders around the globe on avenues that can improve their economic development.

The great benefit of becoming involved in mentor programs is that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and it allows you to have an ear to helpful conversations and broad ideas that can improve your economic life that previously may have been closed to women.

If FCI is successful, the fully competitive women’s wrestling industry, primarily the freestyle and submission wrestling world is undergoing a cultural shift where all dignified women’s wrestling will co-operate and partner with one another to create an ideal market for corporations to advertise to.

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