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Amarillo Session Girl

Fun, unique, thrilling, sexy, memorable and fantastic describes having a session with a female wrestler. It’s worth looking all over the world for. As you know, we have electronically traveled all over the world seeking out the beautiful women who comprise our industry. Now it’s time to travel to Amarillo, Texas. article, By Meniscus …

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Penny Mom Wrestler 3

There is no personality that highlights the fun of being in the women’s wrestling industry better than our Frisky Frisco Fraulein, Penny Barber. She’s a mother, comedian, wrestler, non-stop chatter box and so much more. She continues to improve on the mats against other Lip Gloss Gladiators, recently defeating a former collegiate wrestler and current …

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Orsi, Euro Wrestling Star

The super star Hungarian wrestler and creative soul, Orsi loves to participate in the little known but effective school of martial arts called Ninjutsu. Ninjutsu sometimes used interchangeably with the modern term ninp? is the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the …