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Competitive female submission wrestling in our modern era, like any sport, has ebbs and flows in terms of popularity.

One group that helps keep our sport popular is the Submission Room in London.

Most of you know them well and we feel it’s good to continue to highlight a team of female wrestling stars that represents our industry so well.

At they greet us.

“Welcome to The Submission Room. I am Pippa the Ripper and I have been wrestling since 2006. I owe a lot of my training and experience to the wonderful Honey, from London Wrestling Studio, who passed on her wrestling knowledge to me several years ago.

My passion for wrestling resulted in me opening my own wrestling studio – The Submission Room. We have lots of very talented and beautiful female wrestlers waiting to grapple with you on the mats.”

If you love to wrestle beautiful women in a safe and dignified environment in a grand and dynamic city, the Submission Room is perfect.

Let’s meet some of their event grapplers. Some are familiar industry greats, others are new stars to keep an eye out for.

In their own words: article, wb270 photo credit

We are very excited to welcome back Anastaxia. We are lucky to catch her in the country, because, for those of you that follow her will know she’s quite the jet setter. She is known for travelling the world in style, dominating and wrestling as she goes.  She impressed us all at The Submission Room Christmas event in December 2015. So I’m very excited to see how much stronger and more skilled she has got in that time. Check out her match against Blaze here.

Submission Room’s one and only Nixie is one of the newer wrestlers to the session wrestling scene, so come and meet and support her in her first live wrestling event. She is an extremely popular choice of opponent, so her wrestling skills are coming on leaps and bounds. There is no doubt with Nixie’s strength, beauty and determination that she will be a pleasure to watch at the event and will be a top asset to The Submission Room team. article, wb270 photo credit

Sativa has done a few events already and is establishing herself as one of the best session wrestlers in London. She is trained in bjj, wrestling and karate and her kicking videos fly off the shelf. Follow her on twitter for her latest photos and updates. This will be Sativa’s last event for a few months, as she’s off to Cuba to train in mixed martial arts. So don’t miss her, come and wish her luck on her travels. article, wb270 photo credit

Justice is certainly an old favorite on the scene, with many years of wrestling experience under her belt. She has taken part in too many event and videos to mention, but not so many at The Submission Room, making this one particularly special. Justice definitely has the trash talk as well as the moves to impress us in September. Excited!

Now here’s another very popular wrestler. She has taken the wrestling scene by storm since she started back in April. Mckenzie has it all, the looks, the skills plus the enthusiasm to continue her success. This will also be her first ever Submission Room event and I cannot wait to see her roll around on the mats.

Bellicose is a self-defense specialist and actually made her debut in wrestling many years ago at The London Wrestling Studio, where many of us, including myself first started. After a break from the scene, Bellicose is back in full force and I can’t wait to watch her in action.”

What a fantastic lineup.

You can make a vacation of it by enjoying the theater in London as well.

Top London Theatre Shows in 2017 article, wikimedia photo

By Ray Goertz 

London’s West End is one of the most famous theatre areas in the world. West End is the London’s version of Broadway, fondly named “Theatreland.” Theatreland comprises of a high volume of top class theatres that put on a variety of first quality shows that visitors and locals can enjoy. Some of the shows have been on for years and still enjoy a full house with each performance.

The first theatrical show for 2017 that is definitely worth mentioning is Motown the Musical. This is showing at the Shaftesbury Theatre and guaranteed to delight all ages. The Motown the Musical is an evening of fantastic music with an interesting storyline. Tickets start at only £22.00.

Then there is An American in Paris and you definitely don’t want to miss this one if you are visiting London this year. An American in Paris is a Tony award winning hit musical which came over from Broadway after winning four Tony awards. It is playing at the Dominion Theatre with tickets starting at only £18.50.

Wicked is guaranteed to be a delight for anyone looking for a fun-filled theatrical evening. This show is a multi-award winning productions and the eighth longest running show in West End which has already completed more than four thousand performances. It is showing at the Apollo Victoria Theatre with tickets starting from only £19.50 per person.

Then there is Dreamgirls which is playing at the Savoy Theatre. This production is showing thirty five years after it was originally performed on Broadway. It is a Tony award winning production which will delight all audiences with tickets starting at only £20.

The Play That Goes Wrong will have you in fits of laughter in 2017. The show is hysterical and entertaining. It received five stars in the Daily Mail and is about accident prone Thespians who battle to the final curtain call. You can laugh the night away with this unique and fun-filled productions with seats starting at only £22.25. Not to be missed if you want a night of humor when in London.

Aladdin is the perfect way to spend your time in London, especially when travelling with children. It is important to note that while this show is musical fun, all children must be accompanied by adults. The show is suited to children six years and older and children under three years will not be permitted. The seating prices start at only £19.50 per person and it is showing at the Prince Edward Theatre in West End.

This is just a small selection of the shows that are currently taking place in theatreland. If you have been to London before, then you know there are more than forty theatres in West End alone, that is a lot of productions to give information about.

Depending on the hotel you have chosen, you will find that the concierge service is up to date with the latest shows and they will not only be able to provide you with information, but the converge service will book your tickets for you, to save you time and energy. They can assist you in booking you a taxi and evening arranging for you to enjoy a delicious meal close to the theatre before the show starts to ensure you have a complete cultural evening experience to remember for years to come.

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