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NAGA Produces The best Female Grapplers, Like MacKenzie Dern

Laying the proper foundation is the basic blue print for building skyscrapers that pierce the sky. Laying the proper foundation through organizations like Naga can help competitive female submission wrestlers reach the highest levels of the women’s wrestling and combative industry. The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is an organization started in 1995 that holds …

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Often Finding Yourself In Bad Challenging Situations? Break The Pattern

Finding ourselves trapped or captured in situations that are challenging can be one of the more frightening aspects of life. Despite our best efforts, at some point it is going to happen. At times we even willingly walk right in to it. Voluntarily heaven forbid. Sometimes for compensation. Especially in our competitive female submission wrestling …

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A Stranger Pays Your Toll, Should You Pursue Her?

Complete, unexpected surprises are part of what make life’s journey exciting and completely unpredictable. Especially when you feel what you had planned for the day will bring the ordinary but uninspiring necessary. Life happens where you’re engrossed in other thoughts, especially if you live in the incredibly beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. The gorgeous rolling …