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Session Girls, Fitness Stars, Body Builders, Glow from Power Workouts

Conversations that easily confuse are often ones that meander into terrain that we are not familiar with. Loving to watch Female Session Girls work out, Fitness Girls get fitter and Female Body Builders strain are like watching the same channel on a split television screen. All sensuous workouts closely resemble one another. Sometimes we wished …

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Female Wrestlers, Bicep Workouts For Better Headlocks

Certain trends are a given. Participation in female grappling in the high schools and colleges is not just growing but surging. On December 5, 2017, according to, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas and Washington have a girls-only division in their state tournaments, with Tennessee being the latest to join the ranks in 2015. Wisconsin appears …

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Female Grapplers, Will Leggings Be Your Future Combative Attire?

Old ideas that have been around for decades can be re-invented and reinvigorated with a new name and creative innovative marketing. Poof. They then seem like a brand new idea. When FCI Women’s Wrestling began publishing back in 2013, there were approximately 12-14 universities in the Women’s College Wrestling Association (WCWA) that offered full ride …