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Difficult to choose, at times it can be. Wrestler or Actress?

What is a girl to decide?

We are so glad that the Indie Wrestler Heather Monroe decided to wrestle. 

She sure is fun and exciting to watch.

It may not be long before we address her with a new designation other than Indie Wrestler since she has now wrestled for the WWE.

It has always been her goal.

In her interview with Steve Bryant of she confirms, “My ultimate goal is definitely the WWE. I would love to go to Shimmer too. I want to go to Shimmer above anything else right now because that was one of the main things I watched getting into wrestling and that made me so motivated to do this. Lucha Underground would also be awesome. It’s such a well put together show with so many talented people.”

That sound exciting to us as well.

On March 20, 2017, as reported by the Miami Herald, Heather made her grand appearance on Monday Night Raw. article, photo via Heatherisme Twitter

If you are a star and wish upon one, dreams can certainly come true. Heather is proof of that.

In terms of what led up to it she replies, “The whole thing is you have to be mentally and physically prepared,” she said. “There were times during my training that it got hard, and I contemplated if I really wanted this, but the answer was ‘Yes’.”

We are very happy the answer is yes and hopefully for a very long time.

While her training is at the Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, her roots are in Altoona, Iowa.

Altoona is a city in Polk County, Iowa and is a part of the Des MoinesWest Des Moines Metropolitan Statistical Area. The population was 14,541 at the 2010 census.

Altoona is home of Adventureland, an amusement park, Prairie Meadows, a horse racing track and , and a Bass Pro Shops retail store, the first one in central Iowa.

There is always a fun, family time to be had there.

We’re are ecstatic that we are going to see more of Heather.

For now let’s see a little more of Heather’s home state of Iowa.

We can relax Iowa style and listen to a traveling female writer who shares why Heather’s home is so wonderful.

Please meet Christa.

Christa O’Conner is a Certified Wedding Specialist offering her wedding coordinating services to Pittsburgh brides-to-be. She also owns and operates WedPittsburgh.Com, a top of the line local wedding vendor directory. Christa is an avid article enthusiast and enjoys sharing her information, knowledge, and research to anyone who is interested.

Living In Iowa

By Christa M O’Conner 

There are many benefits to purchasing a home in Iowa. Iowa is known as one of the safest places to live in the entire United States, not to mention it features amazing school systems and a low cost of living. Many people think of Iowa as a farming state, but it has a very diverse economy which features big industries like finance and biotechnology, but also government services. For people who have never visited or lived in Iowa, it might seem like a barren, boring Midwest State, but for those who live there it’s a wonderful oasis that includes big city life and peaceful country living depending simultaneously.

Because of the recent development of bigger and better urban areas, there are a number of great opportunities available for people who venture to Iowa. Places like Iowa City are home to some very big companies which can provide great job opportunities for people seeking employment. Not to mention that Iowa has one of the best ratings for health benefits. All-in-all, Iowa actually shows great statistics across health, safety, and employment categories. This is great for people who would like to raise a family, or start over in a new place.

The real estate and home prices are competitive yet affordable and most people are able to purchase a home in Iowa that suits their needs. Even in larger cities, such as the capital city of Des Moines, condos and single family homes can be purchased in the mid $200,000’s. This is a dramatic difference from other locations in the U.S. that command over $500,000 just to get within 5 miles of a downtown metropolitan area. If living in a rural area suits you better, Iowa is full of great farm land and small towns where peace and quiet is a way of life. No matter what lifestyle you are looking for, you’re sure to find a location in Iowa that will meet your personal requirements.

Unlike what many people may believe, Iowa is not simply full of hillbillies and farmers. It has a diverse blend of activities for every member of the family and welcomes all cultures and nationalities. There are cultural events, historical sites, sports teams, fairs, and art shows every single year. Iowa provides many great opportunities for adventure and fun especially if you love activities on or around water. Being the only state bordered by rivers, and containing a number of lakes, Iowa proves to be a boater’s (or fisher’s) dream.

From a diverse culture, to a mix or exciting urban and quiet rural areas, Iowa appeals to almost every desire imaginable. With a rich history, and a number of fun and exciting things to do, a person living in Iowa has many great opportunities to take advantage of. If you haven’t already, start to consider Iowa as a place to put down roots and build up a new home.

Are you now considering moving to the great state of Iowa? Check out some Iowa land for sale to find a place for your new home.

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