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Traversing life in balance where all or most of the components blissfully intertwine makes for a delicious life.

Societies finding balance in their expectations and allowances for women to pursue and live the life that they want and look the way they personally desire without being ostracized is gaining ground but we are nowhere near complete improvement.

We love that the curvy models are becoming more popular on the runway and the adverting and endorsement world.

One such beautiful shapely model is Riley Ticotin. article, photo via stylebymbv

The modeling industry site shares, “Beautiful and curvaceous easily describe Riley but it goes much deeper than that. She has established a solid base in the industry and continues to climb to the top. She has worked for many top brands like Nordstrom, Elloqui and Torrid, to name a few but with her assets, she is ready to take on almost any role. She is particularly well suited for lingerie and swimwear but it doesn’t stop there. She competes with the best out there while modeling all kind of apparel. In a word Riley Ticotin is stunning.”

She is stunning. Wouldn’t you agree? article, photo via

We want to hear more from her cheering squad. We found a nice source.

At they add that Riley is an, “Internationally known plus-sized model who has been represented worldwide to places such as Natural Models LA, Wilhelmina New York, MiLK London, and OKAY Germany. She has modeled for top brands such as Asos, Torrid, and Nordstrom. She became widely recognized as a plus-sized model after her appearance in Teen Vogue in October 2016.”

Okay Riley, please strike a pose. article, photo via

In the fully competitive female submission grappling industry, we look to see that sexy curvy woman are in demand and participating in our great sport.

A respected wrestling company that is providing them with more opportunities is Doommaidens.

Here is an example of an intense battle between to curvy beauties. Let’s read their movie review.

Ursa vs Kari article, photo via doommaidens

“In this battle of big vs bigger Ursa, at 235 lbs., takes on Kari, at 260 lbs. Kari gets off to a strong start, using her greater weight to crush, squish, pin, and smother Ursa. But as the match wears on…poor Kari! She’s fighting this one back-to-back with her bout with Sweetie Dreams, while Ursa is fresh, rested, and ready to rumble.

As Kari becomes more and more deeply exhausted, Ursa starts to pull ahead — not just in stamina, but also in variety of attacks, finishing Kari not just with pins and smothers, but also RNC’s, arm bars, and Americana locks. And when it comes time for the victory round, Ursa’s sure to sink in some good old-fashioned schoolgirl pin and reverse face sitting (along with victory posing!) for good measure.”

Ursa: 5’5″ and 235 lbs………Kari: 5’6″ and 260 lbs.

We love the size and shape of things to come. If you do too, then you know how and where to purchase.

We are also happy to see that the fashion world continues to be inclusive in their designs and manufacturing of clothing, in this case jeans, for curvy girls.

Please enjoy.

Best Jeans For Curvy Women – Review of Levi’s 528 and 529 Curvy Jeans

By Dawn Goodson

Have You Tried Levi’s Curvy Jeans? article, photo via

Levi Jeans might be one of the oldest, popular, and most recognized brand names in the business. One of the reasons why Levi’s is an industry leader deals with the fact that you can literally find dozens of different styles and finishes in women’s jeans. If you’re a woman with a curvy body, you may already have your doubts as to whether Levis Jeans will fit.

You may have heard of Levi’s line of Curvy Jeans. You may also be skeptical about whether these jeans really offer great fit to your hips and curves. There are two styles that you will want to look out for: 529 Women’s Curvy Boot Cut Jean (available in sizes 4-16) and 528 Juniors Curvy Skinny Jean (sizes 1-13). These jeans are the answer for the need for fashion denim designed to fit women with the classic hourglass figure — larger hips, thighs, and smaller waists. These jeans offer a contoured fit that completely eliminates the common problem of gapping at the waistband. While the gap at the waist problem can be remedied by a belt or custom tailoring, the Holy Grail jeans are those that offering flattering fit straight off of the rack.

What Do Customer Reviews Say about Levi’s Curvy Jeans?

Extensive research on customer reviews from Amazon, Zappos, Sears, and other retailers reveals that the majority of women are thrilled with the fit of these curvy jeans. You will find plenty of glowing recommendations for the 528 and 529 jean. Lots of comments stating: “These are the best jeans I have ever owned” to “these jeans fit my body like a proverbial glove.” There are a number of pros and cons noted across reviews, so let’s review before you bite the bullet and buy these curvy jeans:


– Stretch enables comfortable fit and allows jeans to hold their shape
– Versatile – looks great dressed up or dressed down
– No backside showing when sitting down or bending over
– Bootcut style balances out the width of large hips


– Length of jeans may shrink in the wash – even when washed on cold
– First signs of wear may appear after a few months of consistent wear — in front right below the belt loops
– Premium indigo color is not the same color as it appears online – slightly lighter
– Whiskering on premium indigo is more prominent than it appears on pictures online
– May be hard to find in local or department stores

These two styles are stretch jeans made with 1% spandex for a slim body-grazing fit. They are available in purchase in 3 inseam lengths – short (30″), average (34″), or long (34″). (If you’re looking for jeans with more stretch or a larger variety of inseam lengths, especially for extra tall women, you may find a better choice with PZI Jeans).

Overall these curvy jeans consistently get 4 to 5 star ratings from satisfied customers. As a matter of fact, 85% of reviews on give these jeans a 5 out of 5 star rating! The fact that these jeans may be hard to find in department stores may be a deterrent for many women, but rest assured, that these jeans are available for purchase online. Be sure to shop around for the best deals and highest savings. Lots of websites offer free shipping – and you also be able to find an additional coupon code to save even more money on Levi’s Curvy Jeans!

According to recent surveys, the majority of women struggle with finding jeans that fit and flatter. You don’t have to be one of them! Please visit Jeans for Curvy Women [] for your guide to finding your best-fitting jeans for curvy figures []!

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