Submission Grappler Danielle, Brief Career, Extended Treasured Memory

The length and width of the history of competitive female submission grappling has provided us fans with many treasured memories.

Our chest runneth over.

You have your favorites and so do we.

One of the beautiful girls with a precious and much appreciated memory in our treasure chest is a gorgeous blonde who wrestled 25 years ago. How time flies. It truly seems like yesterday.

Her name is Danielle. article, ringside productions photo credit

We first saw her have the courage to take on the legendary Beatrice Goffin in a ring match for Ringside Productions.

Shapely and slightly muscular Danielle tried her best but Beatrice completely dominated her. As soon as Danielle walked towards the center or the ring, we could tell that she lacked the confidence to face up to Beatrice.

While it lasts, here is Beatrice’s interview before her matches that day.

Danielle’s second match would be against a British Fem Competitor named Julie who was compact and extremely tough. Danielle fared better but eventually Julie wore our gorgeous girl down. article, ringside productions photo credit

WHAT A BATTLE! article, ringside productions photo credit

Danielle did have her day.

She also wrestled with the famous Women Warriors group.

W7 features a much more experienced Sasha against our Danielle who is a gymnast and trapeze artist. Though Sasha has more experience, surprisingly the match does go back and forth even with Danielle at some point being on top and ready to close for a submission.

Sasha cut her teeth and gained a ton of experience wrestling with Ron at Cal S. We’ve seen many of her matches and she always brought an attitude, a lot of passion and determination to her matches inside the CS studio. We thought this would be an easy one for Sasha but it wasn’t.

Danielle would later meet Darla in only her third match and performed well there as well. Typically during her matches, Danielle is very quiet but once she had Darla in a submitting hold the gorgeous blonde kept asking her if she gives and taunted Darla that she might as well give up now.

So much about our memories regarding these beautiful female warriors is not how long they battled or who they competed against but more important is how they made us feel.

Danielle had to be one of the sexiest girls that we viewed struggling on the mats in a craft that was not originally her own. She was initially a gymnast. Her gorgeous thick feminine legs and slightly muscular shoulders speak to that.

Though a short lived career the feminine girl next door beauty Danielle will long be in our treasure chest.

Your Hidden Treasure article, photo credit

By Marie C. Barrett

What if your friend took you aside and, in hushed tones, shared with you that they know where to find a hidden treasure. Not only that, they also know, on sound authority, that this treasure is so vast and of such significance, it could change life as we know it on this planet in a very short time, once it was publicly revealed. Would your curiosity be somewhat aroused?

But what if this friend then whispered in your ear that he is willing to introduce you to someone who knows not only where this astounding treasure is hidden, but who has the map and the powerful tools you will need to crack open the treasure chest? Would you not leave everything else and go in search of such a priceless treasure, to discover it for yourself? Would you feel compelled to ask to be introduced to this authority immediately?

If you are like most of us, you would by now be almost beside yourself with interest and have a sharp curiosity as to the nature of this treasure and the directions for finding it. Not only that, as your friend intimated, you could use this treasure to radically change your life forever, once you have it in your hands. What would you be willing to do and even to sacrifice, just to have the map that shows the path you must follow to discover this powerful yet mysterious treasure yourself?

Very soon it would become an obsession, wouldn’t it, an obsession to find this amazing gift, this treasure that has the power, in the best possible way, to change not only your life, but the lives of millions on the planet?

You are astounded, bemused even, but then your rapidly beating heart slows down to a thump, thump, thump. Your brow darkens and, brooding, you caress your lower lip. Your friend would hardly reveal such a powerful secret without asking some hefty kind of payment. What’s the catch?

But then, to your utter amazement, and interrupting your dark reverie, your friend, seeing your furrowed brow and reading your pensive thoughts, reassures you that this is the real deal; no hoax, no fly-by-night nonsense, no illusion. It is a genuine treasure, a specific set of tools, packing definite power to transform not only your life, but the consciousness of humanity itself. And he tells you where to go to find this treasure.

“You can grow your Being into who you really ARE.” – Thomas Michael Powell (

You will have to work to uncover it. You will have to surrender your preconceived ideas of what is possible for you and others to achieve.

You may find yourself, at some future date, wondering if you will ever hold the whole treasure in your hands. Your friend whispered that if you follow the scientific map you will be given, to find this treasure, the clues will compel you to keep searching for the mother lode.

  1. This allegory has gone on for long enough. Your search, in following the secret map and using the scientific tools, leads to a new, expansive and enlivening way of thinking, feeling and, above all, Being. From ancient times, this has been called spiritual transformation:

“The real challenge of life,” writes spiritual teacher, Thomas Michael Powell, “is to create and grow your Being into ever higher levels of Essence, Wisdom, Power, Value and Love-Joy, a journey that only ends when you unite again with the One Infinite Essence from which you come.” (

In our own times, right now, you have the opportunity to follow the scientific map that will lead you to the treasure you seek. You will not only radically change and amplify your joy and love, your spiritual Essence; you will grow and evolve into your full potential. You must start with making a choice to follow the map until you find the treasure.

I leave you with this thought from CWG, by Neale D. Walsch: “Breathe long and deep. Breathe slowly and gently. Breathe in the soft sweet nothingness of life, so full of energy, so full of love. It is God’s love you are breathing! Breathe very, very deeply and the love will make you cry. For joy. For you have met your God, and God has introduced you to your soul.”

Marie C. Barrett, author and teacher of spirituality, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. An expanded consciousness is forming and higher energies call to every heart. For more information go to [] and see Marie’s blog at []

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