Stronger Thigh Muscles Equal Excruciating Body Scissors

The staple and hallmark of power in the female submission wrestling world is the body scissors. article, photo credit

Along with the arm bar, joint locks and rear naked chokes, they can be some of the most painful submissions around.

What will always make for a formidable body scissors?

Strong thighs. article, photo credit

A female submission wrestler who wants to compete well will always be wise to remember that.

How to Make Your Thigh Muscles Strong article, DWW photo

By Toby Hardwick

Having strong thigh muscles is as important as having the perfect body because strong thigh muscles enable us to do many activities. Strong thigh muscles are also very important in sports as they are to body building. Training the legs to be stronger demands much effort though. It requires hard work and a lot of sweat and pains. In acquiring strong thigh muscles, you not only have to work out one part of the legs, you have to work out both the thigh muscles which are located in front of your legs and the hamstring muscles which are found at the back of your leg. You could also throw in training your calf muscles to have the perfect legs fit for the beach and for scoring points with chicks.

Training your legs to be strong requires much exercise, having said that here are some exercises available on the gym that would help you achieve the goal of having those strong thigh muscles.

  • LEG PRESS. There are two types of this exercise, the first one is the vertical sled type which is mostly found in gyms, here you have to sit below the sled and push the weights upwards while in the seated leg press you have to sit upright and push the legs forward. The only thing to remember here is to use your legs and not your arms to push the knees.
  • LEG CURL. This exercise needs to be done on the leg curl machine. There are two types of this exercise, either one would work well. The first one is the lying and the second is the standing type. This is very easy, you just have to lie face down on the machine and extend your legs straight and position them under the pads. Curl the legs. You could hold on to the handles to avoid being lifted off the bench. Return to original position. Remember to exhale while you do the leg curl.
  • CALF EXERCISE. Again, you will need the calf raise machine. You have to place your feet shoulder width apart. Your toes should be placed on a block and then the heels should be slightly extended in the air. Place the weight on your shoulder and then lower your heels as far as you can towards the floor. After this, try and rise up using your toes as far as you can. Remember to exhale while moving up.
  • FROG JUMP. This exercise is a very hard yet very effective. This is also a form of exercise which is mostly done as drills in martial arts. Do this properly because if not, you could cause injury to yourself especially your ligaments. How to do this: start by positioning yourself in a deep squat. Clasp your hands together and do not use them for balance. Jump straight up, using only the balls of your feet. Jump as high as you can and land on the balls of your feet and then slowly lower yourself to the original position (deep squat). Repeat this procedure for as much as your muscles allow you to.
  • SQUATS. This exercise is often called the king of all leg exercises. The reason behind this is because, if you do not perform this exercise, you better give up your hopes of having those muscular legs. This really is an important work out for the legs which builds the muscles in your thighs. You can do this on the squat machine or on the power rack. Here is how to do the squats. (Note: you will need a barbell. Free weights would also work too.) Place your feet apart and place the barbell in position. Slowly bend your knees and lower yourself. Make sure that your back is straight and your thighs and your head are parallel to the ground. Carefully return to the original position and do the first step again. Remember to exhale while moving up and inhale while moving down.

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