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Sometimes when it’s time to eat, you just want something old fashioned, simple and good.

If the restaurant in mind uses the freshest ingredients, so much the better.

At in Prague, the burgers are made with the freshest local ingredients. article, photo article, photo

Our research indicates their burgers are so beautifully layered with tasty toppings. Everything from the beef to vegetable options are amazing.

Just listen to the reviews at

“One of the best burger place in Prague without any doubt! The burgers are just delicious (this time, I had the Krystal Burger), their homemade break similar to a ciabatta adds quality, and the super crunchy French Fries are simply excellent, even more if you take the ones with some cheese on them!”

“I had the pulled pork burger. Reasonably priced and great service. The mint iced tea is also excellent choice. The staff are very friendly and accommodating despite us arriving shortly before closing.”

“I’ve eaten a lot of burgers in my days. My recent favorite was Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles but now it’s Mozaika. My girlfriend wept when we left this place because we don’t live in Prague. But now we have to come back again!!”

“We had burgers called Mozaika and Krystal and we were fully satisfied with the dish itself and the service as well. Tends to get full by 8pm so booking is recommended. Burgers were ready within 12 minutes and very tasty, especially great are homemade buns and possibility to order small burgers.”

If that is not enough, look at the review at

“Well after a week of goulash, duck and a few other delicious Czech delicacies.  I needed my burger fix. I was blown away by the quality and service here I ordered the slider size Mozaika and the family ordered the bbq, Krystal and hummus (verge option) burger.  The meat is top quality and they recommend med-rare.  Everything is home made from the starter chick pea soup to the buns.  Had to be the best burger I’ve had in several years. The service was top notch. Highly recommended.”

Having a hamburger there would be very tasty and satisfying.

Watching Pink Rose wrestle Calypso is very tasty and satisfying too. article, Fight Pulse photo credit article, Fight Pulse photo credit

We’ve had dinner, it’s time for a female vs female wrestling movie.

If you love new girls wrestling one another with girl next door looks, this match at Fight Pulse is perfect.

FW-44: Pink Rose vs Calypso

Release date: July 27, 2016

In this release two newcomers, Pink Rose  and Calypso, are pitted against each other. article, Fight Pulse photo credit article, Fight Pulse photo credit

This is a closely matched battle of beginners with back and forth action and points scored by each competitors, but eventually one of the wrestlers utilizes her limited skillset better to achieve victory. article, Fight Pulse photo credit article, Fight Pulse photo credit

We recommend this title to fans of competitive female wrestling between amateurs, as well as fans of body scissor submissions.

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