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Blessed with continuous sun, warm sandy beaches, great nature walks and a vibrant shopping and social scene, San Diego is a major attraction for a fun lifestyle.

One such girl who has added to the attraction is a newer Session Girl named Heather Armbrust.


At her WB270 profile she flexes and smiles, “I am now retired from competitive bodybuilding but I am still very much in bodybuilder shape, just more streamline.

I love being a little thicker but I do get leaner during warmer months.

I like to focus on what my client’s fantasies are and have open dialogue about it so a have happy client.

I personally enjoy being worshipped and have lots of muscle for it. I believe I am a goddess and enjoy living the roll. I am also alpha by nature so I enjoy domination play. I will do light fantasy wresting- love holds like scissors but no lift & carries or arm wrestling.

I am a very down to earth life coach and yogi but sassy so I dub myself the spiritual badass- I have a pretty kick ass personality. Life is amazing and meant to be fun!”

You can contact her at spiritualbadass29@gmail.com

Understandably we love her look and positive spirit and we are very inspired by the precision of her abs.


You too?

At 170 sexy big babe pounds, she is a sight for craving eyes.

It’s those abs though. So impressive.

Women and abs go together like San Diego and warm sun.

We have a visiting writing with some great ideas on obtaining great abs. Please enjoy.

By Evelyn De 

How to Get Six Pack Abs – Learn the Secrets to Get Ripped Six Pack Abs


One of the greatest challenges to obtain a fitter body is to achieve getting a flat, six pack abs. Majority of people find failure with their exercise regimen particularly reaching their goals of getting a trimmer, flatter and amazing six pack abs to die for. This failure can be perhaps attributed to the following factors: training style, nutrition and attitude.

The abdominal fats are one of the most difficult and perhaps the most stubborn body fats that are hard to burn. It is important for you to define which type of exercise to use as part of your abdominal exercise regimen. Burning fats in your midsection is the key to trim down your abs, get rid of the excess baggage of fats and gradually shape up a six pack abs. While sit-ups and crunches are the most common abdominal exercises used to directly shape up the abs there are other abdominal exercises that can be used for trimming down the abdominals. Learn which one is more ideal and best suits you.

You must also choose whether to employ a low or high intensity workout. Slow intensity workout will let you exercise at a slower pace. This is excellent for people who are just beginning an abdominal training exercise. High intensity abdominal exercise is one consisting of brief spurts of abs exercise with quick cool down in between. Whichever you find most suitable for you always employ an exercise regimen that allows your abdominal muscles to work out and contract in order to burn fats. This will help you shape up to obtain a six pack abs.

Diet modification and proper nutrition are also important key factors in obtaining a six pack abs. You need to observe healthy and nutritious diets that are low on carbohydrates, calories and fats. Cutting down your food intake may not be the solution since skipping meals will only deprive your body with the nutrients it needs to burn energy essential to be functional each day. It will also encourage you to eat more as it activates the body’s defense system from hunger which tells your brain you need to eat more knowing you cut your food intake. A high protein diet also helps build your muscles and will give you the energy you need during your abs exercise. Eating vegetables and fruits and drinking more water are good abdominal therapy to obtain a six pack abs.

Lastly, attitude is also important. Many dieters and individuals engaged with body building to help them obtain a desirable six pack abs find failure with their abdominal exercise program because of their attitudes. To get ripped abs you need to be goal oriented, motivated, persistent and patient. Obtaining a six pack abs entails hard work. Keeping the virtues of knowing which training styles are best for you, observing proper diet and nutrition and possessing the right attitude will help you achieve the ideal six pack abs that you desire.

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