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Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted how so many of our beauties in the competitive female grappling world have beautiful rippled flat stomachs.

Their artistic look, speaks to their months to years of very hard work. article, femcompetitor, photo

Wouldn’t it be great to have a flat stomach even if you are not a world class athlete?

The common perception is that the more sit ups that you perform, the flatter your stomach will become.

We’ve researched many articles and so many express that sit ups can be harmful to your back as well as being non-effective anyway.

What are some suggestions that might be a better fit for you?

We have a visiting female speaker with some thoughts.

Get A Flat Stomach Fast By Biking Indoors Or On The Street


By Jill Mathers

Admittedly, one of the surest causes of embarrassment in both men and women is having a puckered tummy, but the good news is it isn’t that difficult to obtain a flat stomach fast! This article describes several exercises that, when used repeatedly, will obtain that effect. Of course, given that there are numerous exercises available, it is by no means a complete rendition of all of them that you can be added to your exercise routine.

Regardless of what part of your body you are targeting, one has to be mentally present to lose the fat and burn calories. Everyone can do things that will increase their metabolism, which, simply stated, is the rate that your body burns calories.

Because aerobic exercise will increase your body’s metabolic rate, and much of it is very enjoyable, they are often chosen by individuals needing to lose weight. One of the most enjoyable aerobic exercises is bicycling: some individuals schedule a time for biking with a friend or partner, others go bicycling on their own, and there are even some clubs that bicycle enthusiasts join.

Bicycling is an enjoyable way to get outdoors and see the area you are in. While bicycling on sidewalks is very common, those most determined to achieve a flat stomach fast will look for areas that are a bit more challenging to cycle in. This includes cycling on sidewalks in urban areas that are, to some extent, hilly. And, if you go outside the city, you’ll find many bikers’ trails, there merely because cyclists have chosen them repeatedly. These trails typically are more challenging than even hilly urban areas. You may even find a hilly rural area that doesn’t appear to have been ridden much. Before cycling on that, just be sure that it is a safe area: that there are no nearby lakes, pits, and the like.

If you are not interested in bicycling outdoors, you have two other options to achieve the same effect indoors. First, you can acquire a stationary bicycle and use it at your home several days a week to get the exercise that you need to burn calories. The stationary bicycles to choose from have different features. For example, some are manufactured to make it more difficult to pedal the faster that one is cycling, making the person work harder and, of course, burn more calories. Some indoor bikes have controls that will monitor your heart rate and the speed of your cycling. And, that is just a few of the many features these bikes have.

The second option for indoor cycling doesn’t require anything but a hard, flat, comfortable surface to exercise on. Many of the exercises that you will use to obtain a flat stomach fast are similar to the movements made while cycling. For instance, the most common exercise involves lying on your back, with your hands behind your head and your elbows facing forward. From there you will lift each leg, in turn, and try to touch your knee to your elbow on the same side of the body.

Once you have some experience in these exercises, you will try to touch your knee to the elbow on the other side of the body. In both cases, you will hold your knee-elbow touch for a few seconds; the touching time will increase the more often you do these workouts. Called crunches, the goal of these is to target your abdominal muscles, and provide tone to it.

By sticking to biking you will get a flat stomach fast and finally have the muscular six-pack tummy everyone loves to see. To learn more about how to get a flat stomach visit

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