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Female Wrestlers, Bicep Workouts For Better Headlocks

Certain trends are a given.

Participation in female grappling in the high schools and colleges is not just growing but surging.

On December 5, 2017, according to, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas and Washington have a girls-only division in their state tournaments, with Tennessee being the latest to join the ranks in 2015.

Wisconsin appears to be next on the list.

Whether it is the girls freestyle world, the competitive female submission wrestling industry or the women professional wrestling exhibitions in the squared circle, there is something that all of these women division have in common during the match.

The headlock is the basic wrestling hold.,,, WWE photo credit

Those of us who follow the sport know that.

Securing the hold is a whole other matter.

How many determined female grapplers have gotten their opponents into headlocks, only to lose the hold and eventually lose the match?

Some of that is due to technique.

In all fairness, some of that is due to a lack of strength training.

A facet of strength training that will help secure those hold is bicep training.,, photo via

Look at some of the gorgeous girls who have turned those biceps into headlock locking machines if they chose to use the, that way.

The informative site shares, “Better known by her short name Cass, Cassandra Martin is one of the most popular female fitness celebrities in the social media world. After graduating from college, and before she became a fitness celebrity, Cass Martin was working in the construction industry.”

Now that industry will certainly put some muscle into those arms.

Jelena Abbou, is a figure competitor model and personal trainer, born in Serbia and now living in the United States. She has also appeared in MAC advertisements. Ms. Abbou grew up in Gornji Milanovac, Serbia.,,, photo via

Our beauty’s first few years in America were tough having to learn a new language and culture.

She was determined to succeed and eventually became a personal trainer, in turn motivating her more than ever to hit the competition circuit and work out.

“Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.”… Eric Butterworth

Those wonderful biceps are proof of that.

We would love to see more proof.

As shared at, “Beginning her competitive journey as a lightweight bodybuilder, Janet Gerber earned an overall title when she took the top spot at the 2010 NPC Florida State Championships.”,, photo via Krivs Studio Blog

She’s very impressive. True?

Those are some super sexy and wonderful examples.

Bicep strengthening can be helpful in other aspects of life too. At they remind us, “Any sport that requires throwing, tossing, or swinging will require strong biceps and forearms. Yet bicep exercises can also be important for your general health, because they improve your bone density and help you achieve aerobic benefits at the same time that your muscles are strengthened.”

Very good to know.

Still, regarding those headlocks, if you are going to wrestle, please always remember that basic hold and more important what you need to do ahead of times to those biceps to secure it.

How to Get The Most From Your Biceps Workouts,,, photo via

By Russell Strider  

From super body building stars like Ronnie Coleman and Becca Swanson to everyday people who want to look strong and toned, biceps workouts loom large. They are an important part of an overall body sculpting plan. For those men and women who want firm looks but not super-size biceps, regular moves done with smaller weights will sculpt without building more muscle than is desired.

The biceps is the large muscle that forms the top of the upper arm. The triceps form the underside. When admirers ask someone to make a muscle, it is the biceps that get flexed. The bulge of muscle gets bigger when it receives regular exercise. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to flex your guns.

Exercise for any part of the body does not have to be complicated to be effective. Regular biceps building should take place for the best results. Plan to train your biceps two to three times each week. Trainers do not recommend daily workouts for any one muscle group. The body needs time to recover in between training sessions.

Start the biceps workouts with warm ups. You can go through some of the movements you will use during the regular workout but with lighter or no weights. A warm up gets the heart pumping and prepares the muscles for intense work.

A barbell curl is one basic but effective exercise to develop the biceps. Stand and pick up the barbell with both hands, palms facing up. Keep your arms shoulder width apart. Bring the bar up to your chest, bending your elbows as you go. Bring the bar back down. This counts as one repetition.

Since it is important to keep the back straight and stable, some trainers recommend doing barbell curls with your back braced against a wall. This will help prevent your body from swaying. You want to focus on your biceps and not involve momentum in lifting the barbell. Start with eight to twelve repetitions, resting after each set. Aim for three to four sets per workout. Adjust the amount of weight based on how easy or hard it is to complete 12 reps. And again, if you want to tone rather than build big muscle mass, keep the weight load light.

Other standard exercises for the biceps include hammer curls and chin-ups. These three basic moves alone will build your biceps when practiced on a regular basis. After your workout, stretch your biceps. Hold onto a wall or squat rack, then slowly rotate your shoulders and upper body forward. You should feel a slight stretch in your upper arms. Practice your biceps workouts regularly and follow a healthy diet, and you will look more muscular in a matter of weeks.

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