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Any method of fitness that can improve mind and body before engagement, we are all for it.

One article that we have never featured, until now, is the use of a Yoga Ball.

A Yoga Ball is a firm, very large, usually inflatable ball used in various exercises, chiefly to strengthen the back, pelvis, and abdominal muscles.

In terms of additional benefits at they add, “Our yoga and exercise balls are used in Yoga, Pilates and fusion exercise programs to strengthen and firm abs, back and buttocks. These exercise balls are made from durable vinyl, they are designed to support up to 600lbs of pressure. We offer both economy style Yoga Balls, as well as Anti-Burst Slow Leak and Thera Band brand exercise balls and products in a variety of different sizes and colors to suit any studio’s needs.”

At they share, “A healthy body means the treasure in our lifetime since we can’t do anything with an unhealthy life. It is obvious that keeping a good and healthy body is the most important thing in our daily life. But how can we keep healthy? In my opinion, I do think doing exercise is the most direct and effective way to be healthy including doing sports, doing yoga with yoga ball, running, etc.”

Well stated but we desire more information.

Yoga Balls – Useful Yoga Aids


By Terje Brooks

Yoga, which originated from India more than five centuries ago, was essentially a school of thought leading to a spiritual discipline for its followers. Even though different branches of yoga evolved, the core teachings of these branches did not have much to do with physical exercise or development of the body. However, the 20th and 21st centuries saw a big transformation taking place with lots and lots of people seeking yoga as their means to better health and stress relief. This in turn resulted in the development of a new range of branches in modern yoga.

With yoga gaining popularity in the Western world, a new set of visions and experiments started emerging in order to help yoga reach more individuals and to find innovation in the practices. The yoga ball happens to be one of the products of this innovation. An inflated vinyl ball to support the yoga postures wouldn’t have likely been thought of by the ancient gurus; nevertheless, it was the need of the hour for yoga to be more innovative and accessible.

Until the path breaking movement of the renowned yoga guru BKS Iyengar, vinyasa (the fluid transition or the movement from one pose the next in a series) used to be considered more important than a perfect posture. But with Iyengar yoga growing out of Hatha Yoga, the emphasis was transformed from vinyasa flow to the perfection of postures.

In Iyengar yoga, a lot of props, such as yoga balls, are used in perfecting the postures. The teachers help their disciples attain the perfect postures using different prop models including the yoga balls, thus eliminating the need for undue or unbearable strains to improve the postures. These props are of tremendous help to the beginners, as well as for those who have health or strength problems.

Yoga aids like yoga balls can be of help in different levels ranging from helping someone keep one leg elevated for an extended period in a balancing pose or in perfecting the arch of the back. Yoga balls can also be used for sitting. Yoga balls are of help not only for the weak or the less balanced practitioners but also for the experts. Yoga balls help the experts stretch their boundaries to achieve even more difficult postures or to hold to their postures for longer periods.

Iyengar yoga may not have the cardiovascular benefits that can be had from the yoga types that follow the vinyasa flow principle, but it offers improved muscle strength and perfect postures. Yoga aids used in Iyengar yoga apart from yoga balls include straps for bound poses, bricks for support, and rollable blankets for back support. The blankets can be used for holding sitting poses also.

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