Women And Muscles Go Together Perfectly

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There are certain Session Girls that remind us that muscles and women go together like cake and ice cream.

Hmm. Let’s change that to fresh vegetables and salad dressing.

There’s a new girl on the scene who is well built and well, built very well.

Let’s meet her. Her name is Kayla Woods in the Chicago area.

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“Hello. I’m happy to be here WB270.  When I was a little girl, I was faster, stronger , bigger , and more powerful than all the boys. I was superior and I enjoyed outperforming them all. As I grew up, I was still a tomboy — always wanting to climb trees, wrestle (play Power Rangers),  and rough up the boys. Fast forward about 25 years, and here I am a superior being — but this time well-aware of her power.

Well-aware that I am a fit, powerful, gorgeous woman whom men and women alike both admire and desire. I enjoy showing off, making others laugh and blush, and talking about my hard, athletic body.  A am an easy-going woman who loves to laugh, be happy, and be super sexy. Throughout my athletic journey, I have played multiple sports.

After having played collegiate volleyball, I competed in CrossFit for 4 years. For the last two years, my energy and focus has been on Olympic Style lifting.  Along with Oly lifting, I do accessory work to build my hard biceps, and thick back. I have also sought out wrestling / BJJ/boxing coaches so that I can not only take you with my strength, but my skill and technique as well.”

Sounds beautiful.

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You can email her for a session at kaylawoods777@gmail.com

We love muscles on women, especially grapplers. Let’s keep talking about it.

Muscles Are Sexy on Women Too!

By Megan Bullington

There seems to be a common thought among most women – muscle isn’t for me! Women are afraid that muscles will make them look like a body builder, but that is not the case! Muscle can actually help you lean down.

Many women work very hard. They eat a healthy diet, run and do cardiovascular exercises. Then, they plateau. The weight loss just stops. They’re missing one important component. Muscle.

These are some of the benefits of building muscle as a woman:

  1. When you build muscle, you burn more calories throughout the day. This is not just when you workout, but when you are resting as well!
  2. You become less prone to injury. Do you have a weak lower back? Many women do. Weight lifting will strengthen your body.
  3. Improved mood. When you exercise, your mood improves. Your body releases endorphins which are your bodies’ natural feel good chemical. When your body starts to take a healthier shape, this also improves your self-esteem and outlook on life.
  4. Building muscle boosts your immune system. If you are someone who catches every cold that comes your way, this may be a good thing to add to your lifestyle!
  5. Strengthens your bones. As women, we are warned about the effects of osteoporosis. Lifting weights not only strengthens your muscles, but builds bone mass!

Now that I’ve provided you with this information, where do you begin? While weight lifting has its many benefits, you do have to learn proper form. If you are just getting started on your weight lifting journey, you may want to check into a couple of different options.

If you want to work out at home, there are many different “at home” workout programs. If you chose to use one of these, make sure they show proper form and breathing techniques in strength exercises. It may be wise to research results online. People are always talking about what has and has not worked for them.

If you chose to work out in the gym, all of the machines can be intimidating. Don’t let your pride get in the way! It’s not worth it! Ask a trainer how to use the machines. That is what they are there for. If you know someone who is experienced in weight training, ask them if you can follow them around the gym.

Start out small. Adding strength training just a couple of days a week can make a big difference over a few months.

To your health!

Megan Bullington is the owner of Megan Bullington Fitness.

Megan is not a doctor, but someone who has experienced depression and anxiety firsthand. Her goal is to use her experiences to help others move past their lives of stress, exhaustion, and depression.

For a free copy of her “7 Mood Lifting Meals”, go to [http://www.tnfitmom.com] and follow the blue arrow to sign up!

Megan Bullington is a Health and Fitness Coach that loves to help take people from where they are… to what they can BECOME! As someone who has personally struggled with depression and anxiety, at times not even being able to get out of bed, she believes that we can change where we are, who we are, by the foods we put into our bodies and the activities we do to strengthen ourselves inside and out!

She has learned firsthand the foods that we need to eat to help us deal with the stress we encounter in life and to lose the stubborn fat once and for all!

Her step by step systems provide accountability, fitness and nutrition to take us from where we are, to where we want to be!

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