Session Girls Provide Huge Deposits In Our Memory Banks

If you look back on your memories as money in a cash register, revolving with no interest rates, then it’s a good idea to keep spending them and then depositing them back.

They become so valuable to keep re-living over and over.

At the informative site they enlighten, “Actually, life goes by so quickly that sometimes you don’t even notice all the changes that have been happening. Every minute of your life has an expiration date which is “Now!” Once a moment has passed, it is gone forever except in our memories. Cherishing moments as they happen will not only help you feel thankful for life, but also help you to have a more positive and happy outlook.”

Session Girls have given many of us fans the most enjoyable memories of our lives.

We all have our favorites.

One of this writer’s great memories was sitting next to the former WWE super star Jennifer Thomas while we had dinner with a female submission wrestling group in Las Vegas. article, wb270 photo credit

She is a fantastic conversationalist is very down to earth and would make for an ideal session.

We wrote about her before but its time to re-visit her valuable memory.

Jennifer Thomas – A Submission Wrestler Ready To Soar!

Let’s peek on her WB270 profile again. article, photo

She speaks to us in a very warm, friendly and candid style. “I have participated in a wide range of athletic sports and activities. They are Track and Field, Sprints, hurdles, triple jump,. water ski, snow ski, wrestling, and dance. I have participated in a couple bodybuilding shows and Figure competitions. Please check out my website to see photos. I am available for submissions and lift and carrys. I am “clean” and professional, feminine yet extremely strong with great power “.

Sounds like the makings for some great memories.

Here fans agree. Here are two reviews.

“First of all Jennifer looks Amazing! She’s got a fitness look with Big Strong Thighs! She trains as a pro wrestler and knows all the holds. Her head scissors had me tapping quickly and her Figure-Four is Legendary – It’s like hair gel. Once applied it’s a strong hold that can last all day! Generous with her time and very interesting to talk to. I was enchanted by her beauty and sore from her strength! Highly recommended in Phoenix!”

And another.

“Jennifer is stunning! She is a beautiful woman who is also tremendously strong and skilled. Her headlocks are devastating as are her scissors.  Jennifer handled me easily and was able to lift my 195lbs. with ease. On top of all of this, she is an extremely nice person.”

Well said.

“So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.”… Helen Keller

You can email Jennifer at

Memories are the foundation that keep our emotional house afloat.

We have a visiting female writer who sails in with an added perspective. Please enjoy.

Remember When – Creating Memories to Inspire Others article, femcompetitor, photo

By Simone Martin

There’s a wonderful old saying about why friends are so important – they bear witness to our life…

But even without friends we have our memories, which is why it is so important to cultivate positive ones.

, I hear you ask? Isn’t that a bit manufactured?

But selective memory is an important part of staying positive.

This doesn’t mean only thinking about all of the past successes of our lives. Instead, we should be selective about the way in which we recall our failures.

Past romances should not draw a heart-wrenching sob when we think of them. Business ventures that wound down like an old clock should not make us hang our head in shame.

What we should focus on are the positive aspects – what a great example that was of how prepared I am to commit to something!

The memory then becomes something we can draw strength from. To me this is the essence of being a mistress, rather than a slave, to our memories.

Deposits in in Your Memory Bank

I like the concept of the memory bank. Not the computer storage kind, but the sort where you think of your body as a cash register and your memories as currency.

Memories give us shape and form and value.

Why accumulate memories of little value? Why hoard the moments that are tarnished?

Equally, we should not let valuable memories slip through our fingers. A positive memory that’s left deep in the vault is worthless. But by taking it out and admiring it and sharing it with others, we can leverage off its inspiration again and again.

Take a moment to focus on a favourite memory and feel the change in yourself – I challenge anyone to hold back a smile when they think of a wonderful moment from the past.

So why not invest in good memories?

The Power of Shared Memory

One of the most wonderful ways to start a conversation with a friend is by asking, “Remember when?”

Being alone without memories can be inspiring, but recalling them with someone who also shared the experience can bring the memories into sharp focus.

While we witness an event one way, a friend might recall different scents, different images. Together, by drawing a memory from the past into the present, we give it multiple dimensions.

The next time you are out with your girlfriends and there is a lull in the conversation, try indulging in the Memory Circle.

No chants or candles required, this is simply a group expression of shared memory.

My sister instigated this on the weekend, as we walked around the lake at the bottom of my street. It was a fresh spring morning and clouds were scudding about like dodgems. It made her think of a wonderful memory, which in turn provoked me to share one of mine.

But then she began describing a special time we had shared together and I closed the circle by concluding the memory.

Before we had circled the lake we were laughing hard enough to shame the kookaburras out of the trees.

The Value of the Memory Book

Many inspirational organisations around the world are pursuing memory work.

By creating a safe space in which the past can be brought into the present, memory work recognises the amazing capacity people have to survive and celebrate life.

Memory books, which are often constructed when a child has lost a parent, allow family and friends to contribute thoughts and feelings about the deceased to a communal book, so that the child has a wonderful, many-dimensional reference to take into the future.

Henning Mankell, the highly successful Swedish crime writer, works with AIDS charities in Africa to actively promote and encourage the writing of memory books.

The project encourages HIV-infected parents to write portraits of their lives for their children, as a tangible testament to their love that can be looked at many times in the future. A lock of hair, a photograph or an illustration of a shared moment can speak to a lonely child when their parent’s voice is lost.

But memory books can also be created in less troubled times.

A child struggling with a new school can be inspired by a memory book that evokes positive memories of the past. A marriage that has become distant and quiet can speak again through symbols of happier days. Even the passing of a pet can be made less final through the construction and sharing of a simple memory book.

Where Memory and Dream Meet

Someone once said to me that memory is a bit of the past projected into the present and a dream is a bit of the present projected into the future.

I like the correlation between memories and dreams.

When my sister was very little and she was afraid to go to sleep, she would ask me to tell her what she should dream about. I told her elaborate stories about fairies and horses and angels, but what gave her the most peaceful sleep was when I plucked an image from our shared memories and spun it to life in the darkness.

A picnic on the beach, with sandy sandwiches or reaching down in the dark dawn of Christmas and feeling the pillowcase of presents on the end of our bed…

The next time you’re feeling that you are drifting free of your dreams, consult your memory bank.

Look for the big, shiny golden memories. They’re the ones that will help you invest in an inspirational future.

I am a teacher, trainer, writer and management consultant with a passion for inspiring women. My sister and I run a company devoted to providing women with the tools and support to make changes in their lives. Our business is called Outfit because we believe in delivering outcomes that fit the needs of our clients.

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