Session Girls, Fitness Stars, Body Builders, Glow from Power Workouts

Conversations that easily confuse are often ones that meander into terrain that we are not familiar with.

Loving to watch Female Session Girls work out, Fitness Girls get fitter and Female Body Builders strain are like watching the same channel on a split television screen.

All sensuous workouts closely resemble one another.

Sometimes we wished the Session Girls would utilize a power workout more often.

Depending upon the star involved, we would love it if a Female Body Builder had a little more feminine butter and a little less muscle and would consider becoming a Session Wrestler herself.

Often times we wish the Fitness Girl would add Session Girl to her resume.

In either case, conversations could easily meander into the power workout area and that is a discussion that most of us could relate to, contribute in and understand.

For the moment, our concentration will turn to a Session Girl who also happens to be a Female Body Builder and then a Female Body Builder, Fitness Girl who we would love to see grapple with other strong women in fully competitive competition and become a Session Girl as well.

Jennifer Abshire Session Girl

When a looks as fit and gorgeous as Jennifer, you know that she has to be participating in a Power Workout.

Wrestle her and you had better bring your “A” game.

At her profile she glows, “Jennifer is a recently-turned IFBB Pro Bodybuilder now available for private sessions.  She has a strikingly powerful physique, but maintains a feminine, girl-next-door kind of beauty. Jennifer is very down-to earth and open-minded with a unique curiosity in each of her individual fans.”

We love that. As a wrestling fan, you will be treated very, very special.

Her fans love her too, but you probably already knew that. Here is one review:

“My wrestling session with Jennifer Abshire was so much fun. When I got to her hotel, she opened the door and had a nice outfit on. We talked for a bit to get to know each other. Then we started the session, I was just amazed about her legs that she got me in a headlock with her legs and she squeezed it. Then she got me in a headlock with her arms, her arms are so pumped up, they are just hard ad rocks. In between rounds, I also gave her a rub down massage because her neck muscles were sore. I would definitely schedule another session with Jennifer the next time she is in New York City. I would recommend Jennifer for sessions because she is the best at what she does.”

Jennifer is based out of Lafayette, Louisiana.

Sounds like fun. Jennifer? Please keep going with that Power Workout.

You can email Jennifer at:

Natasha Aughey Female Body Builder

Natasha Aughey takes her weight lifting and Power Workouts very seriously. We love that. Just look her.

We could keep doing that all day and night, non-stop.

Please enjoy some of her videos.

Chest Day – Natasha Aughey

Nice music to work out to, wonderful visuals.

Leg Day with Natasha Aughey | Powerlifter

Natasha Aughey – Back & Biceps,, natashaughey photo

She has her fans and followers. At they praise, “Natasha Aughey is a fitness icon and social media sensation from Canada. She began her fitness journey in high school, performing cardio and falling in-love with the gym. She didn’t let anything get in her way, and by 2016, she’d sculpted a unique, powerful figure.

Her thick legs, muscular shoulders and tight waist made her stand out in the fitness community – her friends encouraged her to create a social media profile and share her journey online.”

Natasha is a rising star with a wonderful body showcasing muscles and feminine beauty.

If only we could convince her to become a Session Girl and wrestle on a regular basis. Admit it. She would look great on the mats.

Natasha, please keep burning through those Power Workouts. We absolutely love the results.

Lee Brise Fitness Model

Okay, so we have a Session Girl, Muscular Female Fitness Girl or Body Builder if you prefer and now we have a, well, Fitness Girl who obviously engages in a Power Workout from time to time too.

She is spectacular.

Time for a meet and great. At they are aglow. “Lee Brise, a Mexican beauty of 20 years, law student, model… The dream of any man and the most clear example of that love is power and that the discipline leads you to achieve incredible things.

In recent days this Mexican girl has begun to have much boom in the fitness world in social networks like Instagram and Facebook, not only for the beauty of his face, his body almost molded by the hands of Aphrodite, if not also by their charisma within networks and their constant videos sharing Gym routines to his followers no more to say you have some Lynx photos.”

She lives in Mexico City.,, photo Marrovi own work Wikimedia

Though we needed no convincing, a Power Workout helps sculpture beautiful girls magnificently. If only we could convince all of the Female Body Builders and Fitness Girls to participate in Session Wrestling.

Oh what a wonderful world it would be.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”… Oprah Winfrey

We have a visiting female writer who will enhance if even more.

Angeline Thiri is a certified personal trainer and the proud owner and writer of Her site helps very busy women to workout at home with little equipment and space. Over 40,000 people have used her site over the past year.

Angeline has been through her own trials and tribulations of working out at home to build the best looking body she can possibly have. This experience and knowledge has helped her write over 100 pages of exercise guidance for women who have no time to go to the gym regularly. All the workouts she shares are short, need little or no equipment, and can be done in a small space.

Strength Training For Women – Powerful Workouts In Next To No Time

By Angeline Thiri 

You probably know the huge benefits of strength training for women. Knowing is one thing. But actually doing it is another, especially if you’re very busy, right? You don’t have much time for shape-up exercises.

But you seriously want to improve the way your body looks. And you know you really can’t avoid doing exercises to achieve that. So what do you do?

Well… you skip going to the gym altogether.

What?? (I hear you exclaim) Are you telling me I don’t need to work out?

No… not at all… it’s simple.

Don’t go to the gym. Do your strength training at home instead.:D

Effective strength training for women doesn’t have to involve going to the gym. Especially when you’re rushing around trying to get everything done and you’ve only got 24 hours in a day!

You don’t actually need to use those hulking great weight machines and other fancy gadgets in the gym to have an effective strength workout. You can work out just as effectively at home – with nothing more than a set of dumbbells.

Something else to think about… you save lots of time that you’d otherwise spend commuting to and from the gym. Plus, you save time not having to get dressed up to make yourself presentable to fellow gym-goers. Strength training for women doesn’t even have to mean working out in trendy clothes (as you see on TV and magazines). At home you can even do exercises in your underwear!

But you might still be thinking you need many hours a week to do effective exercise at home. Not at all!

Do exercises that give you the highest return on investment (ROI) on your time. And you will definitely see improvements even if you can spare only 1 hour a week to exercise. That could be two 30-minute sessions. Or three 20-minute workouts.

So, what kinds of exercises am I talking about? What will give you great results if you can only workout for 1 hour a week? Well… exercises that use several muscle groups at the same time, in one movement. For example, the Romanian Deadlift works the back of your thighs, buttocks and back muscles all together. However Bicep Curls will use mainly your bicep muscles. The key to having a short but effective workout is to include multi-muscle exercises like the Romanian Deadlift as much as possible in your routine.

You won’t see significant results if you can only workout 20 to 30 minutes and use that time to do single-muscle exercises like calf raises and tricep extension and wrist curls etc. In your short workout, you must mainly do exercises such as deadlifts, squats and pushups that use multiple muscle groups at the same time. That way, you’ll improve your body shape without having to spend much time exercising.

Now, there’s one more thing you must do to make your short workouts effective. And that is, make sure you exercise with weights that are challenging for you. Yes, strength training for women does indeed involve using real weights. Dinky pink dumbbells might look cute, but they won’t be enough to produce significant changes in your body. Leave them for the faint hearted.

You’ll find lots of multi-muscle exercises in these toning workouts which you can do in the comfort of your own home. Start shaping up today with

~ ~ ~

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