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Xena vs Akela Wrestling

Consistent with other industries, the competitive female grappling world has its niche matches with specific styled submissions.

That’s very fortunate.

For decades the School Girl Pin has been a fan favorite especially since its origins can be traced back to an adult’s early formative school yard years where, often unexpected, which added to the eroticism, girls were engaged in grappling combat where one invariably sat on the other.

We are still enthralled with school girl pins. article, Fight Pulse photo credit article, Fight Pulse photo credit

In our Dinner and a FvsF movie series, we are looking for a niche restaurant to be compatible with our niche submission move.

Once again let’s visit the scenic Czech Republic.

The enjoyable and informative site provides the nice niche review. “Arguably the best restaurant in town, La Degustation is one of the two Michelin stars in Prague, and the only restaurant that seriously pushes for the second and that tries to get it while cooking only Czech food. This is the place to go for true foodies: an open kitchen lets you peek into what’s happening behind the scene, with seven chefs putting the finishing touches and plating on plain sight. Chef Sahajdak puts a strong emphasis on local produce and seasonality: with the exception of foie gras and caviar, all the produce is Czech and mostly brought on a daily basis from cooperating farms. Then the produce is turned into deconstructed versions of classic Czech dishes, using an old Czech cookbook from 1894 as the starting point. You get two set menus, a short and a long one, and a wine pairing with mostly Czech wines.” article, article, photo

We love the review, don’t you?

Why don’t we have a seat? article, article, photo

At their wonderful site we can see how they have creatively carved out a special and superb niche restaurant. They smile, “We think differently about food. We want to provide you with an extraordinary experience. This is why we cook small, thought-provoking meals that arouse all the senses. The first mouthful awakens your curiosity, the second demands your focused attention and the final bites enflame emotions, the feeling of an unsated appetite, and the desire for the next dish. article, article, photo

Food is like music; it is created by the harmony of individual tones. The drink with which you wash this harmony down can raise it to unexpected heights, just like a virtuoso’s solo, or destroy it, like someone singing out of tune. This is why we pair our foods with small taster drinks. We pair them with wine, beer and fruit juices. Your dining experience is the purpose of our life.”

That sounds like a tasty, meaningful and beneficial life purpose.

We’re ready for a great niche female wrestling video, complete with school girl pins.

FW-12: Xena vs Akela – schoolgirl pin challenge

Release date: March 8, 2015 article, Fight Pulse photo credit article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Xena and Akela face off in our first attempt at a competitive schoolgirl pin challenge video. We filmed this match right after we filmed FW-11, which was a competitive pins & submissions style match between the two female warriors. For this challenge both opponents are wearing jeans. If you have watched the linked match, then you already know that Akela came out of it with a sprained ankle, but decided to continue filming.

She has proven to have the instincts of a pinner, being able to skillfully balance her weight on top of her opponents. But will Xena’s weight advantage give her the edge in this challenge? After a short arm-wrestling challenge to start the video both opponents have 5 1-minute opportunities to pin each other’s shoulders down to the count of 10. Every round starts with one of the opponents already on top. article, Fight Pulse photo credit article, Fight Pulse photo credit

The 5 positions are – stomach-straddling pin, chest-straddling pin with shins on biceps, tight neck-sitting schoolgirl pin, reverse sgpin, and lastly, tight neck-straddling schoolgirl pin with hands above – between the knees of the pinner. The preview photos that you can see below will hopefully provide a better explanation. Since this is our first sgpin challenge type video, we are sure there’s too much to improve. So, please let us know what you think about the video either through the contacts form, or by commenting directly below. Please feel free to suggest improvements to the challenge.

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Sources:, Wikipedia,, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.