Akron Ohio Session Girl Ashley, MMA Star With Passion

From the sports world to being the cradle of important American values, the state of Ohio is filled with sensational reasons to pay her a visit.

At the premiere travel site Lonely Planet they say something similar in question form. “All right, time for your Ohio quiz. In the Buckeye State you can:1) buggy-ride through the nation’s largest Amish community; 2) lose your stomach on one of the world’s fastest roller coasters; 3) suck down a dreamy creamy milkshake fresh from a working dairy; or 4) examine a massive, mysterious snake sculpture built into the earth. And the answer is…all of these.”

Okay, minus the rollercoaster experience, we can think of some other reasons to visit Ohio like having a session with a gorgeous Ohio Session Girl.

There is Ashley Gambino. She resides in Akron. Let’s meet her.

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At her wb270.com profile she flexes, “I’m an accomplished Grappler, highly touted, and very popular MMA prospect with plans to one day fight in the UFC! I take video requests with little to no boundaries when it comes to brutality! I do personalized pictures and autographs. We can have a fantasy conversation via text.. If you can afford it I also Travel, Host, and Cook!”

Isn’t she fierce and sexy?

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You can email her at: bigtrapded@gmail.com  

You can also look her up online.  

If you make a decision to session with Ashley there is much more to do to supplement your trip.

The Proponents of Holistic Food Trends of Akron and Canton Ohio

fciwomenswrestling.com article, By Sleepydre – Own work (Original text I (Threeblur0 (talk)) created this work entirely by myself.), Public Domain wikimedia

By Willi Hauselberg 

Ohio has been a leader in the trend to gain greater control of their food resources to build a healthy Ohio food system. Two cities that have embraced this concept of fresh and healthy food are Akron and Canton. Close in proximity, both cities have embraced the riches the local farmers have to offer.

What’s Available In and Around Akron?

Akron Ohio’s food includes a number of holistic and natural food eateries, that take advantage of the area’s natural offerings. Luigi’s Restaurant has been a popular eatery in Akron since 1949. Their commitment to natural ingredients and made from scratch products produce pastas, pizzas, and other Italian food has created a dedicated customer base which has kept this business a popular Akron eatery.

The Local Offerings of Canton Ohio

Angus McIntosh is the owner and chef of the Iris Restaurant located in downtown Canton. At the Iris summer menus include corn chowder made from local corn, salads made from ingredients grown in the area such as watermelon, tomatoes, and mint. The restaurant prides itself on the use of local ingredients and adjusts its menu according to the freshest available products. This is just one example of food in Canton Ohio.

An Area Favorite

Swenson’s Drive In has been a fixture in both the Akron and Canton areas. For over 75 years, Swenson’s has been offering hot fresh and made to order burgers. They use locally grown produce such as tomatoes and offer such popular local favorites as fried beef bologna, pulled pork, and sloppy joes sandwiches.

Growing and Cooking at Home

During the summer months, many home gardeners in Akron and Canton grow produce and can their harvests for the long Ohio winters. For cooking spices, many locals grow their own, buy from one of the local or organic markets or visit Penzey’s Spices in Cleveland. The drive is long but many local cooks enjoy the quality of the hand ground spices and the variety of blend choices ranging from Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian to American.

See What’s Available In Your Area

You don’t have to live in Akron or Canton to enjoy fresh produce and meats and cheeses. Do a little research and you can find the best areas near you for what you’re looking for!

The author of this article knows the fact that Akron Ohio’s food has many specialties. The author has explained a lot about food in Canton Ohio and Akron Ohio’s food> in the articles.

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Fem MMA Chest Protectors

Women and men should be treated as equals. That goes without saying.

However, due to anatomy, in the world of grappling and MMA, the female upper body does need special protection.

While mixed martial arts is primarily a male dominated sport, it does have female athletes.

Female competition in Japan includes promotions such as DEEP Jewels. Now defunct promotions that featured female fighters were Valkyrie, and Smackgirl.

Professional mixed martial arts organizations in the United States that invite women to compete are industry leader Ultimate Fighting Championship, the all female Invicta Fighting Championships, Resurrection Fighting Alliance, Bellator Fighting Championships, and Legacy Fighting Championship. Now defunct promotions that featured female fighters were Strikeforce and EliteXC.

Let’s focus on special protection needs.

The Importance Of Using The Right MMA Gear

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By Robert D David

In the past, Mixed Martial Art, otherwise known as MMA, was nothing more than an underground game. But now, its popularity cannot be denied. More than a game and an art form, this has become quite a lucrative business. People now patronize MMA by getting their gear. There are so many promotional features which propagate the use of MMA gear. They work readily for those who simply like to be “in” and those who have a genuine interest in fighting. Buying the MMA gear is advisable if you harbor an interest in learning the martial art itself. The female and male fighters are usually equipped with different sets of protection guards. Men should include groin guards in their gear.

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The female students purchase the breast protectors. When you wear these protection aids and then try the martial arts, you will feel a little relieved. Your workouts or training sessions will go on without a hitch or uncertainties on your part. There are so many shapes that sell a variety of MMA gears. Thus based on your budget and the needs, you can buy them. Look for product reviews about the MMA gears if you are particular about brand names. There’s a mistaken belief that, instead of helping, the gears hinder the movement of fighters when they are donned. But that’s not true. Your freedom of motion will not be compromised. The knowledge that you will be protected against injury will actually boost your confidence and make you move around even more. There are special aids should injuries occur.

For instance, you can choose the ankle caps or the knee pads. This will confer the needed protection. You can even buy ankle guards at reasonable prices. Did you have a chance to look over the MMA shorts? They look so much like your regular board shorts. However, this pair will have a longer slit. Thus you will feel very comfortable to wear them and perform the training. You can also buy the vest guards.

Your body will be protected once this hugs the contours of your body. In the middle of the fight, you will not have to worry about anything but doing your best in your match and scoring a win. The MMA gear you wear should suit you in all ways so that you will be able to win decisively and easily. When the opponent attacks or when you attack your opponent harshly, certain amount of initial protection is surely needed to avoid injuries. Do not let your guard down over this.

Maybe you’ve also heard about gum shields. Gum shields are meant to be used on the upper row of teeth. Soften the gum shield by heating it a bit. It serves as a protection for the teeth once it has been softened. You will not feel uncomfortable to close your mouth. Even when you get attacked on the cheek or on the mouth, there will be no injuries. This will have no connection with your breathing process. The normal hand wraps or gloves are required when you are fighting to avoid injury to the knuckles. Inner gloves and gel padded gloves are also often included in the purchases.

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Martial Arts Heroines


Co-Author: Kephrira B

During the fifth and sixth centuries, Zen Buddhist monks and nuns brought from India to China yoga and Indian fist-fighting techniques similar to modern karate. These fighting techniques came in handy in war-torn China. Indeed, learning to fight was as common as learning to cook or pour tea. Survival for men, women, and even children hinged on their ability to protect themselves. Those who excelled became notable warriors.

Thirteen-year-old Shuen Guan is a perfect example. Her ability to fight with swords, spears, and even her bare hands earned her the nickname “Little Tigress.” According to one legend, she saved her town from an attack by bandits by fighting her way through the attackers and returning with a neighboring general and his troops. Her heroic deeds were eventually honored by the emperor of China.

But not everyone could be as multi-talented as Shuen Guan. Specialization had a definite place in war-torn China. After learning a basic fighting skill, the tendency was to add moves and techniques to suit a particular ability or body type. For one woman named Ng Mui that meant redirecting her punches from the midsection of an attacker to the head, and throwing kicks to the lower legs.

Specialization enabled people to become masters of their own styles. Mui was so proficient at her style that to prove its effectiveness, she demonstrated her moves on martial arts masters themselves, who quickly came to realize that her methods would work as well for them as they did for her.

That Mui was a woman is impressive enough. But what makes her extraordinary to martial arts students who practice her style today is the fact mat she was a Buddhist nun! She came from a Shaolin monastery in southern China during the Ching Dynasty.

One of Ng Mui’s students, Yim Wing Chun, carried on this style after Mui’s death. Eventually, this system became known as Wing Chun kung fu.

Interestingly, though developed for a woman, Wing Chun kung fu became the style of choice among many men. In fact, this style of kung fu grew stronger in popularity as the centuries rolled by, and became the preferred style of the late martial artist-turned-actor Bruce Lee, who introduced and popularized this style in the West in the 1960s and 70s. For those too young to remember, visit any video store where you’ll find a wide selection of Bruce Lee movies. Though as grade B as a movie can get, they’re worthwhile watching just to observe Lee’s extraordinary athletic abilities.

Judo, too, has some distinctly female roots. While kung fu grew out of China, judo has its roots in the fighting systems of feudal Japan, which from the tenth to the eighteenth centuries found itself awash in samurais-highly skilled fighters who, often on horseback, battled with bows and arrows, swords, and spears.

In the early part of this period, samurai women shared the battlefield with men-and occasionally commanded them. These martial matriarchs were often trained in the use of weapons, especially spears and small daggers.

One of the favored weapons among samurai on horseback was the naginata, a long pole, from five to nine feet, with a sword at the end. Occasionally called “the woman’s spear,” the naginata was the weapon of choice for Itagaki, a female general in charge of three-thousand warriors in 1199. Her expertise and courage supposedly inspired her troops and shamed the enemy.

Another famous woman warrior of the same period was Tomoe. The name means “circular” or “turning,” and was probably given to her because of her mastery of the naginata, which is used by making circular movements.

Woman warriors continued to fight up until one of the last civil wars in Japan. In 1877, a battle was fought with a group of 500 women in its ranks. These women, armed with naginatas, fought against Japanese government troops. Unfortunately, their skills were no match against the guns carried by their opponents.

If you were lucky enough to be a female born into a ninja family, chances are you would be taught, along with your brother if you had one, starting at the age of five or six, to be a superior athlete. By the age of twelve or thirteen, you might move on to weapons training.

Ninja were latter-day James Bonds: super-agents who were not only superior fighters, but masters at disguise. Men often dressed as women, and vice versa.

In the mid- to late 1800s, as there became less of a need for samurai, women’s influence in the martial arts declined. Unless women came from a military family, it was considered scandalous for them to train alongside men in martial arts schools. If any training went on, it was done in private.

Scandalous or not, many women wanted to practice a martial art, and did. In 1893, Sueko Ashiya became the first women student of Jigoro Kano, who founded judo in Japan. Soon after he took on Ashiya, Kano began teaching his wife, daughter, and their female friends.

In the mid-1920s, Kano opened a women’s section of his school so his female students could train in a proper environment. Though a major breakthrough that guaranteed many women the opportunity to train, Japanese women today still train only in the women’s section, and except for special situations are not allowed to train with men.

But don’t think that old habits die hard only in the Orient. Up until about 1976, the belts worn by female judo martial artists had to have a white stripe running down the middle if the women wanted to compete in national competitions. The ruling was changed, however, thanks to a few determined women who demonstrated their disapproval of the rule by fighting in competitions wearing only white belts, refusing to wear a colored belt with a stripe in it.

Consider another rule that prevented women from achieving the same rank as men. Kano’s original school prohibited black belt women from being promoted higher than fifth dan, while men could go as high as twelfth dan. In 1972 the school received letters from women all over the world protesting this rule and asking the school to promote one of its leading female students, Keiko Fukuda, who had received her fifth-degree black belt in 1953. The letter-writing campaign worked, and Fukuda became the first woman sixth dan in the world-almost twenty years after becoming a. fifth dan.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pinterest.com photo

Karate also never traditionally distinguished between male and female. Karate originated in Okinawa as a defense against Japanese invaders who stripped the natives of their weapons. In addition to using their hands and feet, Okinawans utilized farm tools to attack their oppressors. Women and men would practice their skills alone in the forests or fields using sickles or bamboo polls. Eventually, even a harmless-looking farm woman reaping her crops became a force to contend with.

Sport karate became increasingly popular and widespread in the 1940s. While competition was originally limited primarily to men, women now compete in both sparring and kata tournaments. There are even some mixed forms competitions, and occasionally mixed sparring between men and women.

Today, notable female martial artists can be found in every style of martial art-from kick boxer Kathy Long to karate champion Cynthia Rothrock. These women, and others like them, are the modern-day equivalents of the women warriors of centuries ago. Their determination to carve a niche for themselves in this sport is a shining example to every female martial artist.

Dean Walsh writes for a street self defense blog which includes many articles on self defense for women [http://www.street-fighting-techniques.info/category/self-defense-for-women/] and is also involved in several other martial arts websites such as this Fight Video [http://www.onlinefightvideo.com] blog featuring competition footage from all of the main combat sports.

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Kaysha Brasil Powerful

Powerful friends are a needed asset if you are to have success in any industry, so when we purchased Kaysha Brasil’s match against the muscular shapely German beauty Warrior Amazon, we were very impressed.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femwrestle.com photo credit

It was a war of attrition.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femwrestle.com photo credit

Who is her powerful female submission wrestling friend?

The Glorious Maria Queen.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”… Leo Tolstoy

Against Warrior Amazon, Kaysha found herself in a very tough, close match that was in doubt right up until the end.

She also wrestled industry great VeVe Lane in a very tough match.

Kaysha is certainly getting around.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wb270 photo credit

Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her and the wonderful sessions she provides.

Session With Kaysha & Maria, Life Altering Texas Road Trip

If you desire to wrestle her in a session, it might wise to take at least a few Brazilian Jujitsu classes. Having said that, please enjoy the following article on injury prevention.

Then have fun and contact Kaysha at kayshamadeinbrazil@gmail.com

The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Injury in Brazilian Jiujitsu Training

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 By Kosta Megas 

Being that Brazilian Jiujitsu is a contact martial art, there is a possibility for injury while practicing. These are the top 5 tips for avoiding injuries both to yourself as well as your training partners.

-Make sure you have proper room and look out for objects and people.

You’ll need at least 10×8 feet worth of training space per 2 people and even more for sparring. Get any objects like chairs or any other equipment out of the way and keep an eye out for other people falling into your training space.

-Warm up properly before training, stretch well and maintain your flexibility through regular stretching.

Trust me, this will take you a long way in your training and preventing injuries like pulled muscles and strained joints and ligaments.

-Control yourself during training and more particularly during sparring.

Avoid jerky movements for no purpose. The spaz is someone you don’t want to be known as where you train and if there are others like this in your gym then avoid training with them.

The point of training is to know what you’re doing.

You’ll want to keep moving in particular situations but you’ll want to develop an awareness of what you’re doing during training and if you don’t know what you’re doing then the best thing to do is to find out, not spaz out. This is one of the leading causes of injuries so avoid it.

-Focus on the technique.

This is also a great way to control yourself. Always keep technique in mind, if you’re using too much power and just trying anything then you are defeating the purpose of why you are training; to develop technical skills and strategies and an awareness of them. This is the most important point of your training.

-Lastly, give your training partner a chance to tap and tap early if you have to.

Never crank a submission at full power. Always give your training partners a chance to tap by applying progressive force to the submission and give them a chance to tap. If you are caught in a submission, tap early if you feel your partner is cranking too fast and hard or if you’re in doubt of their control.

Well, there you have it. Put these five tips into practice and your training will be more productive and you’ll spend less time with injuries and more time on the mats.

Access a Growing Resource of FREE Jiujitsu Techniques, Strategies and Reviews.

Subscribe to the BJJ mag and receive a FREE copy of The Fundamentals of Brazilian Jiujitsu eBook!

Go to Bjj mag at [http://www.bjjmag.com]

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MMA In India

As reported at Time Magazine, “Female wrestler Sakshi Malik earned India the country’s first medal of the 2016 Rio Olympics with a third-place finish.

Malik, 23, was also the first Indian woman to win a wrestling medal and the fourth to win at any Olympic Games.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article,  PTI Photo by Atul Yadav  (PTI8_18_2016_000072a)

When it comes to women’s grappling in India, there is still much mystery as to how the community is slowly accepting it.

Femcompetitor Magazine was so impressed by Ms. Malik’s accomplishment that they featured her in an article.

Sakshi Malik, Olympic Bronze Medal Wrestler, Daughter Of India

Today’s competitive female grappling has its roots in Mixed Martial Arts.

Many of those disciplines are found in India. Let’s travel there and learn more first.


fciwomenswrestling.com article, unsplash.com pexels.com photo credit

By Kamran Loghman  

The combative arts (Kshatriya Vidya) practiced in ancient hermitages were based on a comprehensive and interrelated body of knowledge. Eventually with time, their components separated into various independent schools of martial arts and weaponry. Today, India’s martial arts are divided by geographical regions, each characterized by the use of various weapons and empty-handed techniques. This article attempts to provide a bird’s eye view of the various systems and weaponry still in practice today. Therefore a brief description of each system is provided for the simple purpose of identification and classification. A detail analysis of India’s martial art system of the past and present is beyond the scope of this article.

Mallayuddha (Mallavidya) is commonly referred to as wrestling. But a closer look will show that although the grappling techniques are a major part of Mallayuddha it goes far beyond wrestling. In fact Mallayuddha was a major part of Kshatriya Vidya. Mallayuddha is divided into four categories. Jarasandhi (Limb Breaking techniques), Bheemaseni (techniques requiring strength), Hanumanti (Tricky techniques), and Jambuvanti (Locks). Intentional body throws (Danki) are practiced to learn to fall properly without injury. Various punches and Kicks are also utilized. Pushes and strikes (Baha) against the opponents body with legs, shoulders, forearms and various other parts is practiced for conditioning. Various push-up (Dands) on fingers and knuckles are practiced. To develop lower body a variety of deep knee bends (Baithaks) are performed. It is not unusual for an expert in mallayuddha to perform one thousand repetitions of Dands and Baithaks during a practice session.

Mallayuddha was the basis of body development for the Kshatriyas. Various ingenious tools and equipments were developed for the purpose of body conditioning and strength building. For instance, Malla-Khamb, a vertical pillar is used to train and strengthen the upper and lower body. By holding this pillar with either hand or leg locks a group of 12 postures are practiced. Stones dumbbells (Nal) and heavy wooden barbells (Sumtola) as well as various heavy clubs (Karela) are utilized for bodybuilding. Therapeutic healing practices and massage therapy is usually practiced by the master.

The highest stage in Mallayuddha is one of being a Pahlevan. Gama was among the twentieth century Pahlevans who was born in Kashmir in 1878. He was called the lion of Punjab. No one ever stood a bout of more than a minute with Gama before they fully surrendered.

Vajra-Mushti is an off shoot of Mallayuddha practiced mainly in the north. It employs a horned weapon that is worn on the fingers of the right hand and is used for punching (Mushti). It has five points. In this art the standing positions (Pavitra) has great importance. Punches and kicks in addition to Mallayuddha techniques are practiced. Vajra is one of India’s most ancient and highly honored weapons. It was the weapon of Indra the god of war. It is said that this weapon was made out of the backbone of the rishi Dadhici and was presented to Indra. Perhaps the ring found on the weapon lead to the belief that it was made of the backbone. Vajramushti warriors are deadly and ferocious fighters although at the present time their numbers are very few. The author had the privileged of meeting some of the last living masters (Jethis) of Vajramushti.

Bandesh is another off shoot of Mallayuddha. These are lock holds placed either on different parts of the opponent’s body or weapon. There are six stages during the process of Bandesh, they are Pavitra (stepping), Rokh (blocking), Lapet (twisting), Fekan (throw), Chheen (snatching), and Bandesh (lock-hold).

BIinot is the art of protecting oneself without any weapon. Its focus is mainly on the limb breaking techniques (Jarasandhi) and locks (Jambuvanti) portion of mallayuddha.

Mushtiyuddha fist fighting also called Muki, is the combative techniques mainly focused on hands and fists. Although it may appear as fist fighting, it is not similar to modern boxing. Fists are utilized for offensive and defensive purposes. The practitioners harden their hand and fist by beating them against stone, and various other surfaces. Shri Narayanguru Balambhat Deodhar and Shri Lakshmanguru Balambhat Deodhar were renowned Muki masters in the city of Benares. Both of them, singly, were more than a match for a dozen Muki fighters. It is not the stuff of legends to hear a Muki master killing a tiger with bare hands. In the 1800’s Sohong Swami of Bengal had fought and killed tigers. His last bout was in front of a large audience arranged by Prince Cooch of Bihar where he killed a ferocious Bengal tiger called Raja Begum known to be a man eater. After this incident he renounced the worldly life and was initiated into the monastic order of Sanyas.

Nagas are a large group of warrior ascetics. Although they have renounced worldly life and have given up all possessions in the pursuit of asceticism, they are extremely militant, fighting with rivaling sects, the Muslims and later even the British. Nagas wore no clothing even while living in freezing Himalayan caves. They smear their body with sacred ash (Bhasma) and wore a long matted hair (Jata) symbolic of their devotion to lord Shiva. They are ferocious fighters since they had no fear of death. They use staff, spears, swords and trident as their weapons. There is also a group of Nagas that follow lord Vishnu rather than Shiva and they are called Bairagis. Although they wear clothing nowadays, some groups are also naked. Although the Nagas are peculiar and unique, their arts of fighting is not exclusive to their group and most of it can be found in other martial arts of India. Historical references to the Nagas goes back several thousand years.

Gatka is the combative art developed in the northwest area of India known as Punjab for the protection of the Sikhs religious groups. Gatka started with Har Govind Guru in late 1500’s AD. Gatka has mainly been practiced in India by the Nahang Singhs, who believe in the importance of preserving the type of dress (Bana) and weaponry as was worn by the Sikh Gurus. Gatka is a basic and practical art. It is based upon a single movement called the “Panthra”. This movement is initially practiced using no weapons to help develop accuracy of footwork. It is practiced in circular motions, simple forward and backward motions and also more complex motions such as star shapes. Gatka is based primarily on the use of three types of weapons, namely staff (Marati), flexible weapons such as rope, belt and whip and mainly the sword (Teg). Saber (Kirpan) and dagger (Khanda) are also used.

Kalaripayat is the martial art that is practiced in the southern tip of India in the state of Kerala. The word Kalari is derived from Sanskrit term Khalorika which stands for combative training ground and Payat meaning the art of combat. According to Keralolpathi, the traditional chronicle of Kerala, it was introduced to south India by sage Parashurama. In 1793 Kalaripayat was outlawed by the British and became almost extinct, however its practices and traditions were saved by few masters (Gurukals). The empty hand combat of Kalaripayat is Verumkai Prayogam. It is the art of attacking and defending Marmans (vital points). Various types of chops, blocks and locks are included. The training begins with Meippayat or body control exercises with precise applications of the legs in different steps, turns and leaps. Various weaponry is used including, Kettukari (Quarter staff), Cheruvati (Three span staff), Kattaram (Dagger), Churika (sword and shield) Urumi (flexible sword), Kuntham (The spear) and finally Otta. This is a peculiarly curved weapon, made of wood, about eighteen inches long. Gaining mastery over the Otta ultimately means the complete mastery of blows to the vital points (Marma Vibhaga). In fact the highest stage of Kalarippayat is the Marma Adi (attacks to vital point), which is a near extinct science, practiced partially by a few masters.

Varma Ati is the fighting arts of the Tamil Nadu region focusing on attacks and defense of Marmans. It includes Ati Tata (hit/defend) and Ati Murai (law of hitting). It was imparted in Tamil area by sage Agasthya. Training is performed outdoor and not in a Kalari. At one point the practitioner were called Agasthiyars or Siddha Yogis referring to the fact that they were expected to practice a highly esoteric form of yoga meditation. Initial exercises include attacks and defenses aimed at the Marmans. Various empty hand techniques include those with fist, elbow, tip of the index finger, butt of the hand, joined finger tip, thumb, and extended knuckles are utilized. Big toe and forehead are also used.

According to the yogic text known as the Shiva Samhita there are 350,000 subtle interconnecting channels of energy (Nadis) within the body. When they interconnect near the surface of the skin they are called Marmans (Sanskrit: Marman, Malayalam: Marmmam, and Tamil: Varman). The earliest textual evidence of the marman dates as early as 1200 BC in the Rig Veda. The god Indra is recorded as defeating the demon Vrtra by attacking his vital spots with his Vajra.

Marmans are extensively described in the science of ancient Indian medicine (Ayur Veda) which can be found in Sushruta Samhita (c. 500 BC) and in Charaka Samhita (c. 200 AD). According to Susruta the human body contains 107 Marman points which, when struck or massaged, produce desired healing or injurious results. Susruta knew the importance of avoiding the vital spots in surgery. He identified illnesses caused by direct and indirect injury to them. He describes each vital spots location, size, classification, and symptoms of direct and full penetration and the length of time a person may live after penetration. Therapeutic treatment of Marmans (Marman Chikitsa) with piercing needles (Bhedan Karma) was practiced by Ayurvedic practitioners, however the finger (Adankal) and hand treatment is the most common usage today. There are 107 Marmas in a human body of which 64 are mainly used during combats (Kulamarmams). Hitting these Marmas can freeze and disable certain parts of the body or make one unconscious.

Silambam is another martial art practiced in south India in the area of Tamil Nadu. The training begins with mastery of the staff and the knowledge of which is then further developed for empty handed combat. Another closely related tradition to Silambam is Kuthu Varisai of Tanjore area.

Finally, Kshatriya Vidya (Science of combat) was born of the destructive power of Shiva. However, this power (Shakti) was revealed in order to remove obstacles and rebuild and develop. It is not meant to destroy people and property. The true understanding of the Kshatriya Marga (warrior path) is to destroy and eliminate one’s weakness, lower self and finally the demon of ignorance, in order to rebuild and develop a person who is physically powerful, emotionally and intellectually liberated and spiritually enlightened and perfected. Warrior training is therefore for crafting a powerful body and mind with all its associated emotions and thoughts.

True way (Marga) therefore, is not about seeing one’s self as an enemy. But seeing one’s self as a potentially expanded divine being who with proper method and application can reach its full potential in all areas of one’s life. This all-inclusive developmental approach affects every area of one’s life including the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the spiritual and even the financial. The truly developed warrior will achieve Bukti (worldly success), Mukti (spiritual perfection) and Shakti (power).

In summary, the numerous Indian martial arts practiced today and cataloged in this article are derived from the Kshatriya Vidya that was practiced in ancient India. They are rich in techniques and diverse in their approach. However the methodology of warrior training as well as the practices that leads one to enlightenment is as unified and alive today as it was in the India’s ancient past. The study of Indian martial arts enriches one’s own practices and attitudes regardless of the martial art that one may be practicing today. From an academic view, the study of Indian martial arts may perhaps shed light on historical past and exchanges that occurred between various martial cultures of the Far East and India. However the true study of Kshatriya Vidya is the study of the essence of becoming a warrior and the process of spiritual perfection.

The author Kamran Loghman is a scholar of Eastern philosophy and martial arts expert and historian. He is a senior executive with significant experience managing business operations worldwide. Kamran is an inspirational speaker, a nationally recognized expert in federal court proceedings and a top alcohol disorder researcher. Kamran is now revolutionizing Business Consulting and Personal Development practices.

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Jane vs Miss M, Very Unique

The Czech Republic is unique, historic, romantic and beautiful.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia  czechtourism.com photo

We get that.

It has so much to offer and we are so thankful that one of her great exports are the female wrestling matches found at Fight Pulse.

Why? In part because they are so unique. They offer match styles that cannot be found in any other part of the world.

“A human being is so irreplaceable. So valuable and so unique.”… Goran Persson

The following is one of those matches.

HH-02: Jane vs Miss M

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Release date: January 20, 2016

By popular demand here comes our second entry in Head-to-Head series! HH-02 features Jane (stats) and Miss M (stats). The format of the contest is the same as our first H2H video, HH-01: Lucrecia vs Katniss.

H2H contest consists of the following 11 challenges:
#1 Fingerlock wrestling – opponents lock their hands in a test of strength and try to get each other to either submit or get down on at least one knee
#2 Arm-wrestling – laying down on the mats; once with each arm (possibility of a tie)
#3 Lifting – the contestant who lifts their opponent and keeps them from touching the mats for the longest period of time wins this challenge; each chooses their lift type
#4 Push-ups – the contestants do push-ups on referee’s count, and the one who stops sooner loses the challenge
#5 Leg wrestling – once with each leg (possibility of a tie)
#6 Schoolgirl pin challenge – this challenge follows the basic outline of our schoolgirl pin challenge videos (FW-12, FW-16 & FW-23); in order to get a point the contestant has to pin their opponent’s shoulders down to the count of ten within a one-minute period; each can choose their favorite type of sgpin
#7 Body scissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s body scissors for the longest wins the point
#8 Front head scissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s front head scissors for the longest wins the point
#9 Reverse head scissors – similar rules to above
#10 Figure-four head scissors – similar rules to above
#11 Reverse figure-four head scissors – similar rules to above

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

“Logically, the winner of most of these challenges is declared to be the winner. The maximum possible score is 11-0. The minimum possible difference is 0, since the challenge can easily end up being a tie. This could happen if 1, 3 (quite possible) or more (improbable, but not impossible) of the above challenges end up being a tie. The three challenges that can easily end up with a tie, as noted above, are arm-wrestling, leg-wrestling and sgpin challenges, when each contestant wins one of the rounds. As to other challenges, they could theoretically end up with a tie as well, if the times are so close that we find it extremely difficult to determine the winner on the stopwatch or the computer screen.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

You can purchase the match here:


As far as the Czech Republic goes, there is so much more to see and do there. We just scratched the surface.

We have a visiting speaker who will help scratch our itch a little further.

10 Reasons to Visit the Czech Republic

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pragueexperience.com photo

 By M James  

If you’ve been tempted to visit the Czech Republic, then you might already have been. If you haven’t been yet, this is what you’re missing out on.

  1. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With over a millennium of history it’s not surprising there are many museums, and galleries to see.
  2. Thanks to it’s history, this country is home to 12 UNESCO sites, which goes to show how important the unique heritage of this country really is.
  3. There are lots of castles and churches to visit too, and no matter where you are in the country, you’ll be able to find incredible architecture and impressive buildings.
  4. Natural parks are important here too, and if you like wildlife, and enjoy walking or just watching, then there are lots to choose from all over the country. This could be the perfect place for you.
  5. As well as the history and the culture, there are over 70 golf courses, so you’ll want to bring your golf clubs with you.
  6. Thanks to the outstanding scenery, cycling holidays in the Czech Republic are increasingly popular. No matter whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride and want to take in the views, or will be leading your cycling club on a more demanding ride, if you’re a cyclist, you’ll definitely want to ride whilst you’re here.
  7. As well as the golf and cycling facilities, there are several ski resorts in the country. If you’re fed up with expensive and overcrowded winter holidays, why not come skiing here for a change?
  8. If you want to get away from it all, or perhaps recover after a round of golf or a day in the saddle, why not visit one of the many spas in the country? You’ll find it the perfect way to relax, especially if you think that a holiday is time to do less, not more.
  9. Czech beer is legendary, and if you’ve never experienced it in it’s home country, then you really are missing out. You’ll also find great food and wines here, as well as a warm welcome.
  10. Because there are lots of things going on at all times of year, you’ll find plenty to see and do no matter what time of year you decide to fly to the Czech Republic.

Now you know more about what there is to see and do here, perhaps now is the time to book your flights to the Czech Republic, and experience this amazing country for yourself.

If you’re looking to fly to the Czech Republic from the North West, why not fly from Liverpool John Lennon Airport, and take advantage of the many Flights to the Czech Republic which depart from Liverpool? After you’ve booked your flights to the Czech Republic, you’ll want to arrange your Airport Car Parking, car hire, and hotel in advance too. You’ll be able to save time as well as money. Find out more at LiverpoolAirport.com today.

~ ~ ~


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/M_James/236465
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/4103628






Xena vs Mia Big Challenge

Whenever a group of fans get together, they love doing popular things.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com photo creditfciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com photo credit

What could be more popular than getting together for pizza and socializing?

Getting together for pizza and socializing in the scenic Czech Republic with all of its colorful roofs, historic architecture and romantic private spots is absolutely the best.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com photo creditfciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com photo credit

We have a very popular female vs female school girl pin match in our lunch, dinner and FvF movie series.

Before we watch Xena take on Mia, let’s go get some pizza.

We found a very popular spot. Ready?

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pizzeriemorava-cz photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, pizzeriemorava-cz photo credit

At pizzeriemorava.cz they welcome us arms wide open. “Pizzeria Moravia is a small and cozy pizzeria in Brno. Pizza dough is made according to the classic Italian recipe from the southern region of Italy. The chef has experience of pizza for more than 15 years and worked for several years in Italy as Pizzaro. And now manages a large restaurant for more than 250 people and a network that counts 3 pizzeria. Brno is a new city for us but it is a center of Moravia and therefore Pizzeria Moravia. The aim of the Morava Pizza is the best pizza oven in Brno, Moravia. Over the web you can order a pizza.

Just go to the section PIZZA pizzeriemorava.cz/#pizza add to cart pizza that you like more to choose BRNO – CITY specify the exact address. Pizza in Brno is free. If you are not from Brno we have a small surcharge according to the distance from Brno. Want more pizzas? It stood offer 2 + 1 mragherita free pizza for delivery. If you’re somewhere next so you can order a pizza with 15% discount for taking it with you. Fresh hot pizza will wait for you at the time you specified. If there be that you have a little more time during the collection of pizza with them calmly put the coffee, it will be on the spot for you. 15% discount for taking with you is commonplace – pays for items rubric pizza and burgers.

We’re getting very hungry.

So are some fans who went, tried it and loved it.

At the always reliable Trip Advisor here are two lovers of all things Pizzeria Moravia.

“Best pizzeria in Brno! Classic Italian dough the well done assortment of toppings! Anyone planning a trip to this city, I recommend a visit, will be satisfied.”

“The place is really cozy. They serve really good bear. But the reason to come here is their pizza!! I haven’t ever had a better one!”

We are convinced. That certainly filled up us.

Now we need some great female vs female wrestling to top it all off and as usual the stellar video producers in the Czech Republic, Fight Pulse have a tasty menu.

FW-50: Xena vs Mia – schoolgirl pin challenge

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Release date: October 14, 2016

By popular demand the schoolgirl pin challenge is back! FW-50 is the fourth installment of this style succeeding FW-12 Xena vs Akela, FW-16 Katniss vs Revana and FW-23 Katniss vs Zoe.

FW-50, pitting Xena against Mia in a battle of pins, is our first interdivisional schoolgirl pin challenge, since Xena as a middleweight and sports a 44 lb. (20 kg) weight advantage over Mia, who is a below-average-sized lightweight. Xena expresses in the introductory interview that her weight advantage will help her achieve victory. However, it turns out, things are more even than we expected. Mia’s incredible athleticism, flexibility and natural strength are on display in this video, as they almost cancel out Xena’s weight advantage. It is a marvel to watch Mia’s hard and eventually effective attempts, as she bridges and bends like a snake explosively, at dislodging a much larger opponent straddling her chest and neck time and time again. If you weren’t convinced of Mia’s talents after NC-41, you will be after watching FW-50.

Based on early poll results, our fans dismiss Mia’s chances in the upcoming lightweight tournament. FW-50 is a testament to her abilities and, while she is still a dark horse since we haven’t seen her compete in a competitive wrestling match against a fellow lightweight, we believe she has all the tools to be successful, and can’t be excited enough to see how she performs.

The outline of the challenge is the same as in the previous schoolgirl pin challenges. However, the person to start on top first is determined by a coin flip rather than arm wrestling this time. After the first pinner is determined the pin attempts start. Wrestlers take turn trying to pin each other’s shoulders down for 10 seconds within a 1-minute timespan designated for each pin type. The pins include, in the sequence they appear in the challenge:
– belly-sit with wrists pinned
– grapevine pin
– chest straddle pin with shins on arms
– chest straddle pin with arms trapped between thighs and calves
– neck straddle pin
– reverse schoolgirl pin
– tight schoolgirl pin with arms trapped and pinned above head
– cross-body pin
– the wrestler picks the last pin

As usual, there are 9 rounds, and a total of 18 pin attempts.

~ ~ ~











Chrissy vs Revana Ouch!

Excitement spreads like a warm Hawaii wave when a beautiful new face emerges as a potential star.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pexels.com unsplash.com photo credit

In any industry.

The sensuous and immensely talented young emerging actress Alexa Yeames burst upon the scene in the fun Indie flick entitled Available.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Listal.com photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Listal.com photo credit

The premise is a college student inherits a billboard sign business and inadvertently advertises her dating status while trying to sell ad space.

Our gorgeous girl was nominated for “Best Actress” in a feature film at the 2013 Austin Indy Flix Showcase.

Alexa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. It’s reported that she moved several times in her youth, being a “military brat,” with the main constant being her love of the arts and passion for acting on stage and in film.

In the global competitive female grappling industry another new sensuous young star has emerged.

Her name is Chrissy Fox and she is a total………..fox.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

One look at her and we decided to purchase her match at our consistent industry video leader Fight Pulse.

Dear readers it is simply amazing. Why? Chrissy brings an incredible amount of energy to the fight. It’s a must see. The producers explain why.

FW-51: Revana vs Chrissy Fox

Release date: October 29, 2016

“In her debut at Fight Pulse Chrissy Fox (stats) is facing Revana (stats) in a competitive female wrestling match.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

While Chrissy Fox has no sports background, she is a strong and athletic young woman. She is also a fast-learner – after only an hour of training and one non-competitive match she proceeds to use some of the holds she’s learned quite effectively. But Revana, while ranked lower, has almost two years of experience wrestling for Fight Pulse on her side.

After FW-51 there is no question that Chrissy Fox is a very good pinner and, generally, a natural. She acts on her instincts more than on her very short training, and scores two reverse face sit / tight reverse schoolgirl pins, which is not a usual hold even for the experienced wrestlers at Fight Pulse. She also manages to score a submission via a foot choke (ankle choke with arm control), the photo of which is the header of this release – something that has never been done in a competitive F/F match, and only achieved in a competitive mixed match at Fight Pulse by VeVe Lane (3 times). Both wrestlers comment on this submission in the post-match interview.

Another unusual submission was scored by Revana, with a thigh-scissors, also a first at Fight Pulse. Chrissy Fox comments on this after the match as well.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

There is a lot of action in FW-51, with 19 points achieved in total by both wrestlers. While it starts more or less even, one of the opponents soon gets to dominate the entire match, scoring a decisive victory.

Note: This release includes a higher quality and bigger resolution (1800×1200) photoset. Fight Pulse has hired a new professional photographer and all photos from now on will be of higher quality (except for two upcoming releases shot earlier – Jenni Czech vs Vargas (escape challenge) and Calypso vs Frank (escape challenge)). We are dedicated to bringing you the best products in the industry and are always looking for ways to improve. Since there are quite a few customers who are interested only in photosets, and we were not completely happy about their quality, we decided to do something about it. Your feedback about the new photos is appreciated!

Match outline: introductory interviews, the match itself (17 minutes), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.”

So when you meet a wonderful new young girl, where do you take her for a first date in Prague?

fciwomenswrestling.com article, untours.com photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, untours.com photo credit

Well it depends. If you want to keep it simple, how about some burgers?

I mean, if it is a burger, it had better be a good one.

No make that a great one.

Okay we are looking for suggestions and no better place to turn than tasteofprague.com. They smile, “We love the Dish Fine Burger Bistro, and we visit on the spur of the moment whenever we want to treat ourselves to a great, tasty, juicy burger. You know, the kind of burger that will make you want to cancel your dinner reservations for the month ahead and just come back again and again for seconds and thirds. We never have a reservation so our visits follow the same pattern.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Praguestay.com photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Praguestay.com photo credit

We come in, the staff looks at us with that didn’t-we-tell-you-like-the-past-twenty-times-you-should-make-a-reservation-before-you-come kind of face, and then we go for a walk around the block because the next table will hopefully be ready in 20 minutes but maybe later, too. Who knows? Contemporary dining room full of bleached wood & minimalist lines & serving an upscale burger menu.”

Always there as a friend when you need them for support, tripadvisor.com shares two reviews.

“Probably best burger meat I have ever had so even though it is a bit pricey for just a burger in the bistro concept where you sit close to other tables and the decoration of the restaurant is simple, choice of two beers on tap – one Czech and other imported”

“And one of the best I’ve ever tried in around the world! Only I wish they do burgers bigger. After you finish you want more! 🙂 Service very friendly and special respect to the Chef, he does amazing job! Also they serve very nice beer from little Czech brewery! Very nice!”

Well said. We are convinced.

There is so much to love about Prague.

There is so much to love about the new girl on the scene Chrissy Fox.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

~ ~ ~









Fight Pulse Event Update

Rare is the occurrence of an exceptional fully competitive female vs female grappling tournament.

One such tournament currently exists in the scenic Czech Republic and we are following it closely.

The great Fight Pulse 2016 Light Weight Event has progressed and as of November 16, 2016, here is the latest update.

FW-55: Akela vs Mia (semi-final #2)

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Release date: November 15, 2016

The second semi-final of the 2016 Fight Pulse lightweight championship pits the fan favorite, Akela (stats), against our promising newcomer, Mia (stats).

Warning: spoilers follow concerning previous matches of the tournament.

If you would like to learn more about this championship, please read our announcement post and first release, which includes detailed information about the outline of the tournament and more. Below are all the existing releases and information related to this tournament:
announcement post and details of the tournament
FW-52: Katniss vs Giselle (quarter final #1)
FW-53: Pink Rose vs Mia (quarter final #2)
FW-54: Jane vs Giselle (semi-final #1)

Mia was certainly the dark horse of this tournament, having had no competitive wrestling matches prior to its start, but only up to her convincing victory over the very determined Pink Rose in the second quarter-final match, FW-53. She has now earned other competitors’ respect, and rightly so. Mia is a very strong and athletic young woman with a lot of experience in various sports, and is determined to succeed.

But her current opponent is very different from her first rival. Akela has extensive wrestling experience, fighting on Fight Pulse mats for almost 2 years now. She is one of our top lightweights, whose only loss came in a very close match against Zoe in the title fight of last year’s championship. Moreover, Akela has the size advantage with almost 20 lbs. (9 kg) over Mia.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

However, Akela is not feeling well today, as she has made it known in the introductory interview of the tournament. Will it affect the outcome of the match? Will Mia be able to surprise everybody again?

Akela’s fans will be delighted to find her using her amazing pinning talent to score in this match, as well as using her big powerful thighs to achieve almost an instant submission.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Here’s the tournament bracket before this match: semi-final tournament bracket. The winner of FW-55 will fight for the title, and the loser will fight for third place against Giselle.

It’s time to find out our second finalist, Jane’s opponent in the title match!”


Sounds very exciting.

At our cooperative site, http://femcompetitor.com/ like many sporting publications, they can’t resist making predictions, thus before the tournament began in earnest, here is Fem Competitor Magazine’s prediction on how things would unfold.

“Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.”… George S. Patton


Can anyone defeat the triplets?

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team often affectionately referred to three players on his Super Bowl teams, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin as the “Triplets”.

Michael Irvin

fciwomenswrestling.com article, photo by-lobberich-flickr-profile-website-publisher-flickrfciwomenswrestling.com article, photo by-lobberich-flickr-profile-website-publisher-flickr

At Fight Pulse, the upper echelon of these fighting Light Weight over achievers is Zoe, Akela and Jane.

As we have purchased and reviewed many of their matches Zoe is obviously the front runner but the only loose stone in her castle wall is that she has only wrestled four times and while her undefeated record is impressive, it’s not bullet proof.

The most intriguing matchup if they meet will be Akela vs Jane. The winner of this match has a great chance to upset Zoe.

Here was their previous match description.

Akela and Jane are both top contenders for the lightweight title, both having only one loss on their record, to the current champion. Akela and Jane have fought before, in FW-27, and that match is to this day is one of the most aggressive, fast-paced encounters we have ever filmed. Because they both have dominant personalities in life, are extremely competitive, always on the offensive, and almost equally skilled, their rivalry is developing into a captivating story. We have received numerous requests to hold a rematch between the two, and it will happen in the second half of 2016, possibly in the upcoming lightweight championship.”

At Fem Competitor, our analysis shows that only one of these three fighters will break through and win the championship.


The other girls do not have their weight advantage, skill level nor confidence.

Diana and Akela is the key match because if Diana can upset Akela, this should be Zoe’s to win.

If Akela takes care of business, as she should, then she should pull off the upset and defeat Zoe.

The reasoning behind that is because as of this writing, Akela has 9 matches under her belt. Zoe still comes in at only four.

We purchased their match in the first Fight Pulse Light Weight championships and if you watched that match, given that Zoe is 4-0, obviously she won but its how she won that lends us to believe that the experience that Akela has gained puts her in the driver’s seat.

That match literally came down to the end where Akela could have submitted her but time ran out. It’s a great match, you should purchase it. It will make your viewing of the second tournament with more knowing and fresh eyes.


Femcompetitor Magazine’s pre-match prediction:

Zoe will meet Akela in the championship round and Akela will defeat her.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Thank you Femcompetitor.

As we know, after the article was written and the predictions were in, unfortunately Zoe was unable to participate in the tournament. Thus their prediction of Akela being the eventual champion still seems to be the inevitable conclusion but as they say, that’s why they play the games because life is full of surprises.

You can purchase these exciting matches and follow this intense competition to its conclusion.


We’ll keep you updated.

~ ~ ~

Source http://femcompetitor.com/


FvF Wrestling = Wellness

It’s a common feeling among many who pay tickets to watch women’s wrestling events live.

It is so relaxing and refreshing. For those of us who have gone to events, it’s a powerful lifetime experience. The people you meet are truly fascinating.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femwrestle.com photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, femwrestle.com photo credit

At one event we attended we met Engineers, an Attorney, and a Hollywood Producer and then there are the female grapplers.

Most are more beautiful in person than their photos and their personalities are stupendous. Yes truly.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, femwrestle.com photo credit

Have you ever been to a live women’s grappling event? You should go.

We can honestly say it’s like enjoying a wellness day and heaven knows, we all need those.

If you’re finding it hard to escape your daily grind and routine FCI has a suggestion for you.

Why not create a wellness day on your own at home? Sounds like a good idea, true?

We have a visiting writer who is willing to share, if you dare. Otherwise, see you at the next women’s wrestling event.

7 Tips to Creating Your Own At Home Wellness Day

By Margot Rutigliano 

Everyone needs a break! It’s important to take time out for you and focus on a little rejuvenation and relaxation. You may not always be able to get to the spa or a fitness retreat so I’ve created eight great steps to creating your own at home wellness day. Taking care of your body and de-stressing are just as important as fitness and nutrition.

  1. Make a game plan. Set out your schedule and follow it. Try starting with fitness in the morning and ending with the pampering aspects. A sample wellness day could look something like this: 8am Invigorating Cardio, 9am Strength Training, 12noon Healthy Lunch, 1pm Yoga, 2pm Do It Yourself Hand and Foot Massage or Soak, 3pm Do It Yourself Body Scrub or Tub Soak, 4pm Rinse or Shower and Moisturize, 4:30pm Healthy Snack, 5pm Rest and Relax, plan for your next At Home Wellness Day.
  2. Fitness. Invigorate your body, get your heart pumping and strengthen and tone muscles with fitness. Pick a fitness class you’ve never tried before or choose one that you know you love but haven’t participated in for a while. Mixing it up can help keep it fresh and new for your mind and your body. Plus, make sure to make your At Home Wellness Day special and different.
  3. Incorporate Healthy Meals. Let’s go all the way for this health and wellness day. Make sure to eat healthy too! Skip the fast food and check out your local organic grocer. If you’re not into cooking, you can also plan out your meals or make sure you have healthy take out in mind. Lay off of the refined carbs and stick to lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. Salads loaded with vegetables, nuts and seeds are a great way to incorporate many healthy goodies in one meal.
  4. Mind Body. Relax, refresh and renew your mind and body! Add in some mind body time. Try a yoga class, Pilates mat or even meditation to rejuvenate your mind and completely relax your body. Let the stress leave your body as you breathe, let go and unwind.
  5. Body Time. Time to treat your body right! Give yourself a hand and foot massage or soak, book a massage with an at home massage therapist or body treatment or utilize a Jacuzzi and/or steam room. Pamper your body and release toxins to add to your wellness day.
  6. Relax. Take a few minutes for you that are specifically for you and are free from noise. Turn your cell phone off and enjoy at least 15 minutes of complete silence without phones, computers or TV. Relaxing without distractions can be beneficial for your mind. You’ll be able to think clearly and focus on yourself.
  7. Schedule. Plan your next at home wellness day. To keep up with the benefits from your relaxing day, you’ll need to make sure you continue your regimen. Schedule a health and wellness day at least once a month. Adding it into your planner just as you would a business meeting can help you stick to your plan.

Margot Rutigliano a freelance writer as well as the owner of Vita Vie Retreat. She has been a fitness trainer, wellness coach and healthy living adviser since 1999. Vita Vie Retreat is a fitness retreat offering healthy lifestyle transformation programs for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. For more information or to contact Ms. Rutigliano, please visit http://www.bvretreat.com.

~ ~ ~



Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Margot_Rutigliano/1080973
Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6449700



Akela vs Revana, Painful

Let’s face it. As fun and enjoyable as it is for our gorgeous female wrestlers to compete in fully competitive action, it can also be painful and injurious.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

After a tough match…….she might need a Zen moment.

What better way to have a Zen moment than in a serene Tea House in Prague.

In our dinner and a movie series in the Czech Republic, we have another pearl. Let’s take a look.

FW-13: Akela vs Revana

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

FW-13 is a competitive female wrestling match between Akela and Revana. This is real wrestling, albeit one-sided, since Revana turned out to be too fragile and weak for Akela. Akela tosses her around like a toy, squeezes her to submission between her strong thighs, pins her down to the count of ten with little effort, absolutely (wo)manhandling Revana right up to the moment when she is standing triumphantly over the weaker wrestler’s prostrate body with her foot planted on her chest.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Akela scores a total of 16 pins & submissions in this video, including head scissors, tight schoolgirl pins, grapevine pin, body scissor submissions, camel clutch and more. A must see for fans of Akela.


Okay, if we we’re Revena, after this feminine spanking, we would need a Zen moment. Where should we go? A Tea House. Why don’t we understand the culture first?

fciwomenswrestling.com article, o_nas-cajovna-u-zlateho-kohouta photofciwomenswrestling.com article, o_nas-cajovna-u-zlateho-kohouta photo

At duvine.com they warmly share, “Tea culture entered Czechoslovakia with rumors and whispers, in the bags of Czech travelers and functionaries. Previous to 1989, good tea was available to the Czechs only by friends returning from foreign countries; otherwise they drank Soviet tea grown in Georgia. (And while the Georgians might be proud of it, the tea doesn’t have a great reputation).  A network of tea-drinkers formed in Prague to imbibe the rare oolongs or Yunnan’s, but when the communist regime fell and markets opened, the tea-culture quickly grew. Some of the teahouses approach 15 years of age or more; they carry with them a noble patina of time distinct from the electric newness of the coffee-scene.

To enter many teahouses is to observe the memory of the first post-communist years, where the fetished product, no matter how good, was secondary to the simple fact that one could actually express oneself and one’s tastes.”

That was a nice comprehensive explanation. Now we will focus on one Tea House in particular.

At Amana Tea House in Prague they smile, “The main subject of our business is the import and sale of tea, complete with tea accessories. We seek the widest range of quality teas from around the world with an emphasis on producing orthodox tea classes. We hope that you will be satisfied with the offering. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at info@caj.cz

It seems like a wonderful place to mentally, emotionally and physically relax after a tough match.

The experiences with tea houses in Prague abound.

Here is one found at tripadvisor.com. “Actually, I am not sure if you are familiar with what a tea-room means in Czech. It is nothing comparable to e.g. English tea-rooms (houses). We have very special tea-rooms that can hardly be seen anywhere in the world. They are decorated with “ethno” stuff, you usually sit on the floor, there are scented sticks burning, oriental music is playing, it is usually very dark there and it is a very calm place indeed. It has nothing to do with Czech customs or tradition. These tea-rooms appeared after the 1990 but they have already become a tradition.

Dobrá čajovna was the first here run by “spolek milců čaje” (club of tea-lovers). The one on the Wenceslas sq. is however a very expensive one as it is in a very touristy area. It was the first but there are better now. I would suggest something where more locals go to catch the real atmosphere of a Czech tea-room.”

Dinner and a Fem vs Fem wrestling movie.

Tea is pretty good too.

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FvsF Strength Training

At Fciwomenswrestling, we love all things Fight Pulse Fem vs Fem wrestling in the Czech Republic.

Obviously right?

One of our favorite pretty girls is Laila. She is ready to take on all comers and continues to improve. Here is what the leadership at Fight Pulse has to say about her.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

“Laila is colorful, feisty, competitive and strong from years of fitness training. She is also a natural when it comes to classic submission-style wrestling with pins & scissors. We predict that Laila will be one of the most popular girls at Fight Pulse due to a combination of her personality and competitive spirit.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Fitness training and competitiveness translates into have a great strength training program.  Laila should know. She looks fantastic.

Look how competitive she is.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit


If you are a woman contemplating coming into our grappling world, we have a visiting female writer who would like to enhance your fitness world with some fantastic ideas on strength training. Please enjoy.


Why Join the Ranks of Strength Training Women?

If you want to lose weight and become fit, you might to join the ranks of strength-training women. Strength training refers to workout programs specifically designed to increase the strength in certain body areas.

As people get older, it becomes increasingly harder for them to lose weight. Worse, the weight tends to sink in. In men, the excess poundage accumulates around the belly. In women, it all goes to the breasts, hips, and thighs. There’s also the problem of saggy underarms — the bane of every woman’s existence.

The good news is that these problems can be fixed or prevented by strength training. With a good dietary plan and an excellent program for strength training, you can do something about the problem areas that keep you from being beach-ready and optimize your health and their longevity.

Now, it’s impossible to discuss strength training and not tackle equipment. The barbell press strengthens the muscles that hold up the breast, preventing the breasts from sagging as the years accumulate. Dumbbell french curls, on the other hand, tighten the tricep muscles and those flabby underarms. Leg curls and leg presses tone up the thighs and calves. The stomach can be flattened by sit-ups or crunches…although a bit of dieting is needed for that as well.

So if you’re a woman and you’re reading this, do not be afraid to train with weights! There is no way you will bulk up to super-size unless you take in vast amounts of supplements and train three hours a day, every day of the week. Go ahead and pick up a weight bench, barbells, dumbbells and so on. I think it’s best to start with one of these, rather than those “home gyms” that you see advertised on TV. Or, you can always go to garage sales and score inexpensive equipment that way. Either way, once you get the necessary hardware, you’re a step closer to becoming leaner.

Want to become one of the many strength training women [http://bodydesignsbydecampsblog.com/why-you-should-be-one-of-many-strength-training-women-today] in the world today? Kirsten S. Durston can help! Kirsten is a personal trainer and an expert on strength training for women. She writes informative articles on workouts, nutrition, and the like for popular website BodyDesignsByDecamps.Com [http://bodydesignsbydecamps.com/]. Commit to get fit! Learn how when you check out the site today!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Kirsten_S._Durston/302998

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/2142833

Jane-Giselle Take Down

Trusted friends are the ointment applied that help us traverse the painful resting places of life’s journey with less discomfort.

We need them.

We love them.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo fciwomenswrestling.com article, wikimedia photo

In our lunch or dinner and a female vs female wrestling movie series, today we will view the video of two very good female friends.

You’re going to love it. First though we need to eat.

What better a place to eat in the Czech Republic than Radost FX Restaurant where reviewers say among other things that they are very friendly? Even pet friendly.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, pinterest.com photo fciwomenswrestling.com article, pinterest.com photo

These friends have a varied venue with an Asian-themed lounge bar, stylish global dining room & a club for dance music.

They welcome us at radostfx.cz because they are just so darn friendly. They even introduce us to a very special room. “The gallery is the OLD – NEW bar of Radost. This part of the restaurant was named so because it once served as an actual gallery for local artists to display their work.

The space was actually built for this purpose and was designed so that the functionality suited the artists best. The capacity for seating almost 40 in this space. This space can be rented for private parties. This part of restaurant includes also DJ or other performing.”

Sounds like fun. Good food. Very warm and friendly atmosphere. Two reviewers among many love the whole dining experience there.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, prague.eu photofciwomenswrestling.com article, prague.eu photo

At yelp.com they gently place their eating utensils down and share.

Here is the first. “Love this restaurant! The atmosphere is very cozy and relaxed yet at the same time classy. Even though they only serve vegetarian meals, the menu is very varied and even meat lovers can usually find adequate tasty substitutes.

The drinks menu is also interesting and as such Radost is a great place for lunches, afternoon coffee with friends, dinners or chilled time when you just feel like reading a book or newspapers. The service is very good and friendly. You just feel like being home among old friends even if you come here for the first time. I can highly recommend this restaurant.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, tripadvisor.com photofciwomenswrestling.com article, tripadvisor.com photo

Now for the second review.

“I went to Radost RX while in Prague for a trip with two friends. This place is all vegetarian and is amazing. I usually eat vegetarian options so it was a perfect fit for me but even my friends who prefer non-vegetarian restaurants loved it also. We ordered the Thai Stir Fry and the Nachos. Both were amazing. The stir fry was the perfect amount of sauce and the vegetables were fresh and well cooked. The nachos were fantastic! We ordered the half order and it was enough for the three of us. The gauc and beans on the nachos were particularly great. I ordered the lemonade which was quite sour but my friend ordered the cucumber lemonade which was very refreshing. This restaurant also has a great vibe to it — very trendy / hip.”

fciwomenswrestling.com article, tripadvisor.com photofciwomenswrestling.com article, tripadvisor.com photo

Fantastic, but after all, what are friends for?

We don’t know about you but we are food full, taste bud satisfied and are now ready for another Fight Pulse classic.

A friendly fight among two beautiful friends. Please enjoy.

FW-38: Jane vs Giselle

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

Giselle has only had victories since she joined Fight Pulse. With two wins in competitive F/F matches she already sits comfortably at #4 spot in the lightweight rankings. Today, in order to move higher, she is facing her toughest opponent to date, our #3 ranked lightweight wrestler, Jane .

Jane and Giselle are friends and colleagues out of Fight Pulse. They have never wrestled or play fought before, and they both meet at Fight Pulse for the first time today, which means that they have never seen each other wrestle. Both of the wrestlers are extremely competitive and very aggressive. They are about to discover that about each other.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit fciwomenswrestling.com article, Fight Pulse photo credit

You would think that the fact that they are real life friends would make them take it easier on each other? Not at all. The match is very intense and fast-paced. Until the injury that is. Unfortunately, one of the wrestlers gets injured in the last round from an aggressive take down, and we make a pause in the match, and continue the final round after treatment.

FW-38 features two young, strong and competitive women, who are friends, wrestling each other to the best of their ability. One of the wrestlers dominates most of the match and wins decisively.

Match outline: introductory interviews, stare down, the match itself (19 minutes of action), victory pose (foot on chest), final interviews.

~ ~ ~

Sources: brainyquote.com, Wikipedia, fciwomenswrestling2.com, FCI Elite Competitor, photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.