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Isamar vs FeFe

Sometimes in life you really need the tried and true. article, femcompetitor, photo Competitive female submission wrestling is no different. Yes, sometimes surprises are nice but a little predictability is nice too. When the gorgeous FeFe with the shapely strong legs from bicycling around the San Francisco East Bay was to go up …

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Kara vs Katie (Canada)

Watching Kara wrestle Katie of Canada, two brunette beauties, reminded us of how the simple things in life are best, on the mats and virtually everywhere else. article, femcompetitor, photo Here is the match description. “Mistress Kara during this Dojo Event is kicking beautiful behinds and taking names. Katie, a shapely gorgeous mom …

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Olivia – Samantha Collide

When two cultures collide it makes for interesting movie viewing and an over long television mini-series. It also makes for great female wrestling viewing. article, femcompetitor, photo That’s what happened when Samantha Grace of Southern California met Olivia D’Angelo from the Northern California metropolis of San Jose. No two styles, mind sets and …