Olivia Soars In San Jose

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Watching the beautiful curvy mom Olivia D’Angelo compete in San Jose is a great treat.

She always brings intensity as she does here below against the blonde youthful Kait Snow.

Here is the match description at http://grapplingstars.com/fvsf-wrestling-videos/

“Sometimes we show others outside of our circle previews of our matches and when someone saw this they honestly expressed, “Wow, they are really going at it.” Very true. That’s Olivia vs Kait for you. They blossomed into strong rivals, so bad that at another event, the producer decided not to match them up, even though Olivia requested it. . Here they are matched up and things get so intense at one point we have to briefly stop the match due to injury. It’s not like they don’t like each other, there is just a pecking order to be established. They are both young, incredibly sexy, shapely gorgeous with lots of butter. If you love two young curvy girls in bathing suits battling it out, this is perfect.”

Olivia is always flying high and intense.

The corridor from San to San Jose is filled with historical and vibrant master pieces.

San Francisco Airport actually located south of San Francisco is such a gem.

Let’s explore the area a little more.

By Malini S Sharma

Affordable Accommodations Near San Francisco Airport

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San Francisco is no doubt one of the United States most attractive and popular cities, given its rich mix of varied cultures and people. With its proximity to Los Angeles and other major cities on the American west coast, San Francisco is also home to a large number of global businesses.

Traveling in San Francisco may seem intimidating to many given the steep climbs of its streets, but the trade-off is that you get to experience the beauty of a vast number of world-famous tourist spots and multi-cultural attractions combined with amazing weather and amazing natural beauty.

Places like Union Square are bordered by high fashion stores, all the major retailers, as well as up-market hotels, affordable lodging and the occasional cheap deal. One of the biggest attractions in this area is one of the city’s biggest shopping areas, offering delights from various cultures from across the globe. For the business traveler or for family vacations, this place has something for everyone.

While staying in such airport hotels, you not only get the advantage of proximity to the airport and affordability, but you also get to be a short distance from the very best shops, restaurants, art galleries, theaters and museums. With so much to do, San Francisco may be called a lot of things, but boring would not be one of them. With a whole gamut of indoor and outdoor activities, a visit to San Francisco has all the potential to be the journey of a lifetime.

San Francisco also provides its visitors with a wide variety of accommodation to suit all aesthetic or financial requirements. Hotels near the airport offer incredible convenience primarily because of their proximity to the airport and friendly rates. Arranging your own transportation while staying in airport hotels can yield up to 60% the cost of the expenses made on hotels, which are located in other areas of the city.

Hotels near San Francisco attractions like Fisherman’s Wharf might cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars per night. Hotels located in the financial districts would also have similar pricing. To avail lower prices, you can opt for staying in the hotels close to the airport. It may not boast of the proximity to famous landmarks and other attractions, but you can still avail same basic amenities.

Many hotels are also competing, which should drive down prices in the near future, allowing you to get the best deal for your hard-earned money. Staying in an airport hotel, especially if you are traveling by air, brings a host of benefits which are vital to your journey like saving on time and not missing flights due to traffic. Such hotels also give their patrons a shuttle service to make sure they catch their flights and their journey starts and ends on the best possible note.

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