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February 7, 2019,

You can live the most responsible, respectable and honorable life that you can and still from time to time want to go a little wild.

What kind of wild?

Well that depends. Define wild.

That could be defined differently by as many as the number of people who you ask that question to.

The weekend warrior activity is filled with people who want to do and become someone else on the weekends, usually more athletic and dynamic than they are during the week.

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”… Earl Wilson

It is kind of the get away without really going anywhere syndrome.

First the fantasy begins in the creative human mind.

Fortunately for us in the women’s submission wrestling industry, we can indeed get away.

Far away if we are willing to get on a plane. If we desire to have a session with the right girl who provides the right sexy and ethical services that we desire, that can be one heck of a getaway.

Once you are with her, how you get away is between the two of you.

One of the very popular getaway experiences with Session Girls is for men who are usually in control at home (the stern father) and at work (the authoritative boss) to meet with a Session Girl and not be in control at all.

In fact they like the idea of her being in control and being dominant in her personality. When this is the case, sometimes the services they love is for her to be strong enough to lift and carry them.

If you like being lifted up and carried by a strong beautiful woman, we’ve come across a new profile that you might like.

First there was Ms. Moneypenny who was very adept at hiding her love for James Bond.

Now there is Ms. Madampennie and yes she resides in England too. The Midlands to be specific.,, photo via

Love the British.

Now James Bond’s Ms. Moneypenny would never lift James up over her shoulder, unless there was a fire and he had been knocked out by a bad chap from Spectre and she needed to save him.

Here if you ask nicely, for a price, our beautiful Ms. Madampennie with lift you over her shoulder and provide a few other fantasy fulfillments.

No fire is necessary.

Time for an introduction.,, photo via

At her profile she smiles, “My name is Madampennie. I’m on Session Girls and am new to the scene. I’m based in Leeds and tour all over the country, and in the near future will be traveling to other countries such as Italy, France, Dubai, Germany etc. I do a mix of light lift and carry, semi-competitive wrestling, oil wrestling, fantasy wrestling, submission wrestling, (currently practicing judo), belly punching (on you), videos and Skype. I also duo with Dakotarose.”

Good looking women always hang out together.

Here are some reviews from some very satisfied customers who were able to get away with our Leeds Lady.

“Madampennie is the hottest Milf I have ever seen and met and she as some very strong arms on her! I had a fun session of playful fantasy wrestling with different roleplay scenarios. Money well spent, I will be seeing this lady again very soon! Thank you Pennie darling!!”

Sounds like he got away and got away with it. Got everything he wanted.

Here is another review.

“I did a duo session with madampennie and her friend Dakotarose in Leeds City Centre, what a fun duo! Both beautiful strong ladies. My session involved lots of lift and carry, muscle worship and fantasy wrestling. Was like my dream come true! Will be back to see you both soon; P.S: very professional ladies they always ask for a deposit up front so don’t let this scare you totally worth seeing!”

You can email her at

If you decide to live life to the full and have a session with Madampennie, Leeds has one incredible indoor mall for you to hang out and have a nice lunch or dinner.

Trinity Leeds is a shopping and leisure center in the Victorian District of Leeds, England, named after the adjacent 18th-century Holy Trinity Church.,, Leeds Pinnacle Leeds – Own work Wikimedia photo

It opened on 21 March 2013, with over 130,000 recorded visitors on opening day.

The development is in two parts: Trinity East, a new build development on the site of the former Trinity and Burton Arcades, and Trinity West, the redeveloped Leeds Shopping Plaza.

The shopping center has a concept food area in Trinity West, namely “Trinity Kitchen”, hosting both permanent tenants and rotating “pop-up” vendors.

The Lead Architect for constructing Trinity Leeds was Chapman Taylor. Among other awards, it has been given the ‘VIVA Design and Development Award’ at the 2015 global VIVA (Vision, Innovation, Value & Achievement) Best-of-the-Best Awards, hosted by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).

Leeds Kirkgate Market, part of which is a Grade I listed building dating from 1875, is one of the largest covered markets in Europe and is open 6 days a week. There are over 400 stalls inside and a further 200 outside.

Along with Grand Arcade, the center boasts three more arcades ready for you to enjoy.

With an array of cool independent shops Queens Arcade is the perfect place to browse. You’ll find a wide range of great jewelry retailers and clothing boutiques inside, amongst other interesting shops.

The friendly and welcoming people at beckon, “Leeds is a mecca for shopping, with its compact city centre which is perfectly walkable, the city is a shopper’s paradise. Named the best shopping destination in the UK by the rough guide to Britain, Leeds City Centre has over 1,000 shops. Wonderfully diverse, Leeds combines quirky boutiques with high-end luxury and the big name high street brands, so there really is something for everyone.

With shops housed in beautiful arcades and listed buildings, and a centre that can be covered on foot in a few hours, Leeds offers a shopping experience like no other UK city.”

That is very impressive and inviting.

You might like a closer look at one of their most extensive malls. It is like a city within a city.

When you visit Trinity Leeds, you’ll find more than 120 national and international brands under one iconic roof. Hungry shoppers are in luck with a range of over 40 top restaurants, coffee shops, bars and Trinity Kitchen; a unique mix of vibrant restaurants and street food vans.

Are you up for that? Do you feel your getaway spirits being lifted higher and higher?

Now you have another wonderful and beautiful option available to you.

Sometimes it’s okay to lose a little bit of control.

~ ~ ~

Opening photo  Flickr user EG Focus Wikimedia photo






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