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Powerful friends are a needed asset if you are to have success in any industry, so when we purchased Kaysha Brasil’s match against the muscular shapely German beauty Warrior Amazon, we were very impressed.

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It was a war of attrition.

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Who is her powerful female submission wrestling friend?

The Glorious Maria Queen.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”… Leo Tolstoy

Against Warrior Amazon, Kaysha found herself in a very tough, close match that was in doubt right up until the end.

She also wrestled industry great VeVe Lane in a very tough match.

Kaysha is certainly getting around.


Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her and the wonderful sessions she provides.

Session With Kaysha & Maria, Life Altering Texas Road Trip

If you desire to wrestle her in a session, it might wise to take at least a few Brazilian Jujitsu classes. Having said that, please enjoy the following article on injury prevention.

Then have fun and contact Kaysha at kayshamadeinbrazil@gmail.com

The Top 5 Ways to Avoid Injury in Brazilian Jiujitsu Training


 By Kosta Megas 

Being that Brazilian Jiujitsu is a contact martial art, there is a possibility for injury while practicing. These are the top 5 tips for avoiding injuries both to yourself as well as your training partners.

-Make sure you have proper room and look out for objects and people.

You’ll need at least 10×8 feet worth of training space per 2 people and even more for sparring. Get any objects like chairs or any other equipment out of the way and keep an eye out for other people falling into your training space.

-Warm up properly before training, stretch well and maintain your flexibility through regular stretching.

Trust me, this will take you a long way in your training and preventing injuries like pulled muscles and strained joints and ligaments.

-Control yourself during training and more particularly during sparring.

Avoid jerky movements for no purpose. The spaz is someone you don’t want to be known as where you train and if there are others like this in your gym then avoid training with them.

The point of training is to know what you’re doing.

You’ll want to keep moving in particular situations but you’ll want to develop an awareness of what you’re doing during training and if you don’t know what you’re doing then the best thing to do is to find out, not spaz out. This is one of the leading causes of injuries so avoid it.

-Focus on the technique.

This is also a great way to control yourself. Always keep technique in mind, if you’re using too much power and just trying anything then you are defeating the purpose of why you are training; to develop technical skills and strategies and an awareness of them. This is the most important point of your training.

-Lastly, give your training partner a chance to tap and tap early if you have to.

Never crank a submission at full power. Always give your training partners a chance to tap by applying progressive force to the submission and give them a chance to tap. If you are caught in a submission, tap early if you feel your partner is cranking too fast and hard or if you’re in doubt of their control.

Well, there you have it. Put these five tips into practice and your training will be more productive and you’ll spend less time with injuries and more time on the mats.

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