A Stranger Pays Your Toll, Should You Pursue Her?

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Complete, unexpected surprises are part of what make life’s journey exciting and completely unpredictable.

Especially when you feel what you had planned for the day will bring the ordinary but uninspiring necessary.

Life happens where you’re engrossed in other thoughts, especially if you live in the incredibly beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

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The gorgeous rolling hill sides, steep mountains, crystal blue ocean, calm spiritual bays with magical rocks and captivating skyscrapers that are continuing to stretch higher and higher to the fog laced skies can understandably and endlessly occupy your mind.

So when Peter was driving into San Francisco and stopped at the toll booth, something that he has done easily over one thousand times before, something happened that absolutely shocked him.

A beautiful woman in the car ahead of him paid for his toll.

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When he rolled up to the booth, another surprise, the Toll Booth Operator was young, sexy and standing upright.

Most Toll Takers, respectfully speaking, are sitting down, will barely look at you, look like they work for the government in the FD (Forgotten Department), barely say a word and like at the zoo, hand you your peanuts, I mean change, and send you on your way.

This was different.

The Toll Booth Girl was in her twenties (this is obviously a pit stop for her on the way to better things), standing and smiling when she said, “It’s okay, you don’t have to pay. The woman in the car ahead of you, paid your toll.”

Peter was shocked. This had never happened before. Slightly gasping he asked “Why?”

The beautiful girl with coal black hair smiled and nonchalantly responded, “She didn’t give a reason. Sometimes people just do that.”

Peter thanked her and drove on.

This was going to be a good day. Make that a great day!

If you are a male, what is the temptation at this point?

Peter thought about it too. Speed up, drive up to the side of her car. If she is sexy, blow your horn and ask her to roll her window down hopefully for some communication and a way of contact.

If not, just wave in a way of saying thanks.

When he was 18, this would be a no brainer.


Peter didn’t dare do any of that.

He stayed back. Way back and made sure that she stayed ahead of him. After about a mile, she headed toward the San Francisco Airport and he made a right towards the Pacific Ocean.

They will never see each other again.

He was content to live with the fantasy of what could have happened if he had caught up to her.

Why did he behave that way?

He knew he didn’t qualify for her.

Not long ago he was laid off from a long term job. It took him some time but he found a new one at lesser pay, and one he liked less. Familiar story right?

The worse part about it was what it did to his confidence and more important his passion in life. Over time after having one job application after another ignored, he had been demoralized and lost his way.

“Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you’re passionate about something, then you’re more willing to take risks.”… Yo-Yo – Ma

Women can smell confidence in a man and he had very little.

Peter is an honorable guy and doesn’t like to bluff or fake it.

Now the memory of the woman in front of him was starting to flood into his mind.

He could recall that she drove an expensive car and when she stopped at the toll booth, it was the way that she gently dangled the money at the young woman in the booth.

Money obviously meant nothing to her.

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It just didn’t matter to her. She had plenty of it. She also wore a very nice bracelet on her left arm. It too was elegant.

Most of all, it was her beautiful arm. She wasn’t really a woman but more like a girl in her early twenties.

It was too much.

A girl like that would quickly see him for who he had become. Not for the stallion he once was.

If he did finally meet her, and he met her gaze, could he look back with confidence?

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So, he drove towards the beach to visit his family, in an average but million dollar neighborhood he could not afford to buy a house in and wondered what in the world had happened to him?

It was a moment in his life that he would never forget. Not for what actually occurred but because of the symbolism and mirror that this young female motorist accidentally put up in front of him.

Back to the present.

That actually did occur. Yes, it was a very real life experience.

The larger question, as we see it is, even if Peter is reading too much into the situation, what if his self-assessment is fairly accurate?

Okay, life in the present is not what he wants it to be but WHAT in the world is he going to do about it?

There are two things he needs to find if he wants women to look at him in the way that he hopes.

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What are they?

You already know?

“Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.”… Gail Devers

Passion and determination.

Those two qualities are not static. They come and go and must be nurtured and regenerated.

Getting a job is critical especially if you don’t already have your own business going. Thus that should be a high priority even if it means being under employed but whatever the case, you have to stay in the fight to change your situation. Keep the money coming in, keep the resumes going out to try and procure a brighter future.

Above all do not give up.

You can’t lose your passion.

You can’t lose your determination.


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Because when you least expect it, life can bring you a beautiful feminine surprise in some very odd, spectacular and very unusual places and on the rare occasion that it does happen, with determination you want to be able to passionately drive towards her car, catch up to her, roll the window down and with a smile, confidently and creatively respond.

~ ~ ~