Submission Wrestling Girls Are Synonymous With Fitness Girls

Main Article / March 30, 2019

Fitness Girls and Competitive Female Submission wrestling is so intertwined that now we just assume that a wrestler is also a Fitness Girl.

There was a time, over a decade ago, that wasn’t the case.

Thankfully it is now.

A beautiful Fitness Girl that is turning heads and blowing minds is Kristina Nicole.

What do you think?,, photo credit

We think she is wonderful.

Kristina was born and raised in sunny Miami, Florida.

She’s had a massive love of fitness since 1997 from the tender age of 5. She has participated in dance, cheerleading and various sports as a young girl.

Very adventurous.

It was when her trainer introduced her to weight lifting in the gym that she embarked on her important pathway.

“Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.”… Denis Waitley

Like a classical artist, after sculpting her body into an amazing physique, Kristina decided to take it to another level to teach and train others.

In 2016, at the age of 23, Kristina had gained such a tremendous following on Instagram as she motivated her fans to lead a healthy lifestyle, she’d become a Social Media sensation.

Her story is a sensational one as well.

In her interview at she shares, “When I first began weight training (late 2013) I just wanted to get fit and become self-confident. As I slowly but surely fell in love with the process of transitioning my lifestyle – the junk food, alcohol, and party scene slowed down. I was never forced nor did I deprive myself. The changes I made came from within… I knew if I wanted to excel and become the best version of myself I had to drop those bad habits. It wasn’t until January 2016 that I became interested in body building, I was ready to take my body to the next level. I was up for the challenge, physically and mentally. I feel like competing and the process of getting ready for these shows change your priorities and perspective… the struggles lead you to growth and to a more mature mindset.”

Well said. Well done.

Our next beauty is actually a Fitness and Session Girl who wrestles as well.

Simply amazing.

Her name is Zoe and she’s been a player in our industry for some time. She is absolutely gorgeous and would love to have a session with you.,, photo via

Our Czech Princess sessions in Pilsen, Czech Republic but will travel to Prague or other cities in the Czech Republic. She even occasionally travels to Vienna or nearby regions of Germany.

Guess what? She has a message for you. “I’m a friendly, nice person. I ‘m also a photo model. My hobby is fitness, wrestling and another sports like swimming, roller skating and my work. I know a nice MMA location with mats and a ring too in the center of Prague.”

Sounds very convenient and enticing. If you like to have a session with this young beauty, her email is:

We are so happy that Fitness Girls, who are also Session Girls, and wrestle as well are in abundance.

Blaze of England is such a girl.,, submission room photo credit

She’s been in the wrestling game for some time as well. Her profile is found at the Submission Room.

Let’s check her out. “Blaze, with her incredibly flexible and muscular body is a very popular choice of opponent.

Blaze is a former professional gymnast and ballet dancer, making her a very agile and graceful wrestler. And it also explains her now legendary calf muscles.

These days she is a circus aerialist and her body is as powerful as it looks. With a background in Taekwondo, sword fighting and Muay Thai she is no stranger to combat as you will discover. She may love nothing more than immobilizing you completely and watching you squirm, but it’s the charisma and charm with which she does it that will have you hooked.”

At her profile she adds, “I have been wrestling for 5 years. I am a dancer, aerialist, gymnast with experience in BJJ and Muay Thai. I also have the biggest calves muscles you have ever seen!”

Sounds super sexy.

We’ve known of Blaze for years and yes, we are hooked. So are her customers. Here are a couple of reviews.

“I had the pleasure of meeting the charming and delightful Blaze for a semi-competitive wrestling session this evening.  She instantly put me at ease with her friendly and down to earth attitude before the session.  If anything she put too much at ease and as we started I was just thinking how fantastic she looked in her black bikini, long dark hair flowing down to her shoulders when suddenly she moves like lightening and puts me in a body scissors – her muscular dancers legs wrapped around my torso – smiling sweetly as she proceeded to squeeze the crap out of me – forcing me to tap.”

Sounds like sexy fun. Here is one more.

“My session with Blaze was quite an intense and special moment, thanks to her unique abilities and her passion for body expression. She has the experience of a dancer, and she translates this knowledge on the mats with effortless moves and graceful stances. Her beautifully toned legs are always her main weapon, but she used her whole body to drain my willpower, both seducing and menacing like a feline woman.”

Blaze is one tough girl. She wrestles women as well. One of her classic matches is against a DWW legend in Zsuzsa. Here is the description:

“The finally chiseled body of a dancer against the wily skills and experience of our Hungarian visitor Zsuzsa. The final score answers this question emphatically. Tremendous effort and commitment is shown by both girls, with the DWW veteran showing what she has learnt over years on the European wrestling scene and our own Blaze displaying the tenacity and great athleticism for which she is renowned. For those who enjoy a match in which no girl takes a backward step but nevertheless a clear and indisputable winner emerges, then this is for you!”

When Blaze wrestles, it is always for us. Always.

Here is her email if you would like to have a session with her:

Time and life experiences have a strong way of teaching us how important fitness should be in our lives. In fact, it should be a primary focus in our life.

Then we can have some fun too and watch the fitness girls wrestle with a healthy mind and body.

~ ~ ~ 


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