Colorful Leggings, The New Trend In Female Grappling

Main Article / April 10, 2019

As competitive female wrestling expands its reach, the variety in attire is expanding as well.

The colors, prints and styles, especially in terms of leggings, is pretty amazing. Pretty, creative and amazing we might say.

One such match that you should check out while it is still on YouTube is Andy Nguyen (female) vs Andrea Lee.

The way the match is staged, it almost has a Big Time Wrestling feel to it which adds to the fun.

Another example of a great female wrestling fight where one of the Fem Competitors is wearing a simple version of leggings was at the great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf Germany when Jenna of Hungary faced off against Mahea of the United States.,, femwrestle photo credit

Here is the producer’s description, “Very muscular Jenna from Hungary in an intense fight with USA MMA Girl Mahea. Here is the different between technic and muscle power on the mat. One girl will great a lesson and sometimes very painful holds”.

When we walk back through competitive female submission wrestling history, one of the toughest DWW Girls is Reni who loved to wear short leggings when she competed. They helped propel her to one victory after another.,, DWW Galaxy photo credit

Today, if you are a producer or participant in competitive female submission wrestling and are looking for some colorful and creative leggings to compete in, we have found two fantastic online stores that can provide you with incredible variety.

Once we reached the page of World Of Leggings, we couldn’t help but think it is a Mad, Mad world, filled with color.

Take a look:

We enjoyed their variety and like their message too. Here is what they are about, “World of Leggings is a company that specializes in women’s fashion for the legs.  Yes, we have more leggings than pretty much anyone else with more styles, fabrics, colors and designs but also bodysuits, jumpsuits, panty hose, accessories, shorts, bell bottom leggings and so much more.  World of Leggings is all about having fun and expressing yourself and your legs.,, UK photo credit

As for leggings, World of Leggings is always on the leading edge of all styles of leggings.  Everything from cotton leggings, basic leggings, leather leggings, metallic leggings, high waisted leggings and more.  Color is a very deal with the leggings and styles we like to make available but so are the basics.  Basic leggings from cotton to rayon to spandex are what we specialize in as well.  High quality made in the USA products.  Virtually all of our leggings are made right her in the United States and you can tell in the quality of fabric, stitching and overall design.”

Sounds great. We know that women will look sexy and dynamic wrestling in their attire.

We found another colorful leggings team.

Please check this page out:,, photo credit

We ventured in and love their message. “Leggings and leg fashion comes in a huge array of color and styles and most of us are set on a particular color set for our wardrobe. If you are tired of the old and want in with the new, add some gorgeous colorful leggings to your bottom mix. Choose a couple of colors that are going to compliment your complexion and existing top collection and find a few pairs of leggings or jeggings that match that palette.

Sometimes, adding new colors may take some adjustment time but when you start getting all of the new compliments, you are going to fall in love with your new leg pieces. Be a color fashionista and bring in some gorgeous colorful leggings into your mix.”

We love their thoughts but we want a second opinion and we found one. Certainly appreciated the writer’s thoughts on the benefits of wearing colorful leggings which we sense you might enjoy.

Different Style And Color of The Best Leggings,, photo via Daily Express

By Walter M Wilson

Leggings are hot items that all fashionable women need to have for different occasions. They are available in numerous colors and styles to compliment any physique. Leggings for ladies are mostly for casual occasions that require featuring trendy styles. The safest color and style for legging is a basic black ankle length legging without any decorations. This could be donned by women of all sizes and leg shapes. It can also be matched with a number of clothes which includes shorts and short skirts. For shoes, anything from flats to heels will be lovely on most women. The color also is super easy for anyone to match it with other clothing. It really needs very little thinking and there should be numerous pairs in your wardrobe.

Stirrup leggings are a very versatile item in your wardrobe. Since they connect to the feet, it’s very complementing for those with shorter legs. The vision effect produced by these types of leggings make the legs look longer than it really is. It can also be matched with flats of the same color as the legging or a pair of identical colored heels. Shredded and cut out leggings are ideal for those who are on the center of fashion. It’s very easy to pair these types of leggings with punk inspired clothing for a very good overall punk princess look.

Additionally, there are lots of different shades, textures and patterns for leggings. It’s available in numerous shades other than the basic black. Some even have glitters on them. For the much more daring, pattern leggings are leggings that have different patterns like checker boards, prints and stripes. These kinds of leggings are only for the girl/woman who has a pair of well-proportioned long legs. In case your legs aren’t perfect, do not attempt these types of leggings.

For people who want to wear knee length leggings, it is very important look at the shape of your legs to decide if it is suitable. Ladies with larger calf muscles compared to the rest of the body must avoid this style simply because it will make the calf muscles appear a whole lot larger (especially true when you go for a black pair). On the other hand, those with proportional legs can wear this style comfortably. If you’re looking for a simple solution to perk up some pairs of basic leggings, go to the craft store to purchase easily applicable adornments. Use rhinestones, studs and appliqués to make patterns, styles or cuts on leggings.

Regardless if used as a comfortable gym pant, put under a dress for warmth or used as an accessory for layered looks, the legging has become a mainstay for women of any age. Leggings have come a long way from basic black stretch cotton. Be creative when searching for leggings or creating your own, looking for extraordinary materials as well as supplies to take leggings to the next level. Turn to fun but comfy fabrics for a twist on classic legging styles. Incorporate seasonal fads like metallic and prints to add some punch to outfits. Fabrics like leather, lace and stretch denim could all be used as cotton legging choices. Working special fabric leggings into your wardrobe is also among the easiest ways to mix multiple textures in an outfit, one more rising fashion trend.

Are you tired of your fave jeans? Get your hands on a pair of the best leggings, or if u like to go for a sexier look, buy booty shorts. Online stores have various styles to suit your need.

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