NAGA Produces The best Female Grapplers, Like MacKenzie Dern

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Laying the proper foundation is the basic blue print for building skyscrapers that pierce the sky.

Laying the proper foundation through organizations like Naga can help competitive female submission wrestlers reach the highest levels of the women’s wrestling and combative industry.

The North American Grappling Association (NAGA) is an organization started in 1995 that holds Submission Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments throughout North America and Europe.

NAGA is the largest submission grappling association in the world with over 200,000 participants world-wide, including some of the top submission grapplers and MMA fighters in the world.

Their grappling tournaments consist of gi and no-gi divisions.

No-Gi competitors compete under rules drafted by NAGA. Gi competitors compete under standardized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rules. NAGA also promotes MMA events which they term Reality Fighting.

Their organization has had the pleasure of having some of the best fighters in the world compete in their tournaments and in the ring.

Some were already established, some were climbing their way to the top, and some were just starting out. But in the end, they all achieved a level that the thousands who grapple in NAGA and who fight in Reality Fighting want to be at.

If you are an aspiring female grappler, check them out. There could be a future there for you.

Sometimes there is confusion between the name NAGA and the NAGA style wrestling.

Naga Wrestling is one of the oldest traditional Indian sports. This is a form of wrestling in India that was invented and popularized in the Indian state of Nagaland.

In the informative Indian site they educate, “If the Western world resorted to duels when two “honorable” men found their egos slighted, similar dispute-resolution can be found in one of India’s own warrior tribes — though the preference is for closer combat. They sorted out differences with a wrestling match.

The tribals of Nagaland have not forgotten that the primary motive for one to wrestle with another man is not glory or riches, but to “purify the man”. “Naga wrestling is for the purification of the man. His soul and his body… both.”

Nice historical perspective.

When you go online you can see that NAGA has incredible tournaments that attract very skilled female grapplers. While they last, here are some on YouTube

One of the women in the MMA world with strong ground level wrestling roots who possesses both beauty and top skills is Mackenzie Dern.,, Mackenzie Dern Facebook photo credit

Mackenzie Lynne Dern is an American professional mixed martial artist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. She is a former world No. 1 ranked IBJJF competitor, currently ranked 6th among the female divisions. She is an ADCC and no gi BJJ (black belt) World Champion.

Here are some of her vast accomplishments as a Black Belt:

  • First Female to ever fight in Metamoris Invitational Draw
  • World Bronze Medalist 2013 IBJJF
  • Dallas Open Absolute Champion 2013 IBJJF
  • Dallas Open Champion 2013 IBJJF
  • Las Vegas Open Absolute Champion 2013 IBJJF
  • Las Vegas Open Champion 2013 IBJF
  • Abu Dhabi World Pro Silver Medalist 2013 WPJJF
  • Pan American Absoluto Bronze Medalist 2013
  • Pan American Silver Medalist 2013 IBJJF
  • Abu Dhabi Pro San Antonio Trial Champion 2013 IBJJF
  • European Champion 2013 IBJJF
  • Copa Podio Couples Fight Champion 2013 CP (Copa Podio)
  • Long beach Fall Open Champion 2012 IBJJF

In our great competitive female submission wrestling and Session Girl industry we have some beautiful fighters with a NAGA background.

Sahara Knite is such a beautiful girl who is a sensational session provider and a very skilled grappler. She is based in England.,, photo via

Here is her profile. “Former model/performer, training in BJJ /no gi grappling/MMA. Have over 2 years of experience in Brazilian jiu jitsu and no gi grappling and some wrestling experience.

I am a blue belt in BJJ.  Have competed at local competitions and international including Naga in Paris last year (2013) and the Ibbjf Europeans in Lisbon in January this year (2014). I have won a few medals including a few golds/silvers and bronze.”

Our friends at Femcompetitor Magazine have communicated with her, loved her passion and wrote about her.

Sahara, UK Wrestler, Actress, Sessions Are A Nice Oasis

If you like to have a session with her, here is the email:

Another Session Girl with a strong NAGA background is Vapor who is based in the Los Angeles area.

At her WB270 profile she smiles, “Hi guys – my name is Vapor, and chances are I can kick your butt. I am a competitive BJJ grappler, currently holding a blue belt.

I have competed in all of the major BJJ and grappling tournaments in the region (NAGA, US Grappling) and collected a bunch of medals.

I train with and beat guys all the time.  I have always loved beating guys.  Nothing beats the look of panic setting in on their face when they realize they are losing to a girl in front of all their friends : )  In addition to BJJ, I have also trained in Muay Thai kickboxing, and offer one-sided kickboxing and beat downs. I am also a fitness trainer and very strong – don’t believe me – ask me to arm wrestle.

If you have always wanted to session with a really pretty girl that really can kick your butt, drop me a line.”

Her email is:

Here are two reviews from happy customers:

“The first impression of Vapor is of a very beautiful, powerful athlete. She is one of the strongest girls I have sessioned with. She is in great shape and has a very feminine physique with impressive muscular development. She is not a bodybuilder but when she flexes her biceps extend to a firm 14 1/2”.

She is prepared to be competitive and with immense strength, combat skills and tenacity she makes for a formidable opponent. Yet at the same time she has a very “girly”, feminine personality. Vapor proved to be well organized, helpful and reliable in arranging the session. She helped me chose the hotel, phoned me when she was on her way, and arrived just a few minutes before the allotted time. She was totally committed and not a clock watcher. For those who enjoy a skilled, powerful yet extremely feminine girl to session with, Vapor is a perfect choice.”

Here is another.

“Vapor is very attractive, muscular and professional.  I’m 5’11”, 195 lbs. and in good shape but she carried more muscle throughout her upper body and her arms were huge.  We arm wrestled and regardless of which hand I used I could not budge her hand past the center position.  During grappling, she introduced me to the power of her legs via her “guard”.

She locked me in her guard early and despite my escape efforts I always found myself in her guard.  The constant super tight pressure quickly drained me; I tapped often.  From light to competitive wrestling, she delivers.”

Sounds like a memorable time that you will remember for a lifetime.

Laying a sound foundation is always important in whatever important pathway that we follow with the hope of great achievement.

In our enjoyable competitive female submission wrestling and Session Girl world, a sound grappling background is always a major plus.

It doesn’t get any better or more solid than having a grappling background in NAGA.,, Naga photo credit

~ ~ ~

Opening photo NAGA Amateur wrestling photo credit 


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