Hot yoga is a trending exercise done in a room with the temperature of 40 to 41 degrees Celsius. This temperature is similar or even higher than the temperature in some countries or cities like India, Mexico or Miami in summer time. The temperature is also as steaming as sauna rooms.


The practice of the regular yoga is already associated with weight loss and flexibility. And sauna bathing is always associated into burning the fats because of the heat and also helps the body relax. These combine effects of sauna and yoga is mainly the professed benefits of doing hot yoga.

Some studies provide that a 90 minute session of hot yoga can burn up to 1250 calories. So, it is like burning half of the daily recommended calorie intake for a day. This means, a person who practise this kind of yoga every day does not have to constrain himself from eating his favorite food just because it has high-calorie. All he need is to do a 90 minute session and all those excess calorie intake will just be beads of sweat all over his body.

Because of the high temperature in room or the gym, the body is so relaxed that it can easily flex. Thus, it is easier for the yoga student to follow the asanas or the poses in yoga correctly. Further, because of the flexibility, the muscles and the parts of the body where the cellulites are amassed are also stretched resulting to a more contoured and balanced body.

The hot temperature also makes the body produce more sweat. It is clinically proven that having a good sweat is having more toxins flushed out of the body. So a 90 minute session does not only burn the fats and the calories but also detoxify the harmful toxins of the body. After a session of yoga, the student immediately feels the difference of being relaxed and cleansed.

However, some doctors are sceptical about the fact that a strenuous exercise such as yoga is done in a hot place. Some doctors compare it as doing an exercise while having a fever. The high temperature augments the quick dehydration of the body fluids which is also not good for the body. Some doctors points to this problem as the cause why some people who do the hot yoga exercises feels dizzy.

Also, some doctors have expressed that hot yoga is not good to those person with hypertension and heart failure and especially to pregnant women.

Yoga experts concur with the findings of the doctor that this kind of yoga is not good to those person with hypertension and heart failure. The benefit of this yoga does not include healing these sicknesses or any sickness at all. The actual benefit of doing this kind of yoga exercise is that it reduces the risk of having hypertension, heart failure and other diseases caused by high amount of toxins in one’s body.


Subsequently, yoga experts agree that hot yoga is not advisable to pregnant women because a sudden increase of body temperature is not healthy for the baby and the pregnant woman herself.

Yoga experts however refuse to succumb to the claim of doctors that hot yoga causes the dizziness of the people who does this exercise. They said that the dizziness is not caused by the hotness of the temperature. It is caused by the wrong outfit and the wrong habit before and after the exercise.

The right outfit is essential when doing this kind of yoga exercise. The usual yoga outfit consist of long sweat pants and tank tops are not the correct outfit for this kind of yoga. The yoga student must remember that the temperature is similar to that on the sauna, thus, he must wear little clothing as possible.

Also, like other fitness exercise, drinking plenty of water at least two hours before the exercise, is essential to prevent the body from dehydrating. If the yoga student fails to observe this habit, he becomes prone to dehydration.

Dizziness, according to yoga students and teachers, is normal during the first few sessions, especially to students whose body are not used to being exposed in a highly humid room. But as the session progresses, the body will eventually yield to the temperature and the student will no longer be bothered with the dizziness.

It is important that before the person enrol himself to hot yoga classes, he must first examine whether the fitness gym is indeed credited to teach the same. Like any other exercises, this kind of yoga exercise can be harmful to one’s health if it is done the wrong way. Further, it is also important that before one can engage in the exercise of this kind of yoga, he must seek first the advice of his doctor to avoid any complications on his health.

Hot yoga has proven its effectiveness and safety that even sports celebrities like Kareem Abdul Jabar and Kobe Bryant also practice this exercise to aid their flexibility and make them healthier.

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