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Isamar vs FeFe

Sometimes in life you really need the tried and true. article, femcompetitor, photo Competitive female submission wrestling is no different. Yes, sometimes surprises are nice but a little predictability is nice too. When the gorgeous FeFe with the shapely strong legs from bicycling around the San Francisco East Bay was to go up …

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Samantha vs Cadence

Visitors are always welcome. Guest are treated like royalty. Especially when it is Samantha Grace who has visited Northern California several times to wrestle. She wrestles extensively in Southern California and we were fortunate to shoot a match and work with her there in Canoga Park. Here it is. article, femcompetitor, photo …

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Penny Mom Wrestler 3

There is no personality that highlights the fun of being in the women’s wrestling industry better than our Frisky Frisco Fraulein, Penny Barber. She’s a mother, comedian, wrestler, non-stop chatter box and so much more. She continues to improve on the mats against other Lip Gloss Gladiators, recently defeating a former collegiate wrestler and current …