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July 9, 2020,

Rich with American old west mountainous history up in the pines, Placerville, California is a gold nugget that has been discovered but certainly should be revisited time and time again.

For those of us fortunate enough to live in Northern California, Placerville has often been a pleasant sojourn on our way to Lake Tahoe.

The drive up Highway 50 to get there is broad and scenic. The air is incredibly fresh. From San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, if you take 50, it’s a straight pathway.

Past research indicates that there are a team of super star female submission wrestlers that have plied their grappling trade there over the years and we’re certain you will recognize the names.

Drumroll please.

Robin, Ariel, Catfight Jenn, Ariana, Sybil Star and Dakota to name a few.

They have an incredible variety of matches. Here are a few descriptions.

“Lola squares off against Jenn in a submission wrestling match that brings together two evenly-matched women in a test of strength and determination. This is Lola’s first mat appearance with WeBringIt, and she gives Jenn 32 minutes of a well contested and hard-fought match.”

“This first meeting between Tomiko and Chantel is a pins-only match between two women who love the competition and have excellent upper-body strength. The falls are all hard-fought, and in the end the winner prevails through sheer willpower.”

“Robin and Ariel meet for a submission match attired in lingerie. These two are very even in height, weight, skill set and most of all the determination to win! An outstanding competitive submission wrestling match between two proud and determined warriors!”

We love their inventory. Quite a variety.

We love Placerville too. They are worth a closer look.

Placerville, formerly known as Old Dry Diggings, Dry Diggings, and Hangtown, is the county seat of El Dorado County, California.

The population was 10,389 at the 2010 census, up from 9,610 at the 2000 census.

The world travelers at Lonely Planet add some color. “Placerville is a great little place to explore while traveling between Sacramento and Tahoe on Hwy 50. It has a thriving and well-preserved downtown with antique shops and bars.

Placerville has always been a travelers’ town: it was originally a destination for fortune hunters who reached California by following the South Fork of the American River. In 1857 the first stagecoach to cross the Sierra Nevada linked Placerville to Nevada’s Carson Valley, which eventually became part of the nation’s first transcontinental stagecoach route.

Among the many awesome local legends is ‘Snowshoe’ John A Thompson, a postal carrier who regularly delivered 80lb of mail on skis from Placerville over the Sierras to Carson Valley during the winter.”

Now that is what you call determination.

How about some history.

After the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in nearby Coloma, California, by James W. Marshall in 1848 sparked the California Gold Rush, the small town now known as Placerville was known as Dry Diggin’s after the manner in which the miners moved cartloads of dry soil to run water to separate the gold from the soil. Later in 1849, the town earned its most common historical name, “Hangtown”, because of the numerous hangings that had occurred there.

You’ll love this.

The region east of Placerville, popularly known as Apple Hill and Pleasant Valley, is becoming a center for wine production.

The wine region is officially designated as the El Dorado AVA.

The largest wineries in the area are Boeger, Lava Cap and Madrona, but most of the 30 plus wineries surrounding Placerville are family owned and smaller in wine grape and wine production.

The region is well-known for making vibrantly flavorful, distinctly delicious wines, grown in the dramatic elevations of the Sierra Nevada. The area is increasingly a center for sophisticated production of Rhone style wines, noted by El Dorado County having a local chapter of the Rhone Rangers winemaker association.

We can smell the aroma from here.

If you don’t drink alcohol, you still can enjoy the taste of fresh apples and newly squeezed apple juice.

Apple Hill is close by. Time for a look. There is more there than apples.

At their warm and friendly home applehill.com, they are home to a number of wholesome creative farms.


Over 155 Acres, High Hill Ranch is well known for being the largest, most visited Apple Farm in all of Apple Hill. Family Owned & Operated since 1960, we continue to offer you the Largest Selection of Family Activities.


“Pick your own apples and Concord grapes. Apples sold in half-bushel boxes (20 pound) boxes, grapes sold in 5 pound pails. Weights approximate. No scale. Fill as much as you like and eat fruit while picking. Beautiful mature trees, some over 70 years old.”

Sounds enticing.


A candy store plus more! We offer handmade chocolates and fudge, 27+ types of candy coated apples, homemade jams, fresh baked hand pies, frozen pies, organic apples, raspberries, blackberries & blueberries (seasonal), also featuring raspberry.


“Visit our peaceful historic farm (150 years, 7 generations), farthest East Apple Hill ranch away from the congestion and traffic. Seasonally we have you-pick berries, apples, & pumpkins; apple cider, vegetables & fresh eggs. Bake shop with pies.”


“Come and visit the longest family owned Apple Hill farm. You’ll find over 20 varieties of apples along with pears, grapes, dried fruits, juices and more. Our bakery is full of treats! Specialty Pies, turnovers, dumplings and much more. Daily lunches.”


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Webringit has brought wonderful attention to Northern California.

It is a region where impressive stars shine up in the mountains.

~ ~ ~

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