In their financial role as Independent Contractors, many Female Competitors rely on a female friendly bank for guidance. As the world changes, some things we hope remain the same. It’s important for a bank to understand and respond to the needs of its customers in a timely and effective manner. A bank that has a strong track record of enhancing the ability of women to achieve their financial goals in this dynamic electronic world is Chase. If you are a woman looking for a career opportunity, Chases appears to be an ideal place to look. “Working with great people makes you great; you learn a lot and it also gives you the experience and confidence to move on with your own career.”……..Nas An effective program that enables this belief to thrive is the Women’s Network at J.P. Morgan Chase. At their website the process is explained well. “If you want to be a leader in this industry, who better to learn from than the women who are already driving our business? They’ve built impressive careers, hold leadership positions and have inspirational stories. Our Winning Women program isn't just about getting your foot in the door. It may help you find your way into our firm, but you'll quickly see that our commitment to helping women succeed – at any point in their careers – doesn't end there. Join us and from day one, you'll start building your network. You can become a member of one of our junior women's networks that aim to help develop, promote and retain our Analysts and Associates across our businesses. Those groups provide networking and development opportunities with both their peers and senior management across products and functions in a context that is enriching to their professional and personal growth. These networks have been built by our junior women and continue to thrive because of active member participation and the continued support of their senior sponsors. And some of these sponsors are the same women who are part of the Private Banking Women's Network and the Investment Bank Women's Network, groups of senior women who work together to attract, retain, develop and promote women at the Vice President, Executive Director and Managing Director level. As you continue to advance in your career, you'll have the potential to transition from Winning Women, to members of our junior women's networks and eventually to become a part of the Private Banking Women's Network or the Investment Bank Women's Network. No matter what network you belong to or what position you hold, all of these women will be familiar faces. You'll see them actively participating in our student events, mentoring programs, and many other firm initiatives. Because we all have one thing in common – the desire to succeed and help others around us succeed as well. Your peers and network will be there to support, guide and celebrate your development as you progress – both professionally and personally.” “If you wish to achieve worthwhile things in your personal and career life, you must become a worthwhile person in your own self-development.”……….Brian Tracy If that sounds like a winning idea, all you have to do is visit their website and examine their values to help you understand where these values are cherished. At it’s expressed, “Built with hard work over 200 years, our company has been there for our clients and communities in good and bad times. We will continue to invest in our businesses for the long-term, and together, build a company in which we can all be proud. Certain principles are so fundamental to our success that we would like to describe them in some detail. If we can adhere to these principles – and they are not in order of importance – we will reach our goal of becoming the best financial services company in the world. We also hope they will give you a roadmap on how and why we make our decisions.” They further explain that diversity is a cornerstone of their global corporate culture, and they continue to build upon it by: • Identifying top talent and building development plans accordingly • Seeking a diverse slate of candidates for all key job openings • Building a pipeline for diverse talent by working closely with universities and key industry groups • Actively involving our people – through business resource groups, annual forums, open discussions with senior leaders, seeking input on multicultural marketing efforts, and partnering on community activities • Offering a comprehensive set of policies, programs and benefits to meet the changing needs of a wide spectrum of individuals Mr. Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase expresses, “"Nothing is more vital to the long-term growth of JPMorgan Chase than our ability to attract and retain talented and dedicated employees. Success at our firm requires that employees treat clients and customers respectfully and fairly and stay true to the values embedded in our culture: personal commitment, honesty, teamwork, diversity and community awareness." If you are a small business owner, this is something you should be aware of as well. On September 3, 2014 it was reported, “Today, Chase continues its ongoing commitment to small business with the launch of Mission Main StreetSM Grants, a program that will award 20 grants of $150,000 to small businesses nationwide. Qualifying businesses that apply for a grant will gain access to a marketing Toolkit and a $150 coupon toward one market research study with Google Consumer Surveys from Premier Sponsor, Google. In addition, the 20 grant recipients will receive a trip to Google for an exclusive small business marketing workshop, a Google Chromebook Laptop computer and a $2,000 coupon toward one market research study with Google Consumer Surveys. Today through October 3, any for-profit business in the U.S. with fewer than 100 employees and which meets all other eligibility requirements may apply. Full eligibility requirements are available at” If you miss the deadline, please contact Chase regarding future opportunities. At Female Competition International, we continue to scan the business world looking for ideas that provide opportunities for our female competitors to improve their lives and financial health. We appreciate that Chase Bank is demonstrating through defined actions that they feel the same way. ~ ~ ~ subscribes to news source. No affiliation. Sources:, Wikipedia,, Photos thank you Wikimedia Commons.

Toyota Corolla Fielder

Consumer Reports’ 2012 Car Brand Perception Survey relates how consumers rank car brands in relation to seven purchasing influencing factors such as safety, quality and value to name a few. Women had a stronger preference for Toyota, a brand whose sales inventory heavily favors cars and crossovers which are vehicles built on a car platform combining in highly variable degrees, features of a SUV with features from a passenger vehicle, especially those of a station wagon or hatchback.

Much of this preference stems from the decision of Toyota to focus on and respond to the ever-changing needs and increasing buying power of the college educated female market. An example of this was Toyota’s attendance at the recent fourth annual Women in the World Summit in New York. Innovation, creativity and courage were being rewarded where three Toyota Driving Solutions grants of $50,000 each were pledged by Toyota for women selected as “Mothers of Invention” at the summit. The grants were awarded to the recipients who are addressing some of today’s most pressing global problems with ingenuity. Recipients include Kativa M. Shukla, founder and CEO of Fenugreen; Caitria O’ Neill and Morgan O’ Neill, co-founders and chief executives of and Sejal Hathis and Tara Roberts, co-founders of girltank.

Toyota went above and beyond expectations with an additional $15,000 grant for each of the women to “pay-it-forward” to another innovative organization or cause of her choice. The “pay-it-forward” grants were presented so that honorees could help a budding Mother of Invention and continue to share good ideas and make great things happen in the future.

“It’s an honor to return as a sponsor of the Women in the World Summit,” said Julie Hamp, Chief Communications Officer for Toyota in North America, and summit co-presenter. “Toyota is proud to demonstrate its ongoing commitment to women by honoring the Mothers of Invention – courageous and innovative leaders who are making a difference in their communities and the world.”

As reported by Toyota USA Newsroom, The Summit, hosted by Newsweek & The Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown, of which Toyota was the presenting sponsor, was held at the David H. Koch Theater at New York’s Lincoln Center and featured two days of programming and panels aimed at addressing urgent issues facing girls and women worldwide. This year’s participants included Meryl Streep, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Brown, Dr. Hawa Abdi, Tererai Trent, Ambassador Susan E. Rice, Eva Longoria, Michaela DePrince, Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Diane von Furstenberg, Anne Finucane, America Ferrera, Tom Hanks, Lesley Stahl, Cynthia McFadden, Patricia Amira and many others.

Further, Wards Auto, The information Center For And About The Global auto Industry, reports Toyota Motor Corporation is spending nearly $2 million dollars to create a more female friendly work environment, as the company boosts its hiring of women. In December of 2012, The Charleston Daily Mail reported that in Buffalo, New York, Toyota hired the first woman to serve as Senior Vice President of their auto factory, Ms. Millie Marshall.

Toyota’s research indicates that men show more interest in features relating to performance, such as sport suspension; alternative fuels such as fuel cells; advanced technologies like satellite radio; and utility features such as tow hitches. The same studies show women are more interested in and willing to pay for features relating to safety, such as airbags, and passenger comfort features like rear passenger climate controls or a sunroof.

For a young woman in college or recently graduated, car purchasing is a major decision. For many, that decision will result in the purchase of a Toyota. In the coming months, FCI will be reaching out to a Toyota spokesperson to speak with NAIA female wrestling students and graduates about ways to make that decision well-informed and uncomplicated.

Toyota (NYSE:TM) established operations in the United States in 1957 and currently operates 10 manufacturing plants. There are nearly 1,500 Toyota, Lexus and Scion dealerships in the United States, which sold more than 2 million vehicles in 2012. Toyota directly employs nearly 30,000 in the United States, and its investment here is currently valued at more than $18 billion, including sales and manufacturing operations, research and development, financial services and design. Toyota’s annual purchasing of parts, materials, goods and services from U.S. suppliers totals more than $23 billion.

This is Toyota’s Mission and Vision. “Toyota will lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with the safest and most responsible ways of moving people. Through our commitment to quality, constant innovation and respect for the planet, we aim to exceed expectations and be rewarded with a smile. We will meet our challenging goals by engaging the talent and passion of people, who believe there is always a better way.”

Finally, this is the Toyota Way. “With its emergence as a diversified, international corporate leader, Toyota has an established set of values, beliefs, principles and business methods that act as the lifeblood of the company; we call them The Toyota Way. The Toyota Way is supported by two main pillars: Respect for people and Continuous Improvement. Together, they define how the people of Toyota treat others and how they perform their work in order to deliver the company’s values to customers, shareholders, associates, business partners, and the global community.”

~ ~ ~
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