Remembering DWW’s Anita D, Physically Strong, Emotionally Beautiful,, DWW Galaxy photo credit

If variety is the spice of life then balance is the key that unlocks the door to a good life.

In terms of her physical beauty, DWW’s Anita D. seemed to have found the perfect balance between being physically strong and feminine gorgeous.

As stellar as the DWW wrestling stable was they didn’t seem to have a lot of female body builders in their circle.

Anita from Hungary was a welcome addition to add variety. Her wrestling certainly spiced things up.

Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about her with appreciation.

DWW’s Anita D, Blonde, Muscular, Strong In The Broken Places,, DWW Galaxy photo credit

It was a joyful excursion to watch Anita wrestle. Not only was she physically strong but she was very quiet and humble as well.

When translated her name means grace. She was very graceful indeed.

That is an understatement.

In today’s competitive female submission world her body reminds us a lot of Brenda of Germany whose hard work in the gym has paid off. She too has achieved the balance of delicious female muscle and feminine sexiness.,, femwrestle photo credit

The review of Anita’s match against Germany’s Karine is found in the above cited Femcompetitor article.

Anita wrestled Karine, Reni and Bea but it was her match against the global superstar Antscha that received a lot of attention. Here is a review by Captain Bob at the old DWW Galaxy site. “Very interesting match fought between a couple of nicely muscled beauties. Antscha is more experienced with Anita having the edge in strength, and the combination makes for a dead-even match.

This is what in American football is known as a “defensive struggle.” Neither wrestler is able to mount much offense, so the girls spend a lot of the match locked together grinding those gorgeous muscles against each other, particularly the upper bodies. That doesn’t mean the action is slow, though — quite the opposite, with things moving along at a good pace. When the bell sounds, the score is 0-0 so the jury has to decide the winner between two very exhausted fighters.”

As we can see, Anita held her own against one of the toughest Fem Competitors in the world.

We want to know more about her.

When we examine her profile it shares that she loves turkey breast and rice. Wow, sounds tasty.

In Anita’s honor let’s visit one of the most enticing restaurants in Budapest who can serve up turkey breast and rice with the best of them.

Have you heard of,, photo credit

They enter with high praises. Here are two reviews from Trip Advisor.

“Last year we dined here in two consecutive evenings (The second was our tribute to our pleasure f the first…) Excellent Hungarian food. Very professional and helpful service. After having both the divine game soup with estragon, and the goose liver starter, each, we said we would share a one dish of main course, they brought it already on two separate plates!! (It was the fantastic stuffed cabbage Kolozsvar style). This year we went there on our first evening. Kiskakuk is the right place to celebrate the return to Budapest.”

Here is one more.

“We (my parents, my 14 year old son and I) dined here 2 nights in a row as the food was so good and plentiful and there were so many things to choose from. My father ordered every liver dish available, my son ordered a duck dish the 1st night and was presented with half a duck which we all found delicious and we had turkey in a variety of ways. Everything course was perfect! We had plenty of drinks, local beer, wine, soft drink, and 2 courses.

Very Hungarian, all locals, and the perfect way to end a day in this beautiful, historical city. We sat outside and were very well looked after by the staff who spoke English. A must if you are in Budapest! Approximately $80 AU for 4 people with 2 courses and plenty of beer, wine and soft drink. We were overfull each night. A very short stroll to Parliament house and the Danube.”

Very impressive.

Perhaps this success is due to their philosophy. It is a philosophy that has been around for over 100 years. We’ll politely listen in.

At their website they educate, “Spending time on something. This expression has disappeared from big cities.

No more peaceful parks or groves to daydream but more and more plazas and shopping centers, being a lot more profitable. There are less “traditional” restaurants where the guest is really appreciated and is not only the owner of purse, providing the restaurant with money.

In our opinion, we must spend time on important things, making a sacrifice for eating by paying attention to and taking care of our respected guests.

Having something to eat at a fast food restaurant where the food was made in three minutes, cannot be unforgettable. It will be nothing else than simple food: a mixture of protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamin.

Spending time on something. It already starts at the market, buying raw material, choosing the best recipe, preparing the meal in the kitchen, serving the guest and at last having the meal.

It was all taken for granted in the 1910’s in Hungary. Having built restaurants the most important point of view was the interior, preferring the adequate furniture. Restaurant Kiskakukk was established in 1913, in the era, when eating out was appreciated. It was the time when even great writers like Krúdy and Máray and other gourmands travelled for hours to have delicious ox-tail soup. This is attitude of our present staff as well.

We wish to raise standards to the level of the establishers, according to the demands of our age. In order to carry out this plan we use high quality raw material, having an eye for all details while preparing specialties of traditional, civil Hungarian and International cuisine, offering excellent dishes.

Be our dear guest at our renewed restaurant if you want to have a delicious lunch or dinner, enjoying the old-world atmosphere of the place.”

You see what we mean? That was very special.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”… Thomas Merton

DWW’s Anita D. is especially beautiful. Just the right balance of a golden mane, scrumptious feminine muscle and grappling determination.

Be careful. We could become eternally mesmerized.

~ ~ ~

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