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March 14, 2022,

Immediate payoffs are so satisfying.

That is why pushups are so electrifying. They can get you juiced up. You can feel your chest muscles changing.

A push-up, sometimes called a press-up, is a common calisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position.

The pushup requires the work of many muscle groups, with one of the primary muscle groups being the chest muscles, the pectoralis major and the minor.

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The amateur wrestling leaders at educate, “Push-ups may seem like a “chest” exercise to some, but they work the entire body, including back, shoulders, core and leg muscles. You might feel it in the chest, but it’s working the entire body in one way or another.”

Both squats and pushups can help develop that explosive strength that is crucial in wrestling.

There are many facets to love about pushups. You can virtually do them anywhere.

Interestingly, a pushup appears to be so simple but can we turn to experts to get more out of them? Can certain approaches to pushups yield us better results as opposed to not having a plan?

For example, like doing pushups with one arm?

We think so.

Just as your wrestling is important to you, pushups can help you become more confident in clinches and overall strength.

Take a look.

The Ultimate Guide To Pushups: For beginners to advanced athletes, over 65 pushup variations to help you build a stronger, more confident you! Paperback – April 17, 2010,

By David Nordmark (Author), Jamie Reynolds (Author)

Achieve Muscle Growth, Strength And Endurance With Perfect Push Ups

“Push up workouts are one of the oldest and most effective exercise methods known to man. By themselves pushups work the entire body and will help you achieve real muscle growth, strength and endurance in record time. The Ultimate Guide To Push Ups contains over 65 different push up variations that are suitable for the complete beginner to the advanced athlete. You don’t need expensive gym memberships or other gimmicks to get in superior shape. The push up workouts presented in this book work the major muscle groups, are free, and can be done at anywhere at anytime. When you read this book you will learn the following:

  • How to perform a perfect push up
  • Build strength and endurance evenly
  • Stimulate muscle growth 3 ways
  • Discover a method of achieving 100 push ups in a row
  • Improve your reaction time
  • Every push up variation is fully demonstrated and illustrated
  • How effective push up workouts can be

If you want to learn how to utilize push up workouts to achieve superior health then The Ultimate Guide To Push Ups is the book for you.”

Some of what the author is saying are certain approaches we have never done, but should.

Didn’t realize there was the perfect pushup. Appears to be a very good, well-thought out read.

You can use pushups for model looks or you can use them to build explosive strength for your wrestling.

We like the latter. We have a visiting writer who can help.

Pushups That Build Explosive Strength,

By Johnny Grube

Pushups are more than a just a simple exercise that people use for warmups before
a workout or a cool down after a workout, if pushups are done regularly you can build
a great deal of strength throughout the whole body.

You will find that the pushup can be a very physically demanding exercise, if done
the right way they can build a tremendous amount of explosive strength.

People think that the only and right way of doing pushups is do them slow, if
you want to be slow train them slow, if you want speed do them as fast and as
explosive as you can.

Some people can do 100 pushups in a row, but if you tried to do 100 pushups then
jumped up and did 10 pullups how would you feel, could you complete it, now we
will do the same amount of pushups and pullups but we will change it around a little
bit, do 10 pushups, jump up and do 1 pullup, continue this for 10 sets, no rest
until all 10 sets are completed.

If you want to build explosive strength try these types of pushups:

The explosive atlas pushup: This pushup is done between 2 chairs or stools, put
your hands on the chairs or stools, keep your feet on the floor, dip down between
the 2 chairs until your chest is just below the chairs, now from the bottom position
explode up as fast and as hard as you can bringing your hands off the chair, then
come back down, landing on the chairs. Repeat this for as many times as you can.

This pushup can be made harder by coming up from the bottom position and touching
both hands to your chest and back to the chair.

The 3 position explosive pushups: These pushups are 3 pushups in one, the hands close
together, hands shoulder width, hands spaced wide.

Start this pushup with the hands under your chest, do a pushup, explode up bringing
your hands off the ground and spreading your hands shoulder width apart, do another
pushup, explode up bringing your hands off the ground and placing them outside your

Once you complete all three pushups this is 1 completed pushup, now reverse the order
you just did them. Wide, shoulder width, close ( under your chest) continue until you do
10 reps or you can jump back to the starting position ( wide to close) as long as you don’t
stop moving, there is no rest.

If you want to make this harder put your feet on a bench or chair. So your jumping from one
pushup to another changing the spacing of your hands in one movement, these are demanding
but will give you explosive power.

John Grube is an expert on the subject of bodyweight training. He has over 25 years of training experience and is the author of The Wildman Training Program manual , The New Expanded version The Wildman Training Course and The Super Strength Playground Training Manual.For more info

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