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March 14, 2022,

The passage of time and extensive purchased video viewing made it very clear to us that Hungary’s Sheena is one of the best female submission wrestlers in the world.

The proof is in the myriads of highly skilled submitted female bodies that she has left strewn on wrestling mats across Europe.

Will Viper Max of Ireland, United Kingdom be another casualty?

Most likely, but still, this is why you play the games.

Though she travels throughout Europe, Viper currently hails from Cork, Ireland.

Brief travelogue.

Cork, meaning marsh, is the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, located in the south-west region of the country.,, Viper-2022-Dylan-Own-work-Wikipedia-photo-credit.

The scenic metropolis has a population of 210,000.

Originally a monastic settlement, Cork was once fully walled, and the remnants of the old medieval town center can be found around South and North Main streets.

For local color, the team at add, “Visit Cork and you’ll find a true blend of old and new. Contemporary art in historic buildings, chic cocktails in the Victorian Quarter and people of all ages reveling in the atmosphere. Experience the charm of Clonakilty, enjoy the famous hospitality of Skibbereen and admire the golden beaches dotted around this stunning county.”

Well said. Absolutely worth a visit.

Viper’s opponent is the elite Fem Competitor Sheena from Hungary.

Her accomplishments are as grand as her myriads of devastating victories.

Working with Antscha’s elite team and wrestling at events in front of live audiences has heightened her skill sets.

And feared reputation.

This battle is Sheena’s to win. The only question is by how much?

HUNGARY’S SHEENA VS IRELAND’S VIPER MAX,, Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit Editorial use

Apparently no introductions are needed.

The two beautiful stealth warriors stand, then engage.

Viper gets off to a good start by performing a floor to body scissors trying to trap Sheena’s arm as she sits, trying to get away, which she does.

The Irish girl is persistent and pulls Sheena forward to try and secure the arm once more while she keeps her legs locked around Sheena’s ripped waist.

Sheena responds by simultaneously pushing on both Viper’s stomach and legs and completely breaks free.

Now it is her turn to go on the offensive, and boy does she.

She quickly encases Viper in a triangle choke.

As she lays on the mats, she could grab Viper’s arm and pull Viper towards her, but Sheena is so confident and forgoes that and flips Viper on to her back, still trapped in the triangle, sits on her and takes a moment to decide what to do.

Viper continues to try and kick out of the hold, so now the decision becomes easy.

She grabs Viper’s kicking leg and erotically and painfully brings it forward as Viper helplessly lies beneath her and the Irish beauty taps out.

At the 1:45 mark, Sheena leads 1-0.

The two princesses begin to engage again from the ground.

After some maneuvering, Sheena gains the advantage and almost executes what she loves to do, the Monkey Flip.

This time, Viper avoids that fate.

But not the next time.

When an opponent is in an arm lock position with Sheena, the direction of the fight can go a number of ways. Sheena is so talented and physically agile that in those pausing seconds, you can literally feel Sheena deciding which of the five options she is going to execute next.

She decides upon a folding pin.

Sheena reaches underneath Viper’s left knee and rolls her forward into an erotic folding pin where Viper is trapped on her back with her bikini adorned bottom rising helplessly up into the air with Sheena in control.

If this were in a lady pro ring, the referee would begin the three count.

Sheena keeps the feminine beauty trapped in this erotic hold for almost a minute with Viper looking helpless.

Finally Viper breaks free.

Sort of.

The Hungarian star is immediately on top of her again as the feminine Viper tries to fend her off.

They jockey around for position, and as often she does, Sheena ends up on top. She then effortlessly flattens Viper out into a painful arm and joint lock.

At the 3:50 mark, Viper taps out.

2-0 for the acrobatic Hungarian star.

In round three, Viper does better at keeping Sheena at bay through arm stretches and hand fighting. She puts up a game effort but at some point, Sheena finds herself back in control. The two continue leg fighting on the ground. Twice before, Sheena has tried the Monkey Flip on Viper with partial success.

This time the Monkey Flip works to perfection.

Viper lands with a loud thud.

The natural flow of this effective move places Sheena on top. Once there, Sheena begins to take control and tighten her arm around Viper’s head, who once again, is struggling from the bottom. Viper tries to make her way up and does, in part because Sheena is allowing her to. Why?

To perform another Monkey Flip.

Smack. Viper painfully hits the mats again and Sheena the acrobat is right back on top of her.

While on top, Sheena begins to once again examine her options. Viper is like captured prey, silently awaiting her fate, wishing help comes, but knowing it will not.

Her fate is an arm bar. Sheena perfects the hold. Cranks.

Viper taps out.

At the 6:55 mark, 3-0 for Sheena.

Time to go at it again.

Confident of victory, Sheena now begins to toy around with Viper and we sense the submissions are going to be rolling in swiftly.

Sheena quickly traps Viper’s neck in a floor triangle leg head lock while she leans forward, under hooks Vipers right leg, leans forward and once again erotically has Viper’s sensuous full feminine butt, helplessly in the air.

Done with her fun, Sheena quickly spins around and traps Viper in an upper body and neck head scissors where her strong thighs are in an ideal condition to crush.

Viper has no choice but to concede.

At the 7:50 mark, Sheena leads 4-0.

We don’t see any comebacks here and we sense neither does Sheena.

Now it is time for practice.

Sheena pulls Vipers arms towards her and once again Sheena has the look on her face of a person with tons of options and she is not sure which one to take. Isn’t a great life about choices and options?

So is a formidable women’s wrestling life.

She immediately slides Viper in a triangle choke. Around the neck you ask?

No, a triangle choke around the stomach.

Viper is trapped once again.

To our dismay and mild surprise, though in excruciating pain, Viper breaks the triangle. Good news. Except there is one problem. When you wrestle Sheena, like the legendary Lieutenant Columbo, there is always going to be one more thing.

Sheena has Viper’s arm.

The Hungarian warrior swiftly turns it into an arm bar and Viper immediately taps out.

5-0 in favor of Sheena. (9:20)

Will Viper collapse at this point?

Viper is a gorgeous Porcelain Princess and we’ve seen a number of her matches and though she is out gunned by Sheena, she will not give up.

The fight begins once more and Viper takes a different approach and captures Sheena around the waist and expertly rolls her into a rear naked choke position with her legs around Sheena’s body.

Viper squeezes and Sheena is clearly in trouble.

Sheena is having trouble breathing.

This goes on easily for a minute.

Will Sheena finally submit?


She fakes one way and turns to another, fools Viper, and breaks the hold.

Now Viper is starting over.

Sheena fights from the ground and keeps Viper at bay with her strong legs.

Viper is thinking. You can see it.

She decides to thrust one of her legs forward and try and trap Sheena in a head scissors.

Bad move.

Viper plays right into Sheena’s playbook. We’ve seen this a million times before. Sheena immediately takes advantage of the gift, wraps up Viper’s legs, which she has generously given to her and tightens her grip.

Viper cannot escape.

The acrobatic Sheena then comes to her knees, with Vipers beautiful legs trapped, and performs a painful and erotic minor back breaker.

Viper quickly taps out.

6-0 for the acrobat.

This fight is done.

Hail to the champion.

Fully competitive, this masterful erotic domination is complete.,, Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit Editorial use

~ ~ ~

OPENING PHOTO, 5-second-Studio-Shutterstock-photo-credit-Editorial-use

NOTE: Both Viper Max and Sheena are gorgeous Session Girls.,, Viper Max press photo Editorial use

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Enjoy! The fully competitive Female Submission Wrestling and Professional Session Girl realm is an absolutely wonderful place.