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Fitness should never be a fad but a way of life, wouldn’t you agree? article, wikimedia article, wikimedia photo

Once we make up our minds to do something, there’s nothing to prevent us from achieving our goals.

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”…… John F. Kennedy

So much of our power is in the mind. article, wikimedia article, wikimedia photo

Since there are so many schools of thought on fitness, let’s turn our attention to a guest writer who would like to share his thoughts.

Fitness: A State of Being
 by: Frederic Madore

Today’s technological advancement often raises a lot of questions. While we find that we have a lot more convenience at our disposal, there are many issues surrounding our present fast life. Most people often find that easy is not necessarily good, and that convenient does not always equal to rewarding, when it comes to our long-term goals. We ask ourselves if our lifestyles will actually allow us to age gracefully, or end up wondering why we feel so old when we are barely in our forties.

For many people who have become aware of how their lifestyles impact their future, fitness suddenly becomes a major priority. Never mind that you’re earning good money, or enjoying a rewarding career -if you don’t gear up your body fitness-wise, then all your achievements would hardly matter when you advance in years.

Those who have always maintained fitness-oriented habits are most fortunate. They are rewarded with a sense of well-being, calm despite stress, sound body and mind, and a physique that ages gracefully. Fortunately, those who have just become aware of the benefits of fitness can jump right in and start getting fit -the sooner, the better. The best thing with honing your over-all wellness is the fact that anybody can do it -regardless of status, age, and other factors. There’s not much expense involved. In fact, you’ll probably find that a fit lifestyle often translates into an easier existence. article, wikimedia article, wikimedia photo

Here are some basic tips for those who want to zoom their way to the right fitness level:

Eat right.

America has often been described as a fast food nation. Indeed, any health expert will tell you that your cholesterol levels will rise higher than any impending job promotions if you continue to indulge in grease-laden food. While there is nothing wrong with eating the occasional burger, anything excessive always proves to be harmful -not unless we’re talking about fruits and vegetables. This brings us to the topic of fiber. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. An increased intake will allow your body to flush out toxic elements and cleanse you thoroughly. They are even cheaper alternatives, and have the added advantage of boosting your body with vitamins and minerals. article, wikimedia article, wikimedia photo

Move right.

Unfortunately, working in an office setting often means sitting by your desk for long stretches of time. While you are surely exercising your mind and accomplishing tons of paperwork, your body is also accumulating unused body fat, often the result of a sedentary lifestyle. Few people are blessed with naturally good metabolism, and if you’re like the rest of us who have suddenly realized that they’re already buying bigger and bigger clothes, it’s time to incorporate some activities in your routine. You’ve got a variety of things to choose from -working out at the gym, swimming a few laps per day, jogging around the neighborhood, even climbing those four flights of stairs in your building every day!

“8” is a magic number.

And why not? Surely you know that people are advised to drink eight glasses of water a day, and sleep eight hours every night. Drink up those healthy liquids and hydrate your body. You’ll find that it speeds up digestion and provides a healthier sheen to your skin. As for sleep, always make sure that you allot time for relaxation, no matter how busy your life gets. Fitness is not just about your body’s condition, but the state of your mind, as well. article, wikimedia article, wikimedia photo

Relaxation and recreation are keys to a well-rested mind, therefore ensuring that you’ll never burn out and always have enough energy to keep going. Remember the number eight and be rewarded with a more relaxed mindset.

Of course, it would be best to consult your doctor before taking any steps.

A good physical exam will prove to be beneficial. You’ll not only find out the current state of your body, your doctor can advise on areas of improvement, as well. And when you’ve finally reached your fitness goals, you’ll find that maintaining it is a lot easier and makes your life much, much better. Tasks are easier, your energy level is always up, and you’ll find that you are better at managing and juggling your chores with minimum stress.

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