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Katniss vs Calypso

If you’ve ever been blessed to travel to Japan, and this writer has twice, then you know that their cuisine is some of the healthiest and most delicious in the world.


Dining in Japan is the ultimate delicacy.

When you live abroad and desire to have Japanese treats away from home, it’s great fortune to have access to an exceptional restaurant like Koishi Fish Sushi Restaurant in Brno. article, article, photo

The reviews about this eatery are superb! Let’s listen in.

The globally respected travel site exudes, “Sushi master Noritada Saito and head chef Petr Fučík have combined forces to bring one of the country’s top restaurants to Brno. The main draw card is sushi, served from Tuesday to Saturday, but the menu includes traditional Czech dishes with an Asian twist, such as pike-perch served with barley risotto and apple-vinegar foam. The wine selection is excellent. Book ahead.”

Okay. Will do.

What are the satisfied customers saying at You should see for yourself. article, article, photo

“Delicious! Ready for some fresh fish we arrived one Friday evening from Prague and rushed to the restaurant in time for the latest reservation. The fish was so fresh and delicious! The butterfish nigari was a highlight! The service was above and beyond, our server was so friendly, helpful and guided us in the right direction.” article, article, photo

“I was visiting my friends at nearby Janacek Academy of Music when I came across this Japanese restaurant so I went there on Saturday night. Upmarket interior and very inviting. Staffs were very helpful and friendly, plus Japanese chefs making the sushi. I went for an Araiso sushi selection plus a piece of tuna Tamaki hand roll.”

“Koishi is a small, stylish sushi and fish restaurant in Brno. They have excellent sushi prepared by Japanese chef. Staff is very kind and helpful. They have vast choice of wines and waiters are capable to recommend proper wine for food pairing.” article, article, photo

“For me, simply the best restaurant in Brno. Everything is very good, very fresh products and good “mis en plat”. I’ve been here three times and always perfect.”

According to the informative site Koishi serves organic food, some gluten free and is disabled friendly. article, article, photo

Food just like home, away from home, is always a blessing. Enjoy.


Now in our dinner and a movie series, it’s time for a great female vs female grappling film from one of our great video producers, Fight Pulse.

FW-40: Katniss vs Calypso article, photo article, photo

Release date: June 8, 2016

Our youngest wrestler, Calypso makes her debut at Fight Pulse against Katniss. article, photo article, photo

While Calypso is a fit and strong lady, Katniss has experience on her side, and is at least as tough physically. FW-40 is a very dynamic high-paced match that will delight fans of competitive F/F wrestling. Body scissors fans will love this title, since the vast majority of points (all except 2) come through this hold. article, photo article, photo

Will Calypso be able to achieve victory in her first ever wrestling match? Or is Katniss’s scissors power too much for her?

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