Femwrestle Classic, Hungary’s Mara Vs Alkaia, Axa Jay, She Made A Statement

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October 23, 2021

Frontrunner status during engagement doesn’t guarantee you victory but it sure can instill confidence.

Mara of Hungary falls into the preferred athletic status of being very consistent at defeating the people that she is supposed to, with extremely rare upset, but struggling with the superior fighters as she did against Mystique of England.

Watching Mara wrestle is a joy, so we’re going to enjoy that pastime again with a focus on two matches that she is supposed to win, though the first, in some fans minds might be a question mark.

It’s time to review those two matches.


We always loved the opening sequence at the Femwrestle Events where the two vying beauties stand together before their battle.

Alkaia is wonderfully feminine thick in a black sports bra and briefs while Mara looks sweet and gorgeous in her pink and gray bikini.

This is a very curious match to us.

On paper, given her extensive training in the Czech Republic as a company fighter, we would think that Alkaia would be the front runner.

In 2018, Femcompetitor Magazine wrote about the match at the December 2017 Submission Room event where Alkaia took on Jade of the United Kingdom.

Jade UK vs Alkaia Czech Republic, Event Wresting, Instant ..

Jade has fought competitively from time to time but the overwhelming amount of her more than 80 matches at APL and TC Wrestling are fantasy to semi-competitive so we didn’t expect her to do well against Alkaia but she did.

Very well.

Very competitive.

So here with Mara, who is a newer Hungarian fighter from Tia’s camp and normally we would rate her the underdog, but now we’re not so sure.

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This should be intriguing.

As Mara is ushered to the center of the mats, she is smiling and waving. She is so cute and friendly. Alkaia always has a nice smile so the two sweet maidens seem in a good mood for battle.

There is a star studded audience as we see Alice from Poland, super star Mystique from England, cute girl, now legendary DWW alum, Orsi B, and the elegant Jenna from Hungary quietly looking on.

Talk about a little peer pressure.

The girls engage jockeying for the frontal position. Mara ends up on top with her arm encased around Alkaia’s neck as the Czech wrestler competes from the floor. Mara has the hold strongly secured and what appears to be a certain submission chokehold, she can’t close the deal and Alkaia escapes.

On the surface the exit may appear to be due to Alkaia’s beautiful muscles and strength but we’ve concluded that it was more to Mara’s lack of experience.

Alkaia soon gains control but it is temporary.

They tussle in the corner of the mats before Mara is back on top and eventually in position for a cross body choke. It is another time when a submission seems immanent but once again Alkaia escapes and the girls tumble off the mats.

Once they re-engage, Alkaia is initially on top and in control but in her superior positioning makes a mistake and Mara swings her legs upwards and traps her in a head scissor where both girls’ bodies are soon elongated. Will Alkaia escape again?

This time she doesn’t and soon taps out.

There is a mild gasp of surprise in the audience among the applause. It appears some sitting there thought that Alkaia would be the front-runner too.

The next round is about to begin and you can see by her stance from her knees in the pre-engagement position the Mara is gaining in confidence.

They both attempt to gain neck control and Mara does so successfully. Soon she flips Alkaia onto her back again with a wrap-around choke, forcing herself on top and Alkaia quickly submits.

The audience is not so surprised this time. We are though.

It has become evident that Mara is the superior warrior and you can sense the confidence surging in Mara while simultaneously waning in Alkaia.

Now Mara begins to take it to the shapely Czech blonde and is on top of her again with a semi-sitting neck scissors, squeezes hard and Alkaia submits again.

Will the submissions now come fast and furious?

It appears so.

Mara is quickly in control clasping her hands behind the back of Alkaia’s neck. Alkaia tries to respond by using her muscles to pull Mara forward into a floor to stomach body scissors but Mara is too adept now and like a judo move simply uses Alkaia’s pulling strategy against her and pushes forward flattening Alkaia and gaining the top cross body position while Alkaia profusely kicks her beautiful thick feminine legs to escape but to no avail.

We feel a submission is coming and come it does. Trapped under Mara with her neck under siege, Alkaia taps out again.

After essentially being beaten to the punch at every turn will Alkaia’s spirit be broken or in front of a star studded audience will she respond?

Once they engage we soon get our answer.

She does respond and in the usual initial neck fighting, she actually gains control, thrusts Mara to her side and now has Mara trapped in a brutal body scissors but can she make good on it?

We think she can but she doesn’t and here is why.

This is seen all of the time.

A girl traps another girl in a neck clasp and side body scissors and instead of being patient, holding steady on the position and waiting as her opponent tries to squirm, she should keep applying the pressure and wait until they make the classic mistake, as Alkaia does here, often prematurely changing their position to the top and letting the superior position go seemingly due to impatience.

Okay fine.

Soon she has her hand clasped behind Mara’s neck and in determined fashion seizes her in a floor to neck crank scissors that is hard to escape. Mara tries fiercely to do so and for what seems like an eternity, Alkaia holds on to it.

Finally Mara succumbs and taps out.

Bravo Alkaia! You are finally wrestling up to your potential.

Alright, the game is now afoot. Or is it.

Let’s see what happens next.

Mara is filled with energy and though the two jockey for neck control, Mara obtains it and is back on top of Alkaia with her neck locked in pain.

Alkaia gives in. So quickly. So submissively.

As the match is winding down, will Alkaia keep fighting and make a mild comeback or was her one submission an aberration?

The last minutes of the match will tell. It is time to engage one final time. On their knees, after a gentle hand slap and fist pump, let’s do this.

Strategic hand fighting is the order of the day and that goes on for a few seconds before Alkaia makes a smart more, hands behind Mara’s neck, pulls her forward and traps her in a side body scissors. Alkaia seems to have it secured fairly well.

Can Mara escape? She certainly tries but this time, Alkaia is firm and land locked. She now maneuvers herself on top of Mara, secures Mara’s neck with her thick thighs and gains the submission.

Good work. Alkaia could have gone away but didn’t.

“A lot of times I find that people who are blessed with the most talent don’t ever develop that attitude, and the ones who aren’t blessed in that way are the most competitive and have the biggest heart.”…Tom Brady

Still having said that, the match now over, the sensuous referee with full hips raises Mara’s hand and declares her the winner. For a newer face, Mara was sensational.

Good thing because against Axa Jay of England, she is going to need to wrestle her best day ever.


Today Axa Jay has evolved into one of our industry’s top stars but when she faced Mara in 2014 at the Femwrestle Event in Germany, she was a newer wrestler who had built a very impressive resume at TC Wrestling where she mostly cut her teeth on fantasy wrestlers in primarily semi-competitive matches.


This was Axa’s first huge step towards the big leagues as she took on the risk of putting herself out there in front of a live audience arguably against much tougher opponents than she faced at Top Cats.

Yes we know she faced Viktoria of Hungary there but if you knew that bit of information then you also know that we never know which Viktoria will show up.

Will it be Viktoria who plays possum or the one who wiped the mats with Diana of Poland?


Let’s just say that when she faced Axa at TC and lost, Jed Clampett would be ready to have dinner with her and I think we know what will be on the menu. Huh?

The word starts with the letter P.

Which now brings us to the match against Mara.

Mara is a contrast in training tales.

At this stage of her wrestling career she is a newer girl in the former DWW great Tia’s stable in Hungary. Her competition is stiffer and her training more formal. She is the clear favorite here.

The two sexy girls come to the center of the mats in short skirts.

As they come to their knees then engage, it actually is a struggle. Mara is mostly in control but at least twice when she has securing holds, a persistent Axa slips out.

Finally as they bug tussle (Jed Clampett phrasing) towards the edge of the mats, from above, securing Axa below with perfect positioning, Mara obtains the first submission after the five minute mark.

The intriguing thing about the match thus far is that at times Axa actually has good positioning but can’t seem to finish the process. This occurs again only in more earnest as she has Mara secured in a brutal headlock complete with her body against Mara’s face.

It looks like a sure tap out but due to Axa’s then lack of experience she moves her body to an upright position, she temporarily has Mara secured but that is a severe mistake as Mara whips her legs around and traps Axa in a head scissors that rolls the British beauty over, as the audience gasps, and is now on top.

The end is near.

Mara stretches her legs out into a powerful elongated head scissors and Axa quickly taps out.

Having said all of that, Axa is a tough girl and this fight is far from over.

In the next round as the girls move towards one another Axa pulls Mara’s neck forward and mildly leaps to clasp Mara in an excruciating floor to body, scissors. It is so painful that this can’t last long. It doesn’t.

Mara taps out. Score one for Axa. We are proud of her.

Okay. It’s time for us to sigh and see where this one is going. From the beginning it appears to be Mara’s to run away with but this recent brutal submission changes things.

Inspired by pride when they engage again, Mara wastes no time in charging after Axa’s neck and obtains success.

Now with Axa secured in a tightening neck hold she brings the English girl down to the mats and maneuvers for a choke hold.

Well done.

Axa taps out.

Message sent and painfully received.

Now it’s Axa’s turn to show fierceness as she initially has Mara in what should be a submission position demonstrating a potential smother with her arm clasped behind Mara’s neck while she is on the floor but instead of closing her out, Axa begins to smile and engage Mara in mild conversation.

This is a mistake that Axa will clean up over time.

Mara breaks the hold, struggles with Axa but still Axa is back in control with a body scissors which Mara bucks out of.

Once Mara is on top, she doesn’t fool around. She imprisons Axa in a choke and this fall ends in a submission.

Now up 4-1, the expectation is that the superior fighter will begin to run away with the match and she does.

The next two submissions of a floor to head scissors and a pin submission roll in very quickly.

Up 6-1, the only question is will Axa mount a resistance or is the route on?

Loved this match.

We always love watching Mara wrestle as she marches on towards being one of the best Hungarian competitive female submission wrestlers in the world.

Having the status of the Frontrunner crown upon her head before virtually any match, in her case is an assurance of victory and often dominance.

Hungary’s Mara is consistent.

As long as civilization exists, fully competitive female submission wrestling history will always remember her.

~ ~ ~

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