Femwrestle 2013 Classic, England’s Xena Vs Hungary’s Mara, Intense, Angry

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February 10, 2022,

Matches of intensity should always be revisited.

They have a propensity to remind us why we love fully competitive female wrestling and remember the talented women who participated and made that so.

When Xena of England met Mara of Hungary in June of 2013, at one of the Great Femwrestle Events in Troisdorf, Germany, given that both women typically display mild mannered personalities, it was a little surprising how this joust turned out to be so intense.

And angry.

We have covered these two beauties before and are well aware of their strengths and challenges. This should be an intriguing matchup because Mara is from Hungary’s formidable stable of wrestlers and Xena has wrestled with Honey’s team in England.

Here is what a Femcompetitor Magazine writer stated about Mara, “Frontrunner status during engagement doesn’t guarantee you victory but it sure can instill confidence.

Mara of Hungary falls into the preferred athletic status of being very consistent at defeating the people that she is supposed to, with extremely rare upset, but struggling with the superior fighters as she did against Mystique of England. Watching Mara wrestle is a joy.”

Xena has been covered as well.

Here is their perspective on the English Maiden, “In the global competitive female submission wrestling industry we have a gorgeous strong girl who infuses her sensuous feminine muscle into every match that she competes.

Xena is a Super Heroine to be mesmerized by. Praise is in store over her brilliant wrestling career.”

High praise indeed.

As the two women stand together before the match for photos, a Femwrestle tradition, Xena is dressed in black athletic shorts that highlight her sensuous feminine muscle and Mara sports a sexy light purple bikini with the word Mara imprinted on the front.


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They begin the match on their knees.

The female warriors from different countries circle one another. The camera is at ground level showing us close ups of Xena’s incredibly sexy thick feminine muscular thighs.

Mara leaps at her and traps her in a headlock and takes the British girl down to the mats, her beautiful thick legs kicking in struggle.

The two circle around at ground level while Xena tries to break the hold with her strong hand tightening on Mara’s left wrist.

As Honey watches on in her referee outfit, Xena is able to stand, grasp Mara from behind in a rear naked choke, pull the brunette backwards and goes for the submission. Mara will not tap. The two begin to squirm around on the mat, one fighting to escape the other trying to strengthen the choke.

The struggle continues and Xena manages to reconstruct the hold into a floor to sitting body scissors and a vice like frontal grip on a desperate Mara’s neck. Xena is much stronger and not letting go.

At the 3 minute mark Mara finally taps out.

Admittedly we’re a little surprised. We pegged Mara to win this one. She is an exceptional front runner and, even if she would not publicly admit it, we sense she expected to win this one. With her Hungarian contingent watching on and cheering for her, Mara must up her game or potentially be embarrassed.

Xena leads 1-0.

The girls reposition themselves and once again begin on their knees.

At this point Xena does something a little odd that would be telling later. She rings her hands in the air, as though they are wet then gently wipes the blue mat as though she is cleaning something off, with her hand.

Appears eccentric.

As they engage Xena takes control and tries to secure Mara in a headlock. She straddles the cute brunette seeking closure but Mara keeps her at bay with her left knee.

Mara breaks the hold but Xena is still in control. Someone in the crowd yells “Yes Mara” and we see Tia seating mat side watching with great interest.

This is clearly Mara’s home audience.

Xena attempts an arm lock scissors but once again Mara breaks the hold. LWS Honey, the referee, asks the two wrestlers to move to the middle.

As they engage, Xena with her strong erotic feminine muscled body is still in control, almost bull dogging Mara with a frontal take down attempt but can’t close the deal.

Xena is still on top, trying to submit Mara with a combination headlock smother, using her strong body weight and while other lesser wrestlers would have given up by now, Mara doesn’t.

She finally breaks the hold, gets to her knees and someone in the crowd once again audibly cheers her on. At about the 8 minute mark, while escaping, she accidentally bumps Xena in the nose then takes her down to the mats using a brutal headlock and Xena furiously taps out.

Xena now bends over and is clearly inured and agitated. She checks to see if her nose is bleeding. There is a break before Xena is ready to engage again.

Tied at 1-1, the fight begins anew.

Xena aggressively takes control at first with a floor to sitting body scissors with those gorgeous thick legs tight wrapped around Mara’s waist. Next she attempts to slide it into arm bar with Mara can’t break out of. Near the edge of the mats, Xena tightens the grip and Mara taps out.

2-1 Xena leads.

Apparently her nose is still troubling her and Xena flattens out and blows her nose with a towel.

The girls begin again.

Xena pulls Mara forward in a reverse headlock choke with Mara painfully bent over and desperately trying to escape. Cheering her on for the submission, it is now Xena’s English crowd urging her on to make good on that hold.

Xena rolls Mara and remains on top. The two are locked in a hand and arm struggle with Xena trying to gain control. This lasts for at least two minutes before Mara breaks the hold and flips on top of Xena.

She now begins to slowly roll Xena around on the mats as Mara is gaining more control and efficiently slips into a rear naked choke. Xena is trapped and by her facial expressions, clearly in pain.

She taps.

One problem.

Mara didn’t hear it and continues to apply the choke.

This time Xena angrily screams and taps the mats loudly. Surprised, Mara lets go.

2-2, the match is tied.

Xena takes the towel and blows her nose again. She comes back to the center of the mats and looks at a stunned Mara and slams her hand down three times loudly to emphasize, when I tap, let go.

Then smiles.


When we’ve seen someone lose self-control and tersely explains the way things are and should be to their opponent, one of two things typically happen.

First, if the opponent was out of line on purpose, the match really heats up with both girls on the verge of angrily fighting one another.

On the other hand, if the opponent hurt them accidently, like Mara seems to have done here, the person in Mara’s shoes becomes more passive and her intensity during the match lessens because now she is wrestling on egg shells and doesn’t want her opponent to have another temper tantrum.

We witnessed this before in a classic match at a women’s wrestling convention in the United States where Ringmaster Girls Krissy was wrestling Virago’s Grace and apparently Grace accidentally choked her.

Krissy angrily made it clear that she doesn’t know chokes and urged Grace not to do that again.

In our opinion, since we were sitting ringside, though she still won the match, Grace became more passive in doing so.

It will be interesting to see what happens here.

Mara is struggling as it is but will she become more passive now?

Xena is displaying a tight smile while she coughs and gently wipes her throat.


Have you seen a tigress smile?

The two girls begin to circle one another again now a little more hesitant to engage.

There is intensity in the air.

Finally Xena lunges forward and traps Mara in a reverse headlock choke in the upper position. It would be understandable if Mara tapped out, but she doesn’t.

Xena begins to maneuver and in the process loses control. Mara is now on top. They are near the edge of the mats and soon fall off.

Xena wipes her legs with the towel and blows her nose again.

As they re-engage, Mara gains the upper hand and bull dogs Xena down to the mats with a head lock.

Xena taps out.

Mara wins this intense battle 3-2.

When matches like this are this phenomenal, it is important that time remembers them.

Xena vs Mara? The power of a Femwrestle event?

Impossible to forget.

~ ~ ~

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