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Life as a whole becomes wonderful in the long term when we break it down and plan it for enjoyment and satisfaction on a daily basis.

For those of us who love competitive female grappling, watching it alone as an isolated event is fine, but making a day of it with a meal with friends is even better.

With an eye on the exciting city of Prague where there is great female grappling, there are wonderful places to eat as well.

Bistro Proti Proudu is one of them.


The well-researched site wallpaper.com praises well. “With an ever-growing number of cool cafés, wine bars and shops, Prague’s Karlín district is fast becoming a haven for the hip set.

Its latest arrival, is Bistro Proti, a cozy corner eatery with a sleek interior inspired by the neighborhood’s most significant historical figure, engineer František Križík.


The restaurant is a twenty-year long dream come true for journalist husband and wife team David and Karolina Konecný, who tasked local atelier Mimosa and architecture firm Modulora to outfit the space.

Clean oak furnishings and marble floors are elegant additions to an otherwise industrial space, which serves an all-day breakfast menu along with light additions such as soups, sandwiches and homemade desserts.”

What a great story. A restaurant built upon passion and love.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”……. Winston Churchill

The interesting site hypebeast.com wants to share as well speaking to the beauty of the stylish architecture. “Mimosa Architekti has taken the concept of clean and minimalistic to new heights with its Proti Proudu Bistro, located in the Karlin district of Prague. The cafe follows a theme of “current and connection” that is, all of its electrical wiring is aligned along its perforated plywood walls, at perfect 90-degree angles.

The electrical concept, influenced by Czech engineer František Křižík, creates functional equipment with an obsessive attention to detail, as the switches and connections mimic the floor arrangement of the lamps and are arranged to form patterns for the guests. And as if the layout and design was not enough, the lighting system is motion-sensitive; that is, customers turn on and off the lights via proximity sensors simply by coming and going.”

Very cool. Very Hip. Very now.

Still, architecture is wonderful but what about the food?

Thanks to foursquare.com, here are the reviews. “Don’t miss this new place! They serve soup of the day, salads, sandwiches and amazing cakes. Everything is fresh and tasty. Service is perfect!”

And here is another. “Amazing place! I need to recommend strongly this bistro – really nice staff, very good coffee and sandwiches. And I really like what architects did with interiors.”

Okay. Here is one more. “One of the best cafés in Prague. Number one for me. Try their sandwiches, cakes, whatever and you will fall in love with this place as well!!”

Now that you are full, are you ready for a great female vs female competitive grappling movie?

We are and here it is.

By Zweig on Feb 11, 2016 12:29 am

Our highly anticipated (62% interest) third installment of Head-to-Head Contest pits two of the best lightweight wrestlers, Akela and Zoe, against each other for the first time since the lightweight championship final.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, zoe vs akela fightpulse.com photo

Zoe and Akela’s above mentioned first match, FW-21, has quickly become a best-seller, and will enter the list of top 10 best-selling titles of all-time during the next monthly update, within only 3 months after release. It is easily one of the fastest and most intense and competitive matches we have ever filmed, full of agonizing scissor holds and headlocks, and amazing escapes fueled by sheer determination.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, zoe vs akela fightpulse.com photo

The tone of HH-03 is more relaxed, since, after all, it is only a series of challenges. Nevertheless the at times emotional absolute competitiveness between Akela and Zoe exhibited in FW-21 carries over. Akela is the one more determined to not spare any effort to win this contest, obvious from the get-go, in the finger lock challenge, as well as any of the head scissor holds, as she carefully positions and maneuvers her hips in search of the perfect squeeze, in order to make Zoe submit as quick as possible. After all, she is the one with something to prove. We already know that this brings out the best in Zoe.

We will not reveal the outcome. However, let us say that labeling this contest as a competition between upper-body and lower-body strengths would not be far from truth. However there is more to HH-03 than that.

As usual, for ease of reference, below we present the outline and guidelines of H2H contests.

H2H contest consists of the following 11 challenges:
#1 Finger lock wrestling – opponents lock their hands in a test of strength and try to get each other to either submit or get down on at least one knee
#2 Arm-wrestling – laying down on the mats; once with each arm (possibility of a tie)
#3 Lifting – the contestant who lifts their opponent and keeps them from touching the mats for the longest period of time wins this challenge; each chooses their lift type
#4 Push-ups – the contestants do push-ups on referee’s count, and the one who stops sooner loses the challenge
#5 Leg wrestling – once with each leg (possibility of a tie)
#6 Schoolgirl pin challenge – this challenge follows the basic outline of our schoolgirl pin challenge videos (FW-12, FW-16 & FW-23); in order to get a point the contestant has to pin their opponent’s shoulders down to the count of ten within a one-minute period; each can choose their favorite type of sgpin
#7 Body scissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s body scissors for the longest wins the point
#8 Front head scissors – the contestant who withstands her / his opponent’s front head scissors for the longest wins the point
#9 Reverse head scissors – similar rules to above
#10 Figure-four head scissors – similar rules to above
#11 Reverse figure-four head scissors – similar rules to above

Logically, the winner of most of these challenges is declared to be the winner. The maximum possible score is 11-0. The minimum possible difference is 0, since the challenge can easily end up being a tie. This could happen if 1, 3 (quite possible) or more (improbable, but not impossible) of the above challenges end up being a tie. The three challenges that can easily end up with a tie, as noted above, are arm-wrestling, leg-wrestling and sgpin challenges, when each contestant wins one of the rounds. As to other challenges, they could theoretically end up with a tie as well, if the times are so close that we find it extremely difficult to determine the winner on the stopwatch or the computer screen.

fciwomenswrestling.com article, zoe vs akela fightpulse.com photo

You can purchase the video here: 


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