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Wendy Richter was the all-time women’s wrestling Marketing Genius

If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.
……….Woody Allen

This wrestling queen was successful where so many that tried extremely hard were not.

Wendy Richter was an absolute marketing genius. She was soooooooooo innovative featuring new methods; advanced and original to promote her wrestling talents and hurdled women’s wrestling into the future.

The tall feminine force from Dallas, Texas had marketing skills that others envied and found hard to imitate. Wendy was a marketing genius. Her pairing with the innovative singer songwriter Cindy Lauper would solidify her unique wrestling career as legend.

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Her pathway to stardom is well chronicled but even still, always fascinating.

Wikipedia shares before she entered the world of professional wrestling, she worked on her family’s ranch and took part in rodeo competitions. She attended Bossier High School, where she participated in volleyball, track, and cross-country. She later majored in computer programming at Dallas’s Draughon’s Business College. In the 1980s, she moved to Crystal River, Florida. She would eventually make a living as a real estate agent.

A crowning achievement occurred when she eventually earned a degree in physical therapy and a Master’s degree in occupational therapy. Ms. Richter also competes in dog shows, including the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

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The well recognized website wwe.com affectionately reminds us, “A two-time holder of the Women’s Championship, Richter was instrumental in helping to bring about the connection between WWE and the MTV generation. This monumental partnership helped the charismatic Diva forever cement herself into the upper echelon of WWE history, paving the way for a generation of Divas that would come after her.

Richter took WWE by storm in the latter part of 1983. In 1984, she befriended pop star Cyndi Lauper, forging a powerful bond that would lead to MTV’s “The Brawl to End It All” that same year. It was in that unprecedented event where Wendi defeated future WWE Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah to win the illustrious Women’s Championship for the first time. Many believe this match heralded the arrival of the “Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Connection,” an association that assisted in bringing WWE into popular culture and added to the electricity that helped make the very first WrestleMania such a huge success.”

[pullquoteleft] “Who is this girl Cyndi Lauper, and why is she SO Unusual?!”
………Cyndi Lauper in an interview


When have we ever seen a wrestling star paired with a top pop singer? Having been a fan during the 1980’s this writer was both puzzled and magnetized by this odd coupling. It absolutely put women’s wrestling on the road map to youth culture. They were the perfect odd couple. A large shapely cowgirl often in cowboy boats sporting a cowboy hat alongside the diminutive 1980s style master and trendsetting magician complete with colorful garb and hair.

Biography.com adds Cyndi Lauper burst onto the charts with her debut album; She’s So Unusual (1983). With her eclectic clothes, flamboyantly styled hair and contagious pop melodies, Lauper took the music world by surprise, and the record sold almost 5 million copies. Lauper scored a string of hits that included “Time After Time” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” and won the 1984 Grammy Award for best new artist. In June 2013, Lauper’s musical Kinky Boots won six Tony Awards, including for best musical.

Given Wendy Richter’s great athletic and wrestling ability along with Cindy Lauper’s electric style and personality, they ruled the 1980’s women’s wrestling world. When Ms. Richter’s window of opportunity opened, she didn’t just climb through it, she blasted past it in high notes.

Upon leaving the WWF, Ms. Richter wrestled in Puerto Rico, Japan, and throughout the United States in independent promotions. In Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council, she traded the WWC Women’s Championship with Monster Ripper, holding the belt twice: once in May 1987 and once in July 1987.

Wikipedia reports on January 29, 2005, Ms. Richter appeared at Wrestle Reunion in an eight-woman tag team match (teaming with Bambi, Malia Hosaka, and Jenny Taylor wrestling against Sherri Martel, Peggy Lee Leather, Krissy Vaine, and Amber O’Neal. In August of that same year, Ms. Richter appeared at the second Wrestle Reunion event, Wrestle Reunion 2, in a six-person tag team match.

If you’ve watched many of Wendy Richter’s matches, some of which are online, you’re likely to come away with the view that she was a unique champion. She was tall, strong, feminine, extremely good looking, had charisma and knew how to market those talents with a sense of humor.

She taught us that girls just want to have fun, and we fans should as well. Female Competition International, fciwomenswrestling pays homage to the electric 1980’s by saluting one of that decade’s most endearing and memorable champions.

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