Surprise, Surprise! Female submission Wrestling Wins, article

April 2, 2021

Cover your eyes. Don’t peek. It’s a surprise. Sort of.

Well, maybe not.

Actually kind of did expect for this to happen. It is not as much of a surprise as we thought it would be before the match started.

Once the match unfolds and the eventual winner begins to tactically dominate, then suddenly you realize that this is the way it is supposed to be.

If you haven’t seen the following matches, be aware of the spoiler alert., article


The more we see Jade of London wrestle, the more impressed we become with her.

At first glance when we saw the title and discovered these two girls would wrestle one another, we thought that Justice would easily win. Why? Because Jade has wrestled so many fantasy matches that it has been hard to assess her true skill level. Sometimes in those fantasy matches she lost to Fem Competitors that she had more skill than and there was a lot of grinning and butt slapping.

We’ve never been big on fantasy matches.

However, with this elegant beauty, when she is ready to turn it on, she can in British diamonds. Fem Competitor Magazine wrote about her classic match with the Czech Republic’s Alkaia.

Jade UK vs Alkaia Czech Republic, Event Wresting, Instant

That was a great match.

We figured her match with journey level fighter Justice would be an intense and close one as well.

It wasn’t.

She kept Justice fighting from the ground the whole time. Here is the match description at TC Wrestling.

“A match that demonstrates just how capable and strong a wrestler Jade is now. Justice has plenty of experience and strength too, of course. And indeed they would seem to be well-matched. However, right from the start, Jade is very much the woman on top and in control, with Justice struggling to cope with her opponent’s offence. She does defend admirably though. But it proves tough for her to counter with her own offensive moves. And even when Justice does manage to have any sort of advantage, Jade soon wrestles her way back to regain control. Certainly a weaker opponent with less defensive skills than Justice would have been well and truly worked over by Jade here. Nevertheless, the final score is a decisive one.”

Yes indeed it was.

As the match wore on, it became very evident that Jade’s skill level was quite a bit higher than the arsenal that Justice possessed. It wasn’t an upset. Jade is a superior wrestler.

It was a surprise, but as the match wore on, we should have expected it.


Shapely and very sexy, Lucrecia is a Czech Republic wrestler who has does moderately well there and slightly under average when she wrestled in England, in particular against Chloe who she met twice and lost both times.

Here she travels to New York to take on Doommaiden’s Sweetie Dreams.

By the name alone, long before she would meet Lucrecia, we surmised that Sweetie was not a top wrestler. The day that she becomes one, she will most likely change her name. Sweetie Dreams is an ideal name for a Session Girl.

We have purchased a number of her matches from Veve Lane’s studio and Sweetie typically will defeat the newer girls but struggles or gets dominated by the more formidable ones, including Ursa and Cat.

Here we think we know what to expect but we could view the unexpected.

Both girls fight in different ponds and sometimes based upon that it is hard to tell who will win when they cross-pollinate.

We saw that happen with Rage who dominated at a wrestling club in the Czech Republic but when she traveled to England to face the now super star in Axa Jay, she was thoroughly dominated.

You’re only as good as your competition makes you look.

Here is the match description between Lucrecia and Sweetie Dreams.

“Sweetie Dreams faces off against physically-imposing Czech domina Madame Lucrecia for this fully competitive heavy-weight wrestling match. Lucrecia is an Amazonian wrestler with 3 years of experience and an inclination for putting on the pinning pressure. Sweetie is still a relative newcomer on the scene, but she bravely steps up for the challenge. This match is for submissions and 10-count pins. Most submissions + pins wins. And the winner gets to deliver a Punishment Round of favorite holds to the loser.

It’s a tough bout for Sweetie; Lucrecia not only has the experience advantage in her favor, but she has the size advantage as well. Lucrecia uses her weight well, punishing Sweetie with pins, body pressure, headlocks, and crushing holds. Sweetie tries her best to keep her bearings, wiggle free, and launch attacks where she can, but Lucrecia remains in control with almost-casual confidence.”

Yes, Lucrecia did display casual confidence. We expected Sweetie to put up a better fight. That was unexpected. What became the expected was when she began to talk profusely during the match and as expected, a female wrestler who excessively converses during a match is not bringing her “A” game.

Art imitates real life.

We felt that when we quietly watched the film The Aftermath., article Andrea-Raffin-Source-Wikipedia-photo-credit

The Aftermath is a 2019 drama film directed by James Kent and written by Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse, based on the 2013 novel of the same name by Rhidian Brook. It stars Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Clarke, and Alexander Scheer.

The storyline is set in postwar Germany in 1945.

Rachael Morgan arrives in the ruins of Hamburg in the bitter German winter to be reunited with her husband Lewis Morgan, a colonel of British Forces Germany charged with rebuilding the shattered city and dealing with violent insurgent Werwolf activities.

The couple, whose relationship is tense due to their son Michael being killed during the Blitz by German bombing, will be staying in the requisitioned house of German architect Stefan Lubert and his teenage daughter Freda Lubert. Lewis decides to let Stefan and Freda stay in the house in the attic, a decision that Rachael is initially unhappy with because of her resentment toward Germans over Michael’s death.

She is very rude to Stefan.

That is expected.

She eventually finds out that Stefan and her share a depth of grief.

Her husband is distant from her and often leaves her alone with Stefan. She and Stefan begin to bond.

That was unexpected.

Then they make love.

That was unexpected and soon was inevitable.

Why is her husband distant with her? What’s really wrong beneath the surface? Will she eventually leave her husband and go away with Stefan?

What do you expect?

This is what we love about real life.

Whether it is in our great female submission wrestling industry or the theater, we love the unexpected because, though we can’t predict it, we’ve come to expect it.

That is the beauty of life.

Sometimes it’s a sweet surprise., article

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