Female Jiu-Jitsu, Sexy, Powerful, Popular

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April 5, 2021,

If only we knew their names.

They should be famous.

femcompetitor.com, grapplingstars.com fciwomenswrestling.com article, Rodnae-Productions-pexels.com-photo-credit.

Their performances are incredible and their skill levels extremely high as we see them wrestling online at Nogi Bear and Grappling Girls tournaments.

After we enjoy the YouTube video, we wonder, who is she? Then we view when the video was uploaded and often it is 2-5 years ago.

She may not even still be competing.

When it comes to female jiu-jitsu, there is always someone stepping on to the mats after she moves on. It is just that popular.

Many women who learn jiu-jitsu participate in the sport as a way to create self-defense skills.

femcompetitor.com, grapplingstars.com fciwomenswrestling.com article, Rodnae-Productions-pexels.com-photo-credit.

One group in Southern California that is attracting top performers from around the world is Women “Roll” jiu-jitsu tournament.

The Orange County Register ocregister.com  reported, “At the event, held at Laguna Hills High, women competed at all levels of experience and in six weight classes from 115 pounds to 165 pounds. Participants came from more than 60 gyms across California. The largest previous tournament for women was a Texas tournament in 2010. Seventy-seven women competed there.”

The word has apparently spread far and wide.

It is now being described as the world’s record female jiu-jitsu tournament.

femcompetitor.com, grapplingstars.com fciwomenswrestling.com article, Rodnae-Productions-pexels.com-photo-credit.

So, even if the names are either not mentioned or, due to rare online videos, hard to remember, we can see catch some incredible female jiu-jitsu grappling on UFC Fight Pass.

UFC Fight Pass is an American subscription-based video streaming service owned by the mixed martial arts promotion Ultimate Fighting Championship.

The UFC Fight Pass showcases live UFC, MMA, submission grappling, kickboxing, boxing and Thai boxing events plus a 24-hour linear streaming channel and on-demand programming from a library of over 20,000 fights from over 35 promotions. Fight Pass launched in December 2013 with UFC President Dana White saying it would become “Netflix for fight fans.”

Sounds about right. We can’t get enough of great female jiu-jitsu grappling.

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They certainly have a wide variety.

In March 2014, the libraries of PRIDE FC, WEC, Strikeforce, Affliction, WFA and EliteXC were added to the FIGHT PASS Library.

Now for the Fem Competitors.

In September 2014 Invicta FC began live-streaming events on Fight Pass and over the next three years over a dozen promotions from MMA, kickboxing, grappling and boxing have live-steamed events on the Fight Pass service.

Invicta Fighting Championships, also known as Invicta FC, is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion for female fighters based in the United States.

It was founded in 2012 by Janet Martin a former VP with MMA organization Blackeye Promotions and Shannon Knapp, who held positions at various levels, including executive positions with World Fighting Alliance, International Fight League, Affliction Entertainment, UFC, and Strikeforce.

It has a strategic partnership with fellow Japanese MMA promotion Jewels.

What a great addition.

UFC Fight Pass claims to have over 20,000 historical fights from over 35 promotions available 24-7, including the libraries of PRIDE FC, WEC, Strikeforce, Affliction, WFA and EliteXC, Invicta FC, King of the Cage, Pancrase, Shooto and UCMMA.

As of 2016, viewers worldwide can access live UFC fights and fight replays on their subscription network UFC Fight Pass at a cost of US$7.99–9.99 per month via devices like Apple TV, iPhone, Android, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast.

Pay-Per-View event replays are available to subscribers 30 days after the original event airs, or the day after the next UFC event airs (whichever is later).

In addition to streaming live UFC fights, Fight Pass streams MMA content from Cage Warriors (U.K. promotion), Pancrase (Japanese promotion), TKO (Canadian promotion), Invicta FC, Cage Fury Fighting Championships, Alaska Fighting Championship, Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting, Island Fights, Titan FC and more.

Fight Pass also streams live events from other combat sports such as Glory Kickboxing, Karate Combat, Muay Thai Grand Prix, Friday Night Fights Thaiboxing, QUINTET (grappling), Eddie Bravo Invitational (grappling), Polaris (grappling), World Lethwei Championship, Lethwei Fighting Championship, Roy Jones Jr Boxing and Salita Boxing Promotions.

Although media subscription services tend to experience significant turnover, UFC Fight Pass is believed to have approximately 450,000 subscribers globally.

The desire for females to participant in jiu-jitsu is increasing and if you are a woman wanting to test the waters and get started, we have a visiting female writer with some suggestions.

All About Jiu Jitsu Equipment

femcompetitor.com, grapplingstars.com fciwomenswrestling.com article, Rodnae-Productions-pexels.com-photo-credit.

By Sonia LeClairee

The proper equipment in Jiu Jitsu should be worn at all times for that safety of the fighter and those she or he will compete in opposition to. This is the reason that this really is inspected by the judges before a matchup is about to begin.

But what gear do you need to have in order to compete in Jiu Jitsu? The great news is that you don’t require lots of stuff. Just ensure that you have everything that’s needed.

First, you must have a Gi that is a conventional martial arts uniform with sleeves no more than a fist distance up the arm from the waist. This may give you and your opponent the chance to seize maintain from the other because grappling is one way of scoring a stage.

If there is blood or there is a tear, this has to be changed immediately otherwise the fighter forfeits the match up.

For individuals that wish to spar, you will need gloves and ft. protectors so that you do not inflict any severe harm on your sparring companion. In the event you would like to complete contact sparring, you will require some proper boxing gloves.

These are available in each open and closed palm styles. In buy for this to be licensed, it must have at minimum a fifty percent inch of medium to soft foam.

To stop broken jaws, you should also use a mouth guard because accidents do happen and also you might get strike fairly hard within the facial region especially within the mouth. The same goes for males who might get strike within the groin. Thankfully, you should purchase a groin protector.

Even though a sports activities bra isn’t extremely thick, this is one thing women should have so they don’t feel any discomfort in fight and embarrassment ought to all the grappling make one side from the Gi come off.

You may also use a heavy bag to practice your punches. Ideally, this should weigh a hundred pounds and measures 6 ft. in height so that whenever you aren’t sparring, you are able to apply other techniques.

Helmets are only mandatory for fighters beneath the age of 16 but anyone who desires to use it will be permitted to so. Correct after all, the padding towards the head will guard your ears, eyes and brow in the occasion of a frontal strike.

Even though Jiu Jitsu is very best practiced many times and in the ring, you are able to discover a few methods which you are able to use by viewing movies on how other people do it. You can purchase the DVD or watch this via the net particularly when you don’t need to pay a thing.

Most Jiu Jitsu gear is offered individually but you will find some retailers that sell these in sets which consists of the sparing mitt, shin guards and boots. These are obtainable in numerous sizes and designs so you are certain to seek out something you want.

All Jiu Jitsu gear must not contain something metal or plastic particularly when this is what you will use against your opponent. Maintain in thoughts that even though this can be a get in touch with activity, you are not there to inflict any severe damage.

Turning into a great Jiu Jitsu fighter is not easy and also you will need to practice genuine hard so you can win during the tournament. If you would like other issues to assist enhance your skills, ask your teacher about it so she or he can point you within the right direction.

Warriors will appreciate the martial arts with a collection of karate books [http://www.karate-books.net] in the dojo.

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