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March 10, 2022,

You may have said it yourself. Because you’ve heard them before.

Over and over.

For a reason. Why? Because those proverbs actually seem to work.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. …

It’s better to be safe than sorry. …

Actions speak louder than words. …

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. …

Don’t judge a book by its cover. …

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. …

The early bird catches the worm…

And, if you are a Newer Female Wrestler, now for the most important one.

Drum roll please.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

That’s right, you heard it here for the 500th time.

But when it comes to protecting your knees, are you listening?, photo credit

So, at this point in time, you want to grapple more, but you don’t have a knee injury.

That is great knees.

And great news.

Try and keep it that way. If you’ve ever had a mild knee injury, you’ll know that you’ll never want that to occur again.

Notice that we didn’t say severe because if that happened to you, you’ve most likely already have been to rehab and did your homework on how to support your knees going forward.

In our circle, no one has had a knee injury. Ready for another proverb?

Knock on wood.

Still, when working out? Virtually everyone in our circle wears a knee support. Strictly for preventative reasons.

We don’t want our knees to be in a proverb.

Here is a book found on Amazon that may help prevent that from happening.

Bulletproof Your Knee: Optimizing Knee Function to End Pain and Resist Injury Paperback – May 5, 2019,

By Jim Johnson (Author)

“*kneel, squat, climb stairs, and run – with no pain!

*get rid of knee stiffness *increase knee proprioception *make your knee flexible

*keep your knee from getting hurt or injured  *make your knee joint more stable

*prevent the progression of knee arthritis  *get rid of patellofemoral pain

Created by a board-certified physical therapist, the Bulletproof Knee program is the only set of specific, targeted exercises your knee will ever need to get out of pain and stay healthy.”

Sounds pretty comprehensive.

When it comes to exercising or working out, we prefer doing light leg presses as opposed to doing squats. With squats using weights, you have to really know what you are doing or need a spotter because you can do the opposite in terms of knee injury prevention.

Interestingly, while most online sources say that, stand alone squats are better because they work different muscles, in our experience, light leg presses are safer.

Let’s keep the discussion going because if you truly are serious about taking your wrestling to the next level, always remember knee injury prevention. We can’t tell you how many competitive female submission wrestlers and freestyle grapplers wear knee supports because they will compete in deep pain without them.

Now for our final proverb of the day and for this one, think in the opposite direction.

Experience is the best teacher.

From our view?

Not when it comes to knee injuries. It is better to learn from experts before it happens.

Let’s do that now. We have a visiting female writer with some suggestions with an eye to prevention.

“Hi. I’m Karen. Ever since my friend introduced me to osteopathy, I’ve been a huge fan. My osteopath gets me back on track when needed. Ever since I’ve delved further into understanding the body and how to get the best from it.”

How Does A Knee Brace Work,

By Karen Wentworth 

If you look around the athletes in your community, you will find that many of them are wearing knee braces. It’s not because they have injured knees but because they want better support to avoid injuries. Having a knee brace does not necessarily mean that your knee is not working well. It is just added protection and support so the joint will not be damaged easily. To understand how a knee brace works, let us examine the different types of knee braces that one can use.

The first type is the neoprene sleeve. This is one of the most basic types you can find. It provides little support to the knees and its main function is to keep the area warm. This is important to reduce any feeling of pain or swelling in case the area is already injured. This type compresses the area and ensures that the skin will not swell.

The second type is the patellofemoral brace. This is the type of brace that supports the patellofemoral joint or the knee cap. It ensures that the knees will not be overextended or over flexed during a physical activity. This is very important in ensuring that the joint will stay in place. This is a common brace therefore it is easy to buy it in health stores or sports shops.

The third type is the hinge brace. This type of brace prevents sprains and strains. It prevents the knees from being bent too much to the left or to the right. It stabilizes the knees using bars. This helps in locking the knee preventing dangerous motions from damaging the area. Aside from preventing too much bending, this brace also prevents the knees from being too straightened.

The fourth type is the ACL brace. This type of brace supports the anterior cruciate ligament, one of the most important ligaments that can be found in the knee joint. ACL injuries usually happen because of sudden twisting or sudden rotation. The purpose of this brace is to prevent sudden movements of the knees that can tear the ACL. This is a special brace therefore you cannot buy it anywhere. You will have to ask your doctor to make one for you.

The last type is the knee immobilizer. From the name itself, you should understand that this brace is made to keep the knees in place. This type is usually used by people who have undergone surgeries or those who have severe injuries. Injuries such as broken joints or dislocations need this brace because movement of the knee may lead to further damage.

Knee braces are very important. They work as a support system to the knees in the absence or presence of an injury. They are essential to keep the joint’s health good.

Hi. I’m Karen. Ever since my friend introduced me to osteopathy, I’ve been a huge fan. My osteopath from Inlign Osteopathy helps me get back on track when I visit. This has inspired me to understand more about my body and how I can get the best from it.

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