Mat Classics, LWS Sable Vs Hungary’s Mara, Suzie,

July 12, 2021,

When you have guests who have traveled from a foreign land it takes planning and a positive spirit to welcome them with open arms to a successful menu.

When they travel to meet a local British champion, that alone should raise the level of interest in their future engagement.

The fans can’t wait.

Sable for years was known as one of the best wrestlers at the London Wrestling Studio run by Honey. She wrestled there so often, and outside less, that some wondered how well she would fare against wrestlers not in her circle.

An answer to that question would soon be forthcoming from Hungary.

Here Suzie and Mara travel from Hungary to engage the quiet super star of London in Sable.

Both Suzie and Mara have reputations as being solid fighters. This should be a very good evaluation of Sable’s skill level and prowess.


London Wrestling Studio December 2013 Event,

Inside the famous studio.

Sable does her introduction. She’s 5ft 7in, 160 luscious lbs. dressed sensuously in tiger bikini. Mara is adorned in a black bikini outfit and appears to have a minor wrist injury as she wears a black wrist supports. Mara introduces herself as well.

This is one of those now historical classic matches where you wish you were there since it will never occur again.

Here is the producer’s description, “We were delighted to welcome Mara from Hungary. Statuesque, beautiful and athletic, she really is the complete package. She only began her grappling studies in 2012 but she is a good student and a very fast learner so we had no concerns about pitting her against the two most powerful and skilled wrestlers available on the day. First up is Sable – the ‘unofficial LWS Champion’ and a handful for anybody with her combination of skills, size, mobility and outright power. Mara is undaunted and certainly gives Sable a workout. In fact Sable even openly compliments Mara’s techniques to the audience whilst working hard to submit the Hungarian.”

Sable immediately achieves the upper hand as she claps Mara behind the neck, pulls her forward and gains control. Soon she wrestles her way to the top as Mara is not aggressively trying to counter, just offer resistance. Sable is trying extremely hard to smother her out but the well-trained Mara resists.

Sable is relentless as she maintains control of Mara’s head and neck region trying to squeeze her out.

Mara fights out of it. Bravo.

The audience applauds her tenacity and the two beauties tumble off the mats and the match is temporarily stopped.

As they begin engaging very cautiously, Mara finally breaks the stalemate and charges forward. This works to Sable’s advantage as she pulls the Hungarian warrior towards her, into her grasp, attempts to trap the neck. Mara won’t allow that and at one point Sable remarks about how she admires Mara’s defensive abilities.

Sincere compliment or gamesmanship?

Sable is determined though and as the two furiously tumble around, mostly with Sable in control, the British beauty’s patience, persistence and focus pays off as she continues to head hunt, tightly clasping Mara’s neck while forcefully submitting her.

The next round Mara is very adept at keeping Sable’s hands away from her neck and as a result, the battle goes back and forth. At one point it seems that Sable will trap Mara in a backwards on top head scissors and temporarily does but Mara courageously fights her way out of it. The two wrangle one other into a corner before Honey asks them to come back to the center of the ring.

The audience is quiet once again with great anticipation.

As the two amp up their wrestling again, Sable gains the top spot and is furiously and relentlessly trying to secure a smother. This goes on for some time but Mara refuses to yield and finally breaks the hold.

Sable soon grasps the back of Mara’s neck again, accidentally kicks and thrusts Mara into the corner wall and goes for a cross body pin count and actually does reach three.

Apparently there is some confusion.

Mara doesn’t realize that pins are in. Sable discusses this with Honey and they agree to not count the pin in view of politeness to their Hungarian guests.

Wrestle on.

There is one more submission in the match. It’s worth purchasing to find out.

Once it is over, Mara congratulates Sable on her offense while Sable expresses her admiration for Mara’s defense.

This is a mat classic and if Sable had the advantage because of size, skill and experience, she absolutely needed all of it against the impressive Mara.


Sometimes matchups are a matter of combat styles and we sense that Suzie compares better to Sable’s style than Mara did.

Here is Honey’s description of this highly anticipated matchup, “A competitive submissions match between LWS’s best wrestler Sable, and visiting Hungarian star Suzie. Both girls are not too dissimilar in terms of height and weight, and also share similar wrestling styles – both super flexible, graceful, and fluid. As a result, this match is a little hard to describe, as you won’t see straightforward scissors and schoolgirl pins on display, rather an amazing tangle of long limbs tangling and disentangling in all kinds of unorthodox ways to create unique submissions. The girls chose to start each round from standing.”

Suzie seems more expert at MMA holds and might be just as adept at escaping them.

The two gorgeous girls look spectacular in black, Sable in a full old English style bathing suit and Suzie in black briefs and a sports bra.

Suzie manages to have Sable fight from the floor, so it’s one thing to get Sable there, it’s quite another to keep her there, let alone submit her.

She doesn’t.

Sable escapes but doesn’t really gain control herself as the two engage in a slow moving ground war trying to secure control of the arms for some form of a joint lock.

At one point Suzie is on top but can’t secure the position and relinquishes it to Sable. Suzie defends herself well as she uses her long skilled legs to keep Sable at bay. Finally Sable does back her into a corner, figuratively and literally, gaining a floor he scissors, trapping an initially standing Suzie he subsequently goes to her knees. Sable begins to crank on that strong neck scissors and Suzie taps out.

Thus far the match is going just as we expected.

Learning from what occurred earlier as they re-engage Sable quickly gains control only this time she is relentless in attempting to secure a wrist lock and seems to have it but Suzie manages to escape.

What next ensues is a slow methodical struggle that Sable appears to win as she gains a full mounting elongated position ideal to set her up for a smother. It appears that she actually does have it, falling atop Suzie, and yet Suzie’s sensational MMA skills allows her to thwart Sable’s plan.

Still, Sable stays in control, for a time until Suzie is on equal footing and almost on top. What then occurs is really beautiful. Typically Suzie has her long black hair tightened up but this time it flows wild and free and it is a very sexy side of Suzie rarely seen as her hair slings wildly with her grappling movements.

Suzie appears to be in the controlling position during the next round but doesn’t appear to be anywhere near securing a submission.

The next few minutes see them go back and forth with each girl trying to control the wrists possibly securing a joint lock. Finally Sable gains control and is back on top in the position to smother or lock a hold from the top.

Can she?

As the match comes to an end, unlike most predictions, this one went exactly as we thought it would though we did expect Sable to obtain far more submissions. While Mara was strictly a defensive fighter and a very good one, Suzie’s MMA skills kept placing her in a position to secure a joint lock submission of her own.

It was a contrast in styles as Sable was very impressive in her engagement with the two gorgeous brunettes from Tia’s stable in Hungary.

In terms of Sable’s prowess, the questions were asked and answered.

Away from the pond, across any pond or in any pond, she is an absolute champion.

~ ~ ~