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May 20, 2022,

Wrestling super cute Diana should be part of a rising star’s resume.

She is inexperienced and newer to the fully competitive female submission wrestling game, so you had better win against her, especially if you are a rising star like Beatrix.

So when Beatrix faced cute cub Diana, she not only defeated her but completely dominated her.

It is good to defeat the people you are supposed to.

Beatrix has cut her teeth wrestling Kim, Lenda, Barbie and Dolly at Female Wrestling Zone, so here, competing in Antscha’s formidable realm, this will give us a chance to see just how far she has come.


She will be wrestling the legendary DWW Alum in Zsuzsa.

How are her chances? Not bad actually.

As far as our research indicates, Zsuzsa has made a decision not to heavily embrace MMA training and though she appears to know it, she doesn’t appear to love it.

This could work in Beatrix favor who is taller, and most likely, a little stronger than Zsuzsa.

Still, having said all of that, we still expect the far more experienced Zsuzsa to win.

BEATRIX VS ZSUZSA Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit

As the match begins, Antscha introduces the gorgeous Hungarian girls and Beatrix looks electric in her bright pink one piece bathing suit and Zsuzsa looks elegant in a traditional blue swimsuit.

We look into Beatrix’s eyes and she doesn’t appear to be one bit overwhelmed by the situation, nervous, in awe, nor in fear of Zsuzsa and her historic accomplishments.

Down to their knees, the two begin with slow upper body hand fighting.

Beatrix gains the advantage and then creates an incredible advantage where she has Zsuzsa bent over in an ideal position for a Guillotine Choke submission. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Can she close the deal?

No. Her inexperience shows.

Now that she let Zsuzsa off the hook, they are ready to engage again.

They trade advantages back and forth. Zsuzsa had an incredible opportunity for a headlock and now Beatrix has Zsuzsa lying flat on her back with a semi-arm bar which she slides into a cross body pin.

With her heavier weight, we ask the question once again. Can Beatrix use that advantage to secure a submission?

Antscha begins the pin count as Zsuzsa struggles underneath.

This goes on several times and just as she is about to be counted out at five, Zsuzsa raises her left shoulder and lets Antscha know it.

Beatrix gives up on the full body pin and now transfers into a smother position with Beatrix on top.

Twice now she has let an ideal pinning opportunity slip away.

She has Zsuzsa in a smother pinning position. Will the third time be a charm?

Antscha counts, one, two and Zsuzsa kicks out of the hold.

The audience applauds.

The good news is that the DWW alum is out. The bad news is that she has rolled right into a floor to sitting body scissors which Beatrix is fiercely trying to apply.

The gorgeous blonde switches and now has Zsuzsa ensnared in a brutal Triangle Choke hold.

Zsuzsa continues to struggle. For the moment she can’t break free.

For the moment, are the operative words. Beatrix allows her to escape again.

The audience loudly applauds in approval.


The two press the reset button.

Like a flying cat in the wild, Zsuzsa leaps on Beatrix’s neck and tightens a fierce headlock.

Beatrix is now flat on the floor, desperately trying to get out of that headlock but with all of her years of experience, the former DWW Warrior not only has her locked in that headlock, she has it secured with her body on top of Beatrix.

Beatrix squirms around and around on the blue mats but thus far can’t escape.

The gorgeous statuesque blonde furiously kicks her beautiful legs, to no avail.

Zsuzsa experience pays off. After minutes of struggle, Beatrix taps Zsuzsa’s butt and taps out.

Now that is how you seize an opportunity and make the most of it.

So, Beatrix had three ideal submission opportunities and can’t close the deal.

Zsuzsa gets the job done in one try.

1-0 for Zsuzsa (6:13).

Time for a small break and some arm chair quarterbacking.

We absolutely do not know where this match is going to go from here. Up to this point, we will admit we are a little surprised. Beatrix has been like an NFL team who completely dominates the first quarter with interceptions, fumble recoveries and long offensive drives, yet the scoreboard shows 0-0.

The second quarter begins and on one drive the opposing team scores a touchdown.

The question we have here at halftime, has Beatrix’s window of opportunity closed without a touchdown?

Beatrix is fighting better than we expected and the only reason she appears to be losing to a smaller woman is due to the craftiness and experience of her opponent.

Will Zsuzsa now begin to slowly grind Beatrix into the blue mats or, though behind, can Beatrix become a little more confident in how she completely dominated the first quarter and use that to fuel a victory?

We’ll see.

Zsuzsa uses her catlike abilities and immediately leaps upon Beatrix to maneuver her into a floor to sitting body scissors.

Beatrix appears to be in trouble but she is no rookie and she painful drives her elbows into Zsuzsa’s thighs. The short haired brunette screams in anguish and the hold is broken.

Beatrix now presses forward on top of Zsuzsa and lifts her up, about a foot off of the mat, and slams her head down. Screenshot Antscha Productions photo credit

Zsuzsa screams for a break in the action.

We don’t speak Hungarian but clearly that was out of line. Not malicious, just over zealous.

Beatrix appears to acknowledge that and won’t do it again.

Antscha allows Beatrix to keep the upper hold.

She quickly slides full body, elongated, and does what she is supposed to do.

Trap Zsuzsa in a brutal rear naked choke.

So much for being intimidated by the moment.

The gorgeous athletic blonde appears to know her way around a MMA Dojo and has Zsuzsa locked in a rear naked choke from the top. Now she pulls Zsuzsa backwards into the patented submitting position.

A pattern emerges.

For the fourth time, Zsuzsa breaks out of a seemingly locked in submission hold.

Four times.

Beatrix maintains the superior position and from behind under hooks Zsuzsa into a Full Nelson but, back against the padded wall, Beatrix is breathing heavily and clearly tired.

Zsuzsa is not.

The DWW Alum is trying to escape but can’t.

Beatrix stays with the hold and as they turn, Zsuzsa now facing the padded wall with Beatrix from behind, the blonde girl encases her in that dreaded rear naked choke again.

Zsuzsa quickly breaks out and it is time to start over. The audience applauds Zsuzsa’s determination.

Five times Beatrix had incredible opportunities to submit and did not.

But the babe in pink certainly has not given up.

She is the aggressor as she grasps Zsuzsa and pulls her into a fierce side body scissors.

Zsuzsa is in trouble again.

She breaks the hold.

Six times. What more does Beatrix want? The audience claps as a reward for the DWW Alum.

Time to start from scratch.


The two square up once more.

Beatrix is breathing heavily and Zsuzsa is very calm. Why shouldn’t she be? It is the last round and she is winning and her opponent is clearly tired.

They spar around some more but all Zsuzsa has to do is run the clock out.

She does to perfection.

1-0 for the clever and strategically wise DWW Alum.

This was energetic young Beatrix’s match to win.

She didn’t.

However, school is in. She did learn a lesson from a Master.

A heroic one.

~ ~ ~

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