DWW Classic, Luzia 17 Vs Barbara 19, Ferocious Teen Spirit (1,700 Words)

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May 21, 2022

It’s hard to imagine Luzia The Great coming into a match as an underdog but here, in a non-nude match, in her late teens, at the tender age of 17, against a slightly older Barbara at 19, our blonde beauty is up against it.

The two will meet in what some fans would affectionately call the cave.

It was that early DWW inside room that felt a little cavernous and wasn’t the favorite for many of us because the videos would turn out too dark as this match seems to.

The combatants seemed hindered in giving their best performance as well.

In later years, Luzia will indeed flex her muscle, so now is the time for Barbara to seize a victory.

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As the two are introduced by Jeff The Ref and come to the center, it is sensuous Barbara who seems to be eager and the aggressor. Gorgeous blonde Luzia, by contrast, is a little on the shy and passive side but brave.

The match begins with Barbara taking the initiative and Luzia on the defensive as the brunette clasps the blonde’s leg and takes her down. The two then roll around on the mats with Barbara trapping Luzia from behind with a Full Nelson.

In later years Luzia would formidably fight this off but in her mid to late teens, she hasn’t developed the strength or savvy yet to fight Barbara’s attack off.

Barbara continues to press the issue.

The beauties struggle on the mat until Barbara gains the position of strength, stretching Luzia’s arms.

It’s just a matter of time as she traps her in a head scissors and Luzia had enough and taps out at approximately the 2:40 mark.

Given how young she is, the question we have is has the sweet and beautiful Luzia developed any resilience at such an early age?

After she straightens up her attire, our Czech Princess is indeed ready to go for it again.

This time she is the aggressor as she takes the taller girl down and wraps her up. Barbara is essentially the frontrunner here and fights like it.

Still, this round appears to be going Luzia’s way as she tries to encase Barbara from above while she is in the fetal position. Barbara fights out of it then takes control snapping Luzia once again in a body scissors.

This time the young stunning blonde eventually breaks the hold.

The battle goes back and forth.

Luzia then slaps a head scissor on Barbara but makes the mistake of not protecting her own head. Barbara returns the favor with an even fiercer head scissors and feminine Luzia can’t take the pain and taps out at approximately the 5:00 mark.

The two beauties stand for a second and Luzia appears to be a little disoriented.


As they engage again, Luzia seems determined and is the aggressor but it is as though we’ve seen this movie before. Hopefully for Luzia it has a different ending.

Luzia rolls Barbara and traps her in an erotic folding pin. Can she hold it? She does for some time but Barbara manages to escape. Seems like the same movie.

Undaunted, Luzia persists and seizes Barbara into a head scissors. She is very effective at doing so but doesn’t seem to have the strength. Knowing the future of this young Czech super star lets us know that it is just a matter of time. A few years perhaps. She will indeed develop both the strength and skills.

Just not yet.

Though she has Barbara in the hold for some time, Luzia can’t hold it.

Now Barbara turns the tables and ironically is attempting a folding pin on Luzia and its working. For a while. Luzia soon rolls out of it.

She leaps at the brunette and clasps her in a head scissor again but this time she is hanging on for dear life.

Good thing. At the 9:42 mark, Barbara taps out. Luzia is commended with the words, super.

It appears the movie script is changing.

Still, Barbara leads 2-1.

During the break, both girls appear to be a little tired, Luzia more than Barbara.

The significance of wrestling in that cavernous like atmosphere seems to be taking a toll. After Barbara drinks a refreshment, it is time to go back out.

Once again, Luzia gets the initial upper hand, which she seems to be very good at. At this point in her career, what she is less effective at is securing the hold and extracting the submission.

Barbara makes sure that she doesn’t again.

Now it is her turn to go on the offensive and while both girl struggle from the ground, Barbara squeezes Luzia’s upper body with her beautiful thighs.

Luzia tries to return the favor with a mutual body scissors but Barbara keeps fending her off and squeezes tighter and tighter herself until Luzia grimaces and taps the brunette’s thigh and concedes the point.

3-1 Barbara.

Have you ever competed in an athletic event where due to the intensity of the engagement, time seems to be flying?

This is the other type of match.

Time seems to be standing still here and both girls can feel it. This battle is sweaty, slow and excruciating.

And erotic.

As they engage again, it is Barbara who quickly gains the advantage and is bending Luzia back and forth like a pretzel but to Luzia’s credit, she doesn’t give in.

This is the ultimate ground war. Luzia manages to escape the hold but can’t seem to mount much of an offense herself.

Barbara takes advantage of that and once again puts Luzia under heavy leg pressure, finally having Luzia bent over, trapped in a terrible head scissors. Barbara squeezes and squeezes until Luzia has had enough and gives.

4-1 Barbara.

Time for a break.

The two late teenagers sip a refreshing bottled beverage and relax and talk.

One of the aspects to DWW combat that we always admired was that it was very professional, unemotional, respectful and, well, very social and casual. Then, once the next round starts, they turn on a switch and become ferocious again.

It was time to turn the switch on.

Couldn’t be too easy. We timed it. The resting period took about 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

No problem. That DWW wrestling can be very tough.

Barbara takes the fight to Luzia but in doing so she falls forward right into Luzia’s waiting thighs. A struggle ensues and as has been the order of the day, Barbara struggles to escape, even after Luzia managed to have her down on the floor and was sitting on top of her.

For the next few minutes it is a back and forth grind, each trying to trap the other in the head scissors.

Barbara manages to gain the upper hand and if recent history repeats itself, she is heading for another submission. Right now, at this moment in time, she is simply better at the head scissors hold than her beautiful Czech counterpart who will eventually become the School Girl Pin Princess.

Just not yet.

Barbara’s scissor hold is super tight. You can almost feel the blood rushing towards Luzia’s eyes. It has to be excruciating.

This goes on for easily a minute.

Luzia is about to give in because of the pain or due to extreme exhaustion.

To our shock, Luzia manages to escape.

But not for long.

The two girls manage to trap one another in a mutual body scissors. Typically this is not a great position for teen Luzia to be in.

They both squeeze and squeeze.

Who will survive?

Once again it is Barbara. Trapped, and Barbara now in control and applying vice like pressure, Luzia concedes.

Barbara is now running away with the match at 5-1.

It is time for another break.

Typically Jeff the Ref keeps the match rolling. Here, in this sultry room, longs breaks are in order. We can feel the humidity from here. Luzia is not sipping this time. She is literally gulping the beverage down.

They continue to rest.

Finally it is time to get back at it.

During the warmup, Barbara softly moves her neck around while Luzia is bent over, trying to catch her breath. Barbara is so sporting that she walks over to her and gently removes mat debris from Luzia’s back.

It’s nice to see.

The niceness ends. Match time.

Barbara now takes Luzia down but Luzia is in the top position.

What do they say about keeping your enemies close to you?

Barbara embraces that theory and though Luzia is on top, Barbara seems to be in control as the two of them roll around on the mats.

They grudgingly trade positions, Barbara is top, then Luzia. They even get to a point where Luzia is lying flat on her back with a firm head scissors on Barbara who is in a sitting position but can’t get away as Luzia clasps tightly to the brunette’s hands with Barbara trying to pull back.

Let it be said about this match. Luzia had plenty of opportunities to close the deal, and she did.


But as the iconic 1970’s writer Jacqueline Susann, once is not enough.

Luzia cannot keep the hold as Barbara pulls backwards and away. The brunette escapes.

Once again.

Soon a mutual head scissor struggle begins as both girls lie on their backs. We sense we know how this is going to turn out and it does.

Barbara gains control and tightly secures her powerful legs, which have built through horseback riding and athletic training, around Luzia’s upper neck. You can see Luzia grimacing in pain but to her credit she doesn’t immediately give up.

Though it took a few minutes, she finally does.

Tired and very sweaty, the match is finally over.

There is a moment of silence as the girls stand, correct their attire and measure what just happened.

Barbara soundly won 6-1.

Throughout the match and day, Barbara has been very quiet and stoic but for the first time, she flashes a broad grin and raises her arms, clenched fists in the victory pose. Luzia is not offended. In fact she extends her hand first to shake the victor’s hand.

This is Luzia in her early years. Only 17. As those of us who are supreme DWW fans know, Luzia will eventually turn the tables on her.

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Life is about the moments isn’t it? About the memories.

For now, this is Barbara’s day and we should allow her to relish in it. It is temporary.

But for teen Barbara, that’s what makes it so special.

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